people change everyday
so i vow to fall in love with you
every time the sun rises

Across the lines
the sound it traveled.
Unto me
your voice unraveled
an audio frequency
Miles apart
but still you feel near
a spoken
"I love you"
is as if you have whispered
into my ear.
Accepting what you can get from time to time.
I fell into discord
got used to this hole
But when you sang, your song
I realized
I could never go back
oh no no
no no no no....
I don't want to be here anymore.
Sometimes I find old things I've written and present them.
I'd like to write words that shine like stars
with lines of meaning vast like planets
that live in the cold dark of my heart
let's call it space
be the hero who brought peace
to a nation that deemed me equal
who's ruler saw in me
a way to build a galactic empire

Instead, my words are simple
the meanings are hopefully clear
I just want them to be great
So I can capture your mind.
Utter nonsense.
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