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Sep 26 · 36
When you forget
I keep forgetting to refrain from taking purchase in your words
You wound me and don't notice
Like I've noticed, your eyes
The way they hold me, still
Your smile
Your embrace
Oh boy, I love. You.
All of you
Ah. I didn't expect to hear that
I forgot
Once again, a wound.
It's been awhile.....I'm not sure if I'm going to continue writing....
Aug 3 · 78
Staring into her eyes
She said "You have lips like clouds"
Like something only an angel would know, ya know

I believe you're magical, a fact you've shown
I've read so many books, so would know
I just thought you should know

I wasn't willing
to share, to share
trying to open your heart, oh boy don't you dare

I want you in
in the most intricate way
Im sprung and spinning
like im caught in a web

I see you there
I see you there
I see you there
I see you there
Jul 21 · 39
vague venting
Ive done alot of thinking on my own
been looking for a way to turn it off
this is where I tell you things have been hard
this is where I just brush it off
this is where I smile and throw you off
and like always this is when I see
I pulled it off
and we're back to how you are
how things for you went wrong

I don't want your eyes on me
Sometimes I wish someone could see
I don't want your eyes on me
sometimes wishing I could just leave
keeps me going
Jul 13 · 42
To my Japanese Denim
When the sun hits
You shine with a stronger light in your eyes
then the stars in the sky
More than a well within you
You're an uncharted body of water
That none have yet to discover
I've never learned to swim
without eventually causing myself to drown
But when I'm this close to you
I'm not afraid to flow with your current
One day I hope to get to the depths
where no one's eyes have been
I want to become king of Atlantis
I want to understand how to live
with the sea and understand it's needs
I want to be quite like Poseidon
let go and breathe
You're like no person above

You are the ocean
I write about my girlfriend from time to time
I now remember on this bus ride
I used to look to the sky
see the clouds float by
now I keep my head to the ground
and I've been down
I've been down

I remember I used to keep my head in the clouds
and let my mind roam around
but sooner or later
you can no longer pretend
What's around, whats around
and it gets me down
it gets me down

But I'll still say I love you
I haven't lost hope in life just yet
and may we stay true
to the best that they can see in you
the best that they see in you
Jun 17 · 80
Dream canon
I dream of witches
And when I would find them
They'd always cast a spell.

But never would I fear
I should not be here
Demons belong in hell....

Her screaming says it all
someone must fall
blood moon please save us all
As vision turned to black
there was discord and bells
heavy lust as we all fell....

but never fear
we should not be here
demons belong in hell...
Jun 16 · 70
Always trust unearned
When you spoke
I listened to your words
And against my better judgement
Let them sink into my heart
And believed every single part

Call me naive if you want
I just opened my heart
Call me a fool if you want
I've felt it often enough

Well...that was just my mistake...
I should have read between the lies
Not sure if I posted this. Oh well
Jun 13 · 85
Head to the ground
I never look to the sky
I never admire natures wonders
I don't find the sweetness in a baby's laughter
or the reckless abandonment of fun with mans best friend
I sleep to this vision
I wake to it
I live to see it, while my breath is held
I yearn for it

Oh how much can the heart give?

How much can I express, before I no longer live?

Do you know how precious it is?

Oh my dove, the love I now have for your smile, my dear

Ive finally looked at the sky
The definition of insanity isn't always doing the same thing and expecting different results

Sometimes, it's believing in a glamour

and at the end
when you're broken
scarred, fractured
and penniless
finally seeing the numerous curtains fall
finding that the creature you've had faith in
shattered everything
Jun 11 · 248
Inner turmoil
I've stared into the abyss
for so many years
it took refuge in my heart

My mind faces a battle that's timeless
its hard to face a foe
that looks out at you

from within
I'm trying to find the light again
May 30 · 79
To anyone
Hey how ya doing
I am boredom
Don't read too much into this
**** it dear
I am boredom

And it just hit harder
say something
and it just hit harder
it's only been a minute

**** it I am bored
but not in a way
where I wouldn't speak to you
under other circumstances
you're actually pretty cool

And it just hit harder
say something
and it just hit harder
**** it
dear I'm sober
May 30 · 89
An hour in
We'll judge you when we're high
when we're high
You're a creature, you're divine
You're my comfort love
you are fine

I will judge you in my mind
I will judge you in my mind

You're a story you're a lie
Educate me when you smile
Beauty thank you that I'm high
Darling thank you that I'm high

So I could judge you
in my mind
Sort of like a magazine photo
I'll stare at late at night
So I could love you till I die

Fully in my mind when we're high
when we're high
You're a creature you're divine
You're my comfort love
you are fine

I will judge you in my mind
I will judge you in my mind

You're a story you're a lie
Educate me when you smile
Beauty thank you I'm high
Darling thank you that I'm high

So I could judge you
in my mind
So I'll convulse you
In my mind
So I could love you till I die

Fully in my mind
May 20 · 209
Just a little chaos
I noticed I'm looking for a bit of fun
and oh so many will run
they don't get you
Although in a way I do

The mind is a storm
of feelings and words
I'm a captain braving the storm
they told me it's not worth it

And maybe it isn't
but I just want a bit of fun
May 16 · 116
my sometimes headspace
An event
momentary clarity
shaken delusion

An event
momentary clarity
shaken delusion.....

an event.....
May 13 · 152
lost my muse
Not a thing written in months
my muse has left me
like a scent in the wind
something simply sweet
has abandoned me

In my lonesome, I hear whispered lines and words
but as I turn to hear these lovely things they flee, escaping me
Woe is me, woe is me

Alone with simply sweet fleeing things

My soul weeps
May 6 · 113
Where the soul resides
There was once
A pretty little house
And it had many occupants
But a couple of them here or there
Stripped the pretty
little house bare

So what was once
A pretty little house
was remodeled as a bunker
and on this bunker they built a tower
with its entrance at the top

The further you get to the bottom
the more you see it's appeal
the further you go from your exit
the closer you get to a soul

that once lived in a pretty little house
Apr 21 · 237
Veni Vidi ego dilexi
I've only met destroyers
on the go, on the low

I've only met them going down
on me, on you

I've only met destroyers
in town, all around

But then I met you
and all that you do
Is love, is love
is love
Google translation helps
Apr 5 · 66
galaxy eyes
I bet if she looked at you in the same way

You'd offer up your heart to her

right out of your ******* chest
Mar 11 · 49
I've lost my friends
I don't think I'll find them again

Does it matter who was wrong and who was right?

I've gone to sleep without words from you for the past couple of nights

On the outside things look fine

But sooner or later it'll get out
you're no longer comrades of mine....

But I wish you the best in life and
it ***** you're no longer apart of mine
Hey why don't you come this way
Don't mind the mess in my room
It's only to match the state of my head

Disarray feels like home to me
My life's a mess
And it feels like home to me

You can come a little closer
I won't bite, unless that's what you want
And it's on your mind
kinda like mine

How long have I been dead
It's a little sad how I desire this dance
How long have I been empty
It's a little sad how you're here with me

Can't you see I'm searching for my purpose
I'm a lost cause
Mar 3 · 160
Real friends
We're bonded not just by words
but by the truths
we keep for each other
I'm not so sure of the end
But I vividly remember where it began
I knew of nothing
And then,you were there


They say home is where the heart is
So I'm homeless, so I'm homeless
And they say don't think about it
But I'm broken, but I'm broken

Viewing from another angle
Trying to catch what I've missed
I need a friend
These thorns won't *****

And I'm back in my head.....

They say home is where the heart is
So I'm homeless, so I'm homeless
And they say don't think about it
But I'm broken, but I'm broken

Oh,what did I do...

Went to the doctor
For what I can't heal
Went to the carpenter
For what I can't build
Went to the church
For what prayer couldn't despell

I'm in my head.....again
This nightmare won't end
End of a sweet dream
As reality sets in.....
Feb 24 · 480
Hey tiger
Ive always wondered if I said it because it was said
"that's what you should say"

Sometimes I wonder if I really believed I would never change
when at the time, I didn't want to stay the same

I never noticed never noticed never
never noticed ever
I wish id known this wish I'd known this wish I'd known

On second thought
ignore all that I just said
I've caught Peter Parker fever
swimming through her air again
Feb 11 · 515
Anyone can lie
You're only as real
as the amount of your soul I see.
The sooner you accept
that they won't see you for who you really are
the sooner you can bottle it all up
pretend to be who they want you to be
There was a sun
Not enough time to wonder where the clouds went
My friends said I still don't hang
I picked time with you over time with them
Only because this was a different kind of light
I got a chance at a different kind of sight
A world where hope wasn't just a word others told you to hold
I ended up swallowed in what was and not what it had become
The clouds returned
And then again, came the rain.
Jan 5 · 69
through the mirror
In this moment I noticed
it was rare I'd have a hopeful response

My greatest belief was in disappoinment
against my will I lost faith in hope

And until it comes true
your words will always be false
until you make it come into fruition

The seeing was my believing
Dec 2018 · 61
An experience
Like an empty cavern
This hollow secret place was once barred and closed off

Till you stepped in like a miner
with your lamp of words and touch

You turned this place into your home
little did I know, day by day
You'd dig in close
And chip away at me
more and more

Till the day you cast me like a die in a game
I couldn't yet know I was to be a pit stop
on your road to find a place to go
I was not the knight that had come to rescue you, if only it were so
I went from being a lonely soul
To now understanding what more the world could hold

I know it wasn't the end goal
But my naivety
Left me without a way to know that I would be
a paper castle in a storm....
Dec 2018 · 60
The deepest feelings...
Depths of the mind
Feelings arise, and fade
Like a wisp of smoke
Something peaks over the horizon
A conflicting emotion

Along the lines of something and nothing
Amidst a battle of my dark
and the yearn of a glimpse of your light....
I'm not alright
Sometimes I feel like a spectre
drained of all my joy like I'm at a party for dementors
Ooo sometimes I feel so restrained
ooo sometimes the prison is my brain

I'm phoning
please come light the way

I might be folding
I'm trying not to lose your face....
All the ones that have become before
Have become teachers in lessons I didn't know I was taking part of

Accidentally entering classes where I learned of

Love, lust
Smiles, distrust
Guilt through temporary fun
Beauty and how tears can tear apart the fabric of a fabricated realities

Now I only want to be a scholar who puts their education to good use

Can I show you the results of a combined effort, and thank the ones who matter?

Can I be what they never wanted someone else to have

To you?
If you get it, you get it.
The faults of men (males)
And the sadness they create
With the words on their tongue
or tone in their voice

The way he touched her hair
how his hand lingered there
as nostrils flared
and you knew when he was close
It wasn't the scent of you he inhaled

The sin in his eyes
and how you could see it begin there
Before anything awkward began

The fault of man and how his soul glittered in the back in his eyes as you wept and stared
and let you know......

You were no longer mine.
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