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Each step, feels like shes walking in
Last chance, it feels like shes got nothing

She was once the ocean...
You were a sailor at sea
Alive with excitement of her mysteries
Till you finished your chart and took your leave..

A song, was the thought of your voice in her
A demon, you've left scars buried deep in her

She was once infinite space
You were an astronaut exploring
One small step for love, one giant step for the bed
Once your flag was planted, you packed up and left.....

Looking back on the past
Your mind not allowed to rest
You had forgotten all the reasons you fell
And years after the end you remember it all...
Seems like you've fallen again...
What a *******.
I see the sun
I see the sun......again

When the wind blows
When the wind blows, I smell you

Overcast, my emotional weather
I thought it would always last
I thought it would never pass
Couldn't break free,I was stuck in the past
And all the advice I was given
I crumbled it up like wasted flyer paper
Fell out​ somewhere between my hand, pocket
And garbage cans
Couldn't move these clouds if I tried
Shadows and rain falling only on and around me
Kept my head down to keep the water out my ears...

Just kidding, they were tears

Cuz who am I kidding
If I wasn't overthinking my next step
I was contemplating sui...sin...

Till a light.....
And then

I could see the sun
I could see the sun again...

I looked up and saw you.
A lyrical interpretation of swinging from a dark mood to a lighter one.
If I had known
would I still be on a throne?
One created in which I held such,
A beautiful world in the palm of my hands

I've turned everything to sand
this is the home on which my castle stands
My actions have become the waves creeping
up the shore
washing it all away

I'm too stubborn to make things better on a re-do
There'd be so many memories to lose
A good decision for me, is like searching for a needle in a haystack
Regret is an emotion, you cant take back

When you regretted your love for me, that's when I knew I went so far, I couldn't come back.....
I fell into discord
got used to this hole
But when you sang, your song
I realized
I could never go back
oh no no
no no no no....
I don't want to be here anymore.
Sometimes I find old things I've written and present them.
I never said I was - she said
on hitching breath
while two knuckles deep,
can we go three with three

Guttural moan

Against this, so don't - she purred
A lick of fire against my lips
In a moment like this
I want more
Can I at least
for once
just a random thought of being in the moment
"It wasnt the same as they describe it in the books.

Its not like watching a movie and getting teary-eyed because it connected with you in some way, shape or form.

There was a deeper sort of pain,beyond the physical spectrum.

A feeling they don't describe.
It was akin to those weird feelings you get while listening to music.

And Ill tell you this.
It wasnt easy to get over.

It didn't go away fast.

It HURT.....

It hurt every **** day."
You provided all the serotonin I needed
To say I had become dependant on you,
was an understatement.
Now its back to pills and lesser things
night time visits with regrets and memories
I think it explains itself.
Like an empty cavern
This hollow secret place was once barred and closed off

Till you stepped in like a miner
with your lamp of words and touch

You turned this place into your home
little did I know, day by day
You'd dig in close
And chip away at me
more and more

Till the day you cast me like a die in a game
I couldn't yet know I was to be a pit stop
on your road to find a place to go
I was not the knight that had come to rescue you, if only it were so
I went from being a lonely soul
To now understanding what more the world could hold

I know it wasn't the end goal
But my naivety
Left me without a way to know that I would be
a paper castle in a storm....
Feel this beat in your bones
Let me know when you never wanna go home
Tell me when you wanna go slow
Show me how you want this more

Now get in line
No, there's no standing by
Your time is now
Wreck my ******* life
Wreck my ******* life
Lemme breathe into those thighs
Don't believe I won't bite
Cuz I might

Uh-oh,we lost track of time
And now it's 5
Continue in the morning
Place your head on mine
Explosion time!
I was listening to fall out boy xD
The faults of men (males)
And the sadness they create
With the words on their tongue
or tone in their voice

The way he touched her hair
how his hand lingered there
as nostrils flared
and you knew when he was close
It wasn't the scent of you he inhaled

The sin in his eyes
and how you could see it begin there
Before anything awkward began

The fault of man and how his soul glittered in the back in his eyes as you wept and stared
and let you know......

You were no longer mine.
You're only as real
as the amount I see if your soul.
There was a sun
Not enough time to wonder where the clouds went
My friends said I still don't hang
I picked time with you over time with them
Only because this was a different kind of light
I got a chance at a different kind of sight
A world where hope wasn't just a word others told you to hold
I ended up swallowed in what was and not what it had become
The clouds returned
And then again, came the rain.
Look at me again
with those guarded eyes,
freckled with bitterness
like glitter, and the forgotten love you can still taste on your tongue.

Do you breath a sigh of relief, now that you're gone?

My want is an ungranted wish
Since my words shot down all of the stars
That you once cast your gaze upon.
I'd like to write words that
shine like
with lines of meaning
like planets
that live in the cold dark part
of my

let's call it

be the hero who brought peace
to a nation that deemed me equal
Who's ruler saw
in me
a way to build a galactic empire

Instead, my words are simple
the meanings are hopefully clear
I just want them to be great
So I can capture your mind
and submit ya appeal
Because I think I once cast a light
that definitely puzzled your eyes

I just want to show you
I've become a better
Utter nonsense.
I've walked miles in these shoes
Not many destinations were places I'd choose

Hard to say exactly who I was back then
When footsteps disappear in the sand

A mirage of an oasis in the distance
More like a long ago wish

I can never shake this feeling
That I'll ever truly obtain an outlet

So I just type out confusing puzzles
In order to get out feelings in words

Just to explain who I am in a world like this
It is what it is
....No one really makes me happy anymore
More like half smiles to a face broken in many places
by unfallen tear streaks
and frowns
Emitting noise just to see if it would be heard
Saying I love you, just to see if
I believe the words
coming from my own mouth.
I said I'd stick around
but those machines inside are running
down and soon the energy
keeping me up
is going to run out
So I should start running now....?
Old piece
Words, they're stuck and stumbling, from the tip of my tongue
numb lips unfrozen
when your image runs across
My tear stained reddened eyes!
Can I call this love a cancer?
Can I call this love a cancer?

Cuz I breathe in your laughter and smiles like smoke!
And I'd happily smile and choke!
If its the last thing I see, before I croak!
Can I call this love a cancer?

My heart its been so cold!
If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me they loved me, Id be broke!
What makes me so special, an abundance of self-doubt
Can you rip out your eyes and trade with me?
Ive ripped out mine so I could take yours
and see what you say you see
What you seem to believe
you see.....
In me!
Sometimes I like to write my own lyrics to songs, that I listen to.
This one was written a few years ago, while I listened to Dance Gavin Dance's "People you Know."
I bet if she looked at you in the same way

You'd offer up your heart to her

right out of your ******* chest
Ive always wondered if I said it because it was said that's what you should say

Sometimes I wonder if I really believed I would never change when at the time I didn't wanna stay the same

I never noticed never noticed never
never noticed ever
I wish id known this wish I'd known this wish I'd known

On second thought
ignore all that I just said
I've caught Peter Parker fever
swimming through her air again
I'm not so sure of the end
But I vividly remember where it began
I knew of nothing
And then,you were there


They say home is where the heart is
So I'm homeless, so I'm homeless
And they say don't think about it
But I'm broken, but I'm broken

Viewing from another angle
Trying to catch what I've missed
I need a friend
These thorns won't *****

And I'm back in my head.....

They say home is where the heart is
So I'm homeless, so I'm homeless
And they say don't think about it
But I'm broken, but I'm broken

Oh,what did I do...

Went to the doctor
For what I can't heal
Went to the carpenter
For what I can't build
Went to the church
For what prayer couldn't despell

I'm in my head.....again
This nightmare won't end
End of a sweet dream
As reality sets in.....
Hey why don't you come this way
Don't mind the mess in my room
It's only to match the state of my head

Disarray feels like home to me
My life's a mess
And it feels like home to me

You can come a little closer
I won't bite, unless that's what you want
And it's on your mind
kinda like mine

How long have I been dead
It's a little sad how I desire this dance
How long have I been empty
It's a little sad how you're here with me

Can't you see I'm searching for my purpose
I'm a lost cause
She looks gorgeous, and I sit here
pen in hand
  forever wanting.
Just a thought
I laugh
I laugh until I feel
I won't break anymore
And then I laugh some more.
Humor is coping
My love is.....skeptical.
My love is warm.
My love is the sun behind the clouds. My love is a drizzle before the storm.
My love is the breeze in the air.
My love is that wave of nostalgia.
My love is the boom of thunder.
My love is what makes your heart beat faster.
My love is an explosion on a race track.
My love is a 10 car pile up with hours of delay. M
y love is war. My love is peace.
My love is icy winter.
My love can melt.
My love is yours.
Clearly about love. Lol.
Until my face eased back
from the form of a smile
due to a memory
of you.
I never would have believed
it could happen,
even if you told me.
Lay awake and sing along to the songs you like to sing
Hit repeat

Feel a sting, unexpectedly
Which it makes you think
about how such a beautiful thing
fell and crumbled at your feet

Looking in a mirror
I can only blame the one looking back at me
I need to sleep, I need to sleep
But Im too scared
to dream
I don't wish to have you back
Only to feel that same lightheartedness, without the weight of the world on my shoulders
because someone special
When you just miss having a someone
Don't be just **** or *****.
Trust, **** gets old real quick.

When you wonder why nobody wants more than that.

Especially when there's options and people always have them. Morals and Ethics delay that.

Be more.
Have substance.
Switch the norm up.

People are fickle and there's always someone out there with either completely better qualities and skills or unique skills you are unable to obtain.

Dont stand at the shore and not make waves.

Be the kindling that makes that fire burn bright, you know?

And if you don't understand what the fire is, that could be another reason.

Because it's possible for any light to go out.

Don't let it get to the point where you have to cup your hands to keep away the final breeze that takes it out.

If you get it, you get it.
What exactly, is love?

A flickering candle that can be snuffed,
or a volcano that can only erupt when there's too much pressure on it...?

What is true and what is pure?
Does it count if it's out of hate or spite?

Does the spoken three-word saying, actually mean anything?

Can you have it and so easily take it away?

If that is so....then whats the point?

If you know it to be true in your heart, if you want it, then why avoid it and pretend it never existed?
A raindrop from the sky
A cruel mimic
of what happened to my heart
How far it fell when you left my heart

Im slipping away,
I just hope you're going through the same

The same way
right to the bottom of the sea

Like a raindrop from the sky
Old feelings and old things
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