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mary liles Feb 12
"You know what's really wrong with this generation," my grandfather said from his spot on the couch, "is that they don't know how to interact with each other! Social media and these devices have ruined them!"

(He went back to watching the fifth video of the day that he had discovered on YouTube, volume all the way up.)
legit no joke this is my grandfather
Each time I notice
Small changes in your life
I keep them to myself

You know your smartphone
has a new ring
I don’t need to tell you

Your hair has a different tint
If I mention it
Your will ask me
Do you like it

And I would have to say
How much I love and care
About you and all that you are
Even if I don’t like your
New hair tint
And, by the way
The new phone ring —
Why some people say I am quiet
Star BG Jan 19
I want to go back to the time
where cell phones existed not,
and communication was more personal.

Where TV was radio
and eyes with mind collaborated for imagination
as ears reveled in sound.

I want to go back to a time
where people would be on street holding hands instead of phones. And individuals looked at one another to see each others expressions instead of impersonal texting.

I want to go back
where there was no internet to steal ones time on a Face Book site that takes your information and tries to promote fake friendships.

I want to go back yes back
to a time where I could meet a poet for lunch
instead of only on a site that keeps one at distance.

Time waits for no one and so progress
for the sake of disconnect continues.

Until robots replace our reality.
This poem is so so much NOT like what I write. Its just tonight I found myself disconnecting from everything. I turned off my cell phone, don't have a TV so didn't have to do anything with one  and am just chilling with myself
as I feel distant from most of who I know. (my decision)
I think everyone should sometimes step back to do a re-set
Zara Turner Jan 5
My lover and I, we’re super intimate.
I trust him and he trusts me.
I know the password to his phone,
Like I know his face in a crowded a room.

The intricate pattern of a square,
It’s lines firm and final.
The journey of my finger,
Across the coolness of the screen.

I dig my hand inside his coat pocket,
My fingers searching for the feeling that I know so well.
The feeling of cold metal, a chip in the corner,
And a ***** in the glass.

I frown as instead my hand comes across a matte phone case,
And the ***** in the glass that my finger searches for is instead a smooth screen.
My fingers wrap around the device, still warm from its use,
And my heart stammers as I see that it is not the run down htc that I am holding.

It’s a new phone.

A new and better phone is laying in my hand,
It’s screen blank but its venom lethal.
My fingers scurry to unlock my lover’s iPhone that he had never mentioned,
But there is no square pattern and I am instead faced with numbers that hold no sense.

Why did my lover need a new phone?
Was his old one broken?
Had he grown tired of the cracks or how it’s battery would drain in a matter of minutes?
Or was he simply attracted to a new, shiny phone with it’s bigger screen and fancy case?

Why hadn’t my lover told me about this new phone?
Did he not know the bounds to my love - I could love a different phone,
But I couldn’t love two.
Did he love two phones? Could he not decide which he preferred?
Was this phone a temporary fix or a replacement?

My shaky hands turn the screen of the phone which mocked me so cruelly black,
And I slipped the phone back into it’s hiding place.
My hands don’t then search for the old htc,
Maybe it’s because I might not find it, or maybe it’s because it didn’t matter if I did.
Just a poem I wrote about a person coming to the realisation that their partner is dishonest.
Jordan Hudson Dec 2018
(You) Left alone in a world full of
Angry people and sad ones too
None of them happy, what did they do
Sitting down depressed, sitting alone
Breathing out their chest, what this shows
That me and you made it out alive
We survived this hellish landscape
I will die in a matter of time
Everything around seems to fade
It falls to the ground someday
Even mine die and fall and decay
Fall to holes and break down someway
I know this first hand and today
I will show all of you the way
To push obstacles and I may
Show how to crush them and rush them
Until they betray teachers, parents, friends
And all of them say phones are the things to blame
The users cannot be tamed as the phones claim
Their soul became attached to the games
And some only care about fame
I can't explain the shame, what have they all became
Beasts behind the shadow of yesterday
History, time, phones are why
They will die and be memorialized
In a stone cast shadow like
Medusa and her art and minority rights
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
Shadow from the sun
Shown upon the wall
Upon a temple called a school
Public school is all
Corrupt teaching, corrupt leaching
Brainwashing the kids of tomorrow
The kids we count on
Their little developing minds are being destroyed
By school, phones, and other little boys
It's a chain back around and back around again
Their brains are being cracked down and down again
And we sit and watch, stop the corrupt leaders and stop their sin (sin)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal (betrayal)
Betrayal (betrayal)
Phones take over everything!
Have we all turned into a robot society
Like zombies drifting in and out of consciousness.
I was trying to write a poem I couldn't think how to string the meanfull words. I decided on a quote. In fews words
David Brady Oct 2018
One beat of great wings.
One gust of wind.
One text or response.
One second gone.
CGW Oct 2018
Do you wish to come inside tonight?
To see a million hues of star light.
All that we are is binary strands.
Stranded on an island, sifting through the sands.
Yo, this simulation, creation, indicative definition of a societal life.
I got a firm grasp on reality blessed be the angels on their strife.
Send down white light, hundred blades of crystalline lightning.
I've seen things, so many things, uncountable, untouchable, but never anything so frightening.
Society goes boom boom boom, spitting out factory processed humanoids.
People swipe left, swipe right, double click, triple click, one click, two click, ignorant that they are being ****** into a inescapable void.
Unaware of each and every fully capable potential that has to be offered to not just me or not just you but rather the whole of the world.
Delusional minds and ones that are not mine covering the illusions and causing the synthetic fabrics of society to become more swirled.
keep calm carry on, don't look left, don' look right, blink once, not twice, and never even once thrice.
keep in line, inseparable from that tingling feeling of liquid ice, and all they ever say is: "be nice.".
Do you wish to come inside tonight?
To see a million hues of star light.
Haylin Oct 2018
My generation was born in the age of technology.
We don’t know how to communicate without our phones or computers.
"You have to disconnect in order to connect with one another. Put down the technology and connect with the soul."
I have learned that if you just sit down with someone, you can learn so much.

“A friend talks to you. A good friend listens.” I am a good friend.
Before phones friends would sit under a tree and talk for hours.
That’s what this world needs.
Proper communication.

When I’m with Dakota, we put our phones in our bags.
We sit there and talk or enjoy each others company.
We stopped ourselves from becoming these internet addicted zombies.
We have learned to become human.
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