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Anna Mink Feb 2021
The rumbling.
Creatures colossi move and blitz what once was Paradise with movements untetherable; their presences able to be conquered but at great expense.
Motherless children living dour, sacrificial lives look on with embers in their lungs.
Floodlit shoulders tauten.
“Is this the end?” They think.
“No. This is the beginning.”

~ A.M, F.H.
Edited & Published 21st of February 2021.
Written 21st of January 2021.
Linger Feb 2015
The battle is upon us
We can finally put ourselves to the test
Memories of the past still haunt us
We fight for freedom so that our minds can rest
Easy knowing that we took a stand
Against twisted beasts of human form
I hold my blade in a trembling hand
I'm ready to weather this mighty storm

I thought i was a man ready to protect
but now i can't even stand *****,
watching my team mates feet and necks
be crushed by these mountains of dreck.
I have't even started combat but i am seeing the light
now here one comes what is the point of putting up a fight?

Most of us won't see tomorrow
Why is Armin so frightened?
Is he just going to stand there
And get eaten by a titan?
I need to protect him
He's one of the last things I've got
And I can't let a monster dissect him
My targets locked
I'm going in for the nape
This wretched creature
Will never escape

Without being able to solve this place's puzzle
I will my life will end by being guzzled
By a ******* belligerent beast
Only looking for its next feast
How could we have a king when these monstrosities rule this domain
Our society might all as well burst like there's a flame over propane
It is a fitting end for this monarch's curious servent
being killed by the real king for being too observant
Hey I am a king too I guess... of cowards, my friend's blood is my moat
And their pieces of the mangled bodies will be my mink coat
Now I am slipping down this demons throat, it doesn't matter who I am
***** this... Wait what is this grabbing my hand?

I won't let him go
What lies beyond these walls?
We've always wanted to know.
How could he surrender to fear?
The look in his eyes
We can't die here.
I'll trade my life to keep his going
As I slip into the belly of the beast
My sense of urgency is growing
All I see are the bodies of comrades who have tasted defeat
The light is fading
Why is existence so bleak?
Another Attack on Titan© poem made by yours truly and the most dope Spencer (italics)
*Spencer is Armin and I am Eren
Linger Dec 2014
Determined to near insanity,
the boy fearlessly joined
the last standing army of humanity.
With his two closest friends by his side,
he shaped his fate into something
only he could decide.
For years he struggled with the other recruits,
but the dream of freedom planted inside
grew from a seed into a tree with deep roots.
And while he worked until he could no longer stand,
that angry little boy
turned into a man.
Hey guys :D I hope you like it!
Based on the Attack on Titan© anime/manga
Linger Dec 2014
When the dust settled the young man was alone.
His mother torn apart
Slowly bone by bone,
And he would never figure out
What hid beneath his home.
His world was ravaged by a beast with no direction
And all he could do was scream
"I'll **** them all"
As a promise for redemption.
Jaeger means hunter in German :P
Based on the Attack on Titan© anime/manga
Creep Dec 2014
"Get over here, brat!" Levi hollered at me from across the room, with that permanent scowl and annoyed voice. I prance over to the table he stood over and studied the map he had laid out in front of him.

"What do you think of this?" he asked me. I continued staring at the map. it showed titans coming in, now closer to the walls than they ever had been before; the titans were getting braver.

"We have to scare them away. Look! I made this new potion that when thrown on a titan's face, will explode and make a fog over the titan's face, confusing the titan and making it easier for the scouts to **** the titan. Let's try it out when we go scare the titans away!" I exclaimed with fervor and grinned excitedly.

"Problem, four-eyes. Everyone is either dead or has left for vacation." Levi stared at me, matter of factly.

"Well, we'll get them all together! It's time to kick some titan-***!"

Levi snickered at me. But he always does that anyway.
What was I thinking attacking with only the two of us. I'm always prepared to die, but not today. Today will be different.

"Four-eyes, there's only twenty of them. We can do this with your new potion stuff. Your brain's inane like them. You probably knew them the best. I believe in you brat." Levi gave me that uplift despite the sarcasm.

We planned out our pattern strategically. Usually it'll be easy with eight men. But I need to uphold his trust. His beliefs.

The first explosion went perfectly, grazed the titan's face but his nose exploded. And we killed him in a second. We managed to skewer more than we expected. Explosions within seconds, titan growled in agony as they fell to their demise. Suddenly something flew up in the air.

"Run hanji!!! This ******* can fly!!!"

I lurch away just in time as the titan snapped his jaw right where I was at. I maneuver around, trying to get away, killing titans left and right. It still trails behind me and I run.

"Levi! What do I do?!?!" I holler to him.

"Figure it out, four eyes! I'm busy!" Levi hollers back as he kills a titan. I glance back at the flying titan, trying to think of a way to outmaneuver it. Hmm 15m class, wing span of maybe 20m, two capable legs and two arms, vulnerable neck, but wings help it fly... can we use its flying ability against it?

I throw a potion at the things head and maneuver my way into a building window. It follows me, right where I want it to, and the potion explodes in its face, so it blindly reaches forward. I maneuver out a nearby window and slice its throat as it stays face first into the side of the building, confused on where I went and what it's seeing. It roars, then slumps down, dead. I make a mental note to come back here and inspect this new titan later, but for now, I run towards the other titans, ready for the bloodshed to come.
first fanfic on attack on titan/shingeki no kyojin with the awesome erenn (jaeger) :D would love to write more, and thanks erenn so much for writing this with me and keeping up with my insanity :)

attack on titan
by hiroyuki sawano, mika kobayashi

— The End —