Don't be just dick or pussy.
Trust, shit gets old real quick.

When you wonder why nobody wants more than that.

Especially when there's options and people always have them. Morals and Ethics delay that.

Be more.
Have substance.
Switch the norm up.

People are fickle and there's always someone out there with either completely better qualities and skills or unique skills you are unable to obtain.

Dont stand at the shore and not make waves.

Be the kindling that makes that fire burn bright, you know?

And if you don't understand what the fire is, that could be another reason.

Because it's possible for any light to go out.

Don't let it get to the point where you have to cup your hands to keep away the final breeze that takes it out.

If you get it, you get it.
And for a moment, you were shining, and you never saw it.
But I did.
Its been long, since Ive seen that shine.
I think you lost it, when you lost yourself.
When you got stuck in a rut,and I had to move.
You knew it right?
That I couldnt be the one for you and I had to move.
But for a moment in time,you shined.
Did you glimpse mine, when I turned from you?
I missed mine too, right?
Yeah I think I did.
My light.
Seeing something special in someone
I've walked miles in these shoes
Not many destinations were places I'd choose

Hard to say exactly who I was back then
When footsteps disappear in the sand

A mirage of an oasis in the distance
More like a long ago wish

I can never shake this feeling
That I'll ever truly obtain an outlet

So I just type out confusing puzzles
In order to get out feelings in words

Just to explain who I am in a world like this
It is what it is
Broken, battered and bruised but still
walking down this path , of course you'd choose....
Yes, you came for some advice
I faced you away from that abuse
Yet you'd rather be a tool
Instead of treasured, only used
Reached to save you once again
But you slapped the hand I lent

Pity is a fools reprieve....
Naivety is a strong belief
Your god was never heaven sent
A false idol by which you've bled
Your god was never heaven sent
You've wasted life on a broken wish

Every time you told me no
Every time you stayed, I failed
It was in the way I loved you
In these wasted steps I took, I felt
That I would always burn in hell
The promises that you would leave
Were always my fool's.... reprieve...
For anyone who's ever known a friend or has been in an abusive relationship and either never listened to the chances to get out, or ignored them until you listened.

Inspiration : Sober by Tool
My love is.....skeptical.
My love is warm.
My love is the sun behind the clouds. My love is a drizzle before the storm.
My love is the breeze in the air.
My love is that wave of nostalgia.
My love is the boom of thunder.
My love is what makes your heart beat faster.
My love is an explosion on a race track.
My love is a 10 car pile up with hours of delay. M
y love is war. My love is peace.
My love is icy winter.
My love can melt.
My love is yours.
Clearly about love. Lol.
I'm the kind of junkie you would be if you didn't have distractions, see?

A dedicated glutton
as the feast is always full of things that make it hard to breathe
and sleep.
I really, don't know.
I see the sun
I see the sun......again

When the wind blows
When the wind blows, I smell you

Overcast, my emotional weather
I thought it would always last
I thought it would never pass
Couldn't break free,I was stuck in the past
And all the advice I was given
I crumbled it up like wasted flyer paper
Fell out​ somewhere between my hand, pocket
And garbage cans
Couldn't move these clouds if I tried
Shadows and rain falling only on and around me
Kept my head down to keep the water out my ears...

Just kidding, they were tears

Cuz who am I kidding
If I wasn't overthinking my next step
I was contemplating sui...sin...

Till a light.....
And then

I could see the sun
I could see the sun again...

I looked up and saw you.
A lyrical interpretation of swinging from a dark mood to a lighter one.
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