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OpenWorldView Nov 2018
The life of two innocent souls
circling around their destiny.

Uncovering new sensual emotions
while drawing closer with each turn.

A shy curious glance sparkles and
turns into a pair of pounding hearts.

While the first awkward kiss
blooms into a firework of desire.

Yuri is love.
Yuri is life.
An ode to Yuri manga.
Anya Sep 2018
In preschool it was drawing
In elementary school it was reading
In seventh grade it was anime
In eighth grade it was Manga
In freshman year it was Asian light novels
It’s poetry
What will it be next???
zebra Mar 2017
oh honey ****
pen and ink **** star warrior
pretty little manga girl
twinkle wisp
with kung fu throwing stars
and triple steel samurai sword
that tear through others
made of pink taffy
and cherry juice fizz blood
moving like lightening
a flying gladiator
with dripping sweet rice
and tapioca milk shake *******

you would taste so good to drink
out of a swirling sherbet punch bowl
with big ******* star gold fish
and hungry pink ***** lips octopus
sit on your face suckers

oh fighter of one legged midgets
the best part after a fresh ****
victory ****
to go down on them
their lolly pop *****
butter ***** beautiful
springing through the top of your skull
cause you cant get enough

oh wow
happy hello kitty
***** plump plops
before the coup de grâce
as she twirls their chewing gum gizzards
with her little swizzle tongue
goo ga licious
before placing
whats left of their hose like glistening entrails
around her throat like a pearl  necklace
only to get strangled with it
by double **** UFO boy
solar ******* hero of the universe
so hard
she spurts pineapple juice and *** donuts
out of pucker pie ****
**** banged cross eyed
like little girl manga never felt so good
addicted to cruel
whipped with a hella wet noodle
yes no yes no yes no
yes pleazzz
her big blue marble glass eyes
binocular kaleidoscopes
spring out on the floor
and roll around
turning into all seeing
anti gravity magnitized
silver pin stripped space ships
peopled by
evil omni ****** **** *****
screaming through eternity
in search of cosmic
tushi sushi
ogling wiggling ballerina butts

bubble gum for the eye *****
AM Apr 2016
my point is
he's impossibly cute
and looks as if he jumped out
of shoujo manga
Cecelia Francis Mar 2016
Oh my God, I forgot
how ******* amazing Manga
is and I wonder can't

Remember why I ever stopped
reading it tickles then torments
my sensitive nature and
reminds me

I am a romantic when
my green grows and swells
resonating from her hand on
his coat or her resounding
"I belong to him" sound

It sounds like drivel:
to need so little as a trope's
grip of some coat in a storm
Mahou Tsukai no Yome
Ugo Victor Feb 2016
I am a nerd
Who finds pleasure in books of fiction
Of life in fiction
Of pain from fiction
A fragment of my being
I am nothing without a book

I am a nerd
Who finds pleasure in comic books
Whose mind comes alive in their pages
Of heroes and their sidekicks
Of villains and their lovely vile
I am nothing without a book

I am a nerd
Who finds pleasure in rock as a religion
It's transitions and it's leads
Metal as a denomination
So electric; I come
Alive over and again
I am nothing without my music

I am a nerd
Who finds pleasure in Mangas
Their Naive heroes and their half clad villains
Their pervasions and their strengths
Their one-on-one battles and defeats
Their awesome storytelling and the twists
I am nothing without my Manga

I am a nerd
Who finds pleasure in video games
The difficulty levels and their walkthroughs
The vibrations and the boss fights
The sleepless nights and the highs
The shouts of victory and the barrage of curses
I am nothing without my Video games

I am a nerd
Who finds pleasure in surfing
The endless chasm of the world wide
Web, of knowledge and terrifying ignorance
Of horrors and uplifting humor
From one end to the never ending
I am nothing without the Internet

I am proud to be all of these and more

I Am Nerd.
Raylene Lu Jan 2016
One day it came to me
The day when I met he
The guy who was full of mystery
And left my head with much curiosity

He always wanted to be alone
And often does his emotions not shown
And now he has outgrown
The curiosities much more impossible to be blown

Every night I see him
Creeping in the woods so dim
Leaning in the pain he's probably suffering
That had always left a question in my mind hanging

One night I followed him
From the trace of his screaming
Then after a few seconds I was panicking
For a beast was suddenly attacking

A familiar face saved me
With his mouth so ******
What could he possibly be?
Then suddenly I realized he was bloodthirsty

I was aware of the possibility
That fear would soon capture me
But then I opened my eyes to see the reality
That he didn't want this to be

He didn't want to bring fear to humanity
As a child he was living peacefully
Now his life's broken to misery
And I finally understood he

The crystals from his eyes tell me
That the pain was killing he
That he was calling help from me
Before he comes to level E

Now that I unlocked the mystery
I knew my heads not spinning because of curiosity
For when he stares at me
It's like my world's suddenly turned to fantasy

I'd rather tell my cry
For my heart couldn't keep a lie
For his eyes is blazing with fire
I'll always dream for a date with the vampire
Raylene Lu Nov 2015
The world is dyed with the colour of blood.
It will never go back to the way it was before.
-Yuki Cross
Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino
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