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Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
You really showed me who's in charge
As I now deal with this goey, thick discharge

And you really caused me to consider castration
As days pass by while dealing with painful urination

Thanks alot!
Your moves were all really beautiful spectacles
So much so that I now have painful testicles

We were kissing, licking, twisting and twitching
I guess that explains the severe **** itching

Thanks, but
You do show room for great improvements
This I ponder while having unusual bowel movements

You do know that this might cause us to divorce?
I'm just so sick and tired of having painful *******

But you still think you're all that and endlessly gloat?
Hah, Id do the same thing, but I've got a sore throat

But Thanks
You've molded my spirit animal into a ******
Am I going crazy or have I contracted a fever?  

I guess I'm just another one of your victims
I wish I was lucky with no noticeable symptoms.

Oh well!

I guess that's it girl, I guess I'll see ya
Thank you again, for giving me gonnorhea!
Thanksgiving is coming up soon. What is everyone thankful for? For some reason I decided to be thankful to my ex for giving me gonnorhea lol. Its just a fictional story though. I wanted to write about being thankful, but then I was reading something and the word gonnorhea came up. I laughed and thought I should write up a funny poem about being thankful for contracting it. I've never had it though haha haha! I looked up the symptoms online and wrote them down. Then wrote lines to go with each symptom. Voila... There ya go! 😁😂
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