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Life isn't fair,
But fair is unseen.
And what is unseen is unreal,
But what's unreal is your story
That you would one day share.
The idea for this one is inspired by 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' from Led Zeppelin.

Also by the quote 'If you're going through hell, keep going.' from Winston Churchill.
Tony Tweedy Jun 21
Is it still real if my best memories are not kept by others in them?
What if those dreams and memories are the regrets and nightmares of those with whom I shared the moment?
Am I who I thought I was and am I able to believe in who I am if my memories are not shared?
I know my memories.... but I have no idea who keeps those same moments as something treasured.
The night was ours and we shared with the ones who craved.
I've heard the Chinese phrase for crisis equals opportunity
From where I reside we bring in the cavalry when opportunities arise
As a problem shared with care was never really there
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Frank DeRose Jan 8
There's a special kind of love
In the shared communion of common experience--
In the joy of knowing that this person, too
Gets it.

"It" being the unholy,
The divine,
The understanding of the fleeting moment.

There's a special kind of love
in sending that article you thought they'd find interesting,
or that song lyric you heard in the subway that reminded you of them.

There's love in the familiar
In the vestigial memories that haunt us
On the outskirts of our daily lives.

You were here, too.
You breathe this air, too.
You know me, too.

In Zulu, one greets another with
"I see you."

And the response--
"I am here."

Recognition ignites existence.
I see you.
You are here.
s Willow Oct 2019
Together we shared our last smile.
Together we shared out las kids.
Together we shared our las laugh.
We shared a lot of firsts.
Together we shared our first romance.
Together we shared our first passion.
Together I shared my first heartbeat.
Together you changed me whole world
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
if you show me your soul hidden deep inside I will admire it. show me the worst parts, the broken pieces... so I will know where to start. show me the most damaged parts and I will show you they are still lovable, unique in all the world unduplacated and more valuable than gold.
Most every person is a finger print, unduplicated, the unexplained magic of a bond seemingly to the soal burns deep into a mind and generates memories and feelings that never subside
was prisoned at my throat
wanted to be out
desired to be known

but it was stuck
another came and shared
shoulder by shoulder, foot by foot

third made a crowd
it got in enforced
the tongue was found
opened but could not

she pointed with her gold finger
slowly and get calmer

the words got so clearer
i love you
he noticed and wanted to see what the feelings are?
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