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If you care more
what "they" think
than what you think
you are being
remotely controlled.
One look into the reality of infinity
That all of us are the same, and different
One at one at the same time
Nothing we do, ever, is original

June 13 2019
I thought i was original, but what i really question
How are we all connected?
When someone creates, it is shared to all of us
All things we do, we hear, no matter how far
Like we exist as one separate entity
who invented high fives?
all knowledge, that one discovers
is discovered by another, at the same time
but on opposite sides of the world
if ever those 2 never met
how do they come to the same conclusions
how do we all have the same stories
in different lights

-i wish i could erase myself from time, and existence
-as it would not have any effect on reality
-no one would miss me, remember me, because i never was
-iam just one piece of the universe that it does not need
Nathalie Jun 5
The light shone down

And illuminated her face

A smile grew eyes

Where once tears

Relentlessly shared

A home

She knelt and gazed

At the wide open sky

Layers of blue

And cotton white

A masterwork of love

There was no cost

To feeling this warmth

That was so lovingly

Blanketing her soul

The radiance of

This omnipresent affection

Was without price

It was absolute

And it was pure

A force far

Greater than

Any other

To see justly

In that moment

She bowed and

Kissed the earth

Finding within

Her heart

Peace with all

Johnny walker Mar 19
Never was there anything prettier than Helen whilst waking upon dawns early light to see her lying there desperately wanting
taking my hand and very gently caressing the lovely curves of her body placing my lips upon her ******* hoping she would
Eventually, she would  we'd start to kiss grabbing hold of each other bodies that wonderful passion Helen had
love there we were making
beautiful love to dawns early light and to the sounds of singing
Beautiful moments remembered of wonderful times together
Tony Tweedy Mar 13
How can it be that your words describe what I have seen?
How can the words you write describe the path I have trodden?
Bumps and hills, hurdles, smiles... how do you know them?
Are my thoughts, experiences all so openly seen that you have access?
Were you following, reading minds, perhaps spying or stalking?
Even my thoughts and emotions in precise framing in your words.
Are you me in some other form I have until now never seen?
How can you understand me and know me when we have never met?
You were not there when I lived these things. How can you know them?
Our pathways in different lands, at different times and yet you write me.
How can we share these footprints and yet never meet?
Johnny walker Feb 20
Since Helen's been gone
night time turns to day
day time turns to night
for nothing stays the
same find so much In
life to
For anger held Inside feelings, I no longer can
I try to hide Emotions
that cut deep to my very
soul there nothing to tell you how
deal with
So night time turns to day where last nights dreams fade away to become distant memories of a life once shared together before she
was taken
Again day time turns to another night without her sleeping by my side no more to wake upon the morning light and see her pretty
Where I once so happy but then the world turned full circle and made a loser out of me where once I was a
Day time turn to night then night time turns to day and all I've done Is nothing but sleep the time away
as last night dreams fade away to become distant memories of a life once shared by two
A life once shared by two lovers as night time turns
to day and all done Is sleep
the time away
Johnny walker Feb 18
So many heartbreaking stories shared on this site
much pain and suffering
but we all have something
In common we all read and write poetry

We share our poems our stories that give all amazing Insperation through each others words we spread love amongst each other help advice others so much In

Something so special on this site to encourage people to believe In themselves and
to write what they believe no matter what, so much love that sadly the rest of the world Is lacking

Finding poetry was the best thing ever did and through poetry writing gained so many friends throughout the world a wonderful tribute to Hello Poetry
A tribute to Hello Poetry for helping so many people through out the world to come together through poetry writing so a very big thank you to It's founders bless you
Johnny walker Dec 2018
The house that once we did share I now live here with my son so many memories
lay within the walls of this house
laughter and tears shed through the years lay embedded In the walls of this
house, for twenty we lived through hope and the fear had through the years
for this house that I'll see out the rest of my days
that are maybe yet still to
The house Helen I shared through twenty years I shall
remain to see out the rest of my coming days
Spitz Nov 2018
And in the end
all I want
is to take it back.
I want to take back,
every time I let my lips touch yours,
every time I let you see me smile,
every bubbling laugh I gave you,
every time my skin touched yours.
I want to take back,
every text I sent you,
every conversation we shared,
every thought I devoted to you,
every secret I handed to you,
every emotion I felt.
All my time,
my loyalty,
my efforts,
my vulnerability.
I bared myself to you,
gave you a part of me,
and I don’t know if
I can ever get it back.
If I could do it again,
if I could take it all back,
I would.
Markus Russin Sep 2018
the forest smell
is not
for clarity and focus
but dear to
and me (not many yet
the two
who count)

shared thoughts however murky
when leaves have gone
For J.
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