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Ken Pepiton Aug 2022
"that which is longed for"
Earth hears thunder constantly, nothing to fear,
stop telling your children
to respect old lies,
at their level best, we all do it, lie,
and create horror stories, from horror,
said to be unbelievable,
you know, we say, I know, I know, you know
you don't, I might,
- wanna vet?
that is the game, nothing is on the line, nihilism
facing a faction from
idealism, enacting roles un imaginable only 8 years ago,
-do or die, real life
being more than mud by now, some how

unimagined, or uniimagined as well, unit me to unit you.
Awe, a we, a form informed nonconformist common sense.
---- listen, thunder in my hills
clicks in time, rolling thunder review reviewed,
I was not there
at the time,
I was nowhereman, the subconscious super me,
the lone watchmen,

what of the night?
When, we wonder, where we are is at a common
altitude, familiar currents caress my home valley,
Long Valley Mountain guards my southern flank,
while some seven or eight sets, rising on thirds,
Stonewall in the Lagunas, holds the north

big-endian, little-endian, some body laid this, egg,
- the bubble of all we both think, look both ways
U-turns are not penance.
32.8 north ~ 116. something west. Close enough.

The rest is…
bound to occur, hmm, who shall know, whom
from comes the call to ring the bell.

{a ring, like the round, brought to you, by Pabst,
Blue ribbon beer, just beer, nothing fancy,
then it gets some props. Due respect,
on the MTV ad background, what's that old man drinkin'/

That recipe, evolved to this by 2022, you see.

Say true, sweet tea, base about 2 cups,
one heaping spoon full of white sugar
from some process mastered by machines,
maintained by mechanics, now called engineers.

To the pre-iced tea, add a level teaspoon,
the little ones in the drawer, not the measuring kind,
keep a little mystery, dose y do flavor essences,
sweet and sour, salty dry,
Everclear, spoonful, from the jug,
floating six digitally measured ounces, avour de pois,

avoirdupois  - gooods by weight, spelchek cares less
ounces of volunteer kush from some odd hermaphroditist,
Dry as ash, steeped in a full whatever a  big bottle is,
these days, more than a liter, less than a gallon,
big bottle, six digitally exactly times 28 grams, ounces,

- soaked since last may, or so… what was
O, yeah, earlier,
I discovered time travel the pattern, same yesterday,
forever. People think about being stuck,
in a realm where evil disputes one's right to one's

frame of reference, is this still poetry, or outlaw prose?
Or the works, opera,
chorus and all/

Trix are for kids, we got the message, it was for us.
Final, code is from 1998,
Grandpa, this may not run but in Alzheimer too late,
outahere, state, yes. All the promises.

Pull the plug. And reboot, with the 2022 dupe.
Rainy days, and now paper airplanes, truth is, I am a lucky man,
to have lived so long, on one hope, we can always try. Some paper air planes can fly a little ways in the rain. I stand corrected.
Nigdaw Nov 2021
I see the world
through the lens
of another mans eyes
shared experience
shot at 1/500th
of a second
rainforest at sunset
a whole knowledge
of technical skill
expressed in an image
I can walk into
to be a part of it
LC Apr 2021
the feelings became an engraved key chain:
its grooves were made just for me.
I hid the key chain in my back pocket,
shielding it from the side eyes,
but when the people saw it,
they took out their own key chains,
and the designs were very similar.
now my key chain is in my hand,
and I show it whenever I want.
#escapril day 8!
Mikaela L Oct 2020
Eyes shuttered,
Red curtains,
A downfall,
Your eye bags,
They...don't hide,
That you're breaking,
Breaking day by day,
Breaking every time,
Every time they mutter that word,
Every time they look at you,
As if you were not good enough,
Smart enough,
Humble enough,
Pure enough,
You're breaking,
But, just a little bit,
But, dear, everyone is,
BREAKING, just a little bit.
I was crying today, but then I turned to grandma...she was also crying.
Bhill Oct 2020
suddenly, silence without any expectations occurred
being alone, with the quite, does not have to survive unattended
silent time can be shared in the best of moments
silent time, even alone, should be pure

Brian Hill- 2020 # 286
Life isn't fair,
But fair is unseen.
And what is unseen is unreal,
But what's unreal is your story
That you would one day share.
The idea for this one is inspired by 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' from Led Zeppelin.

Also by the quote 'If you're going through hell, keep going.' from Winston Churchill.
Tony Tweedy Jun 2020
Is it still real if my best memories are not kept by others in them?
What if those dreams and memories are the regrets and nightmares of those with whom I shared the moment?
Am I who I thought I was and am I able to believe in who I am if my memories are not shared?
I know my memories.... but I have no idea who keeps those same moments as something treasured.
rottenemotions Jun 2020
The night was ours and we shared with the ones who craved.
John McCafferty Feb 2020
I've heard the Chinese phrase for crisis equals opportunity
From where I reside we bring in the cavalry when opportunities arise
As a problem shared with care was never really there
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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