Night time was my life and I didnt care about anything outside my room

All that existed was me and my loneliness, and I didnt care about anything.

You couldnt see me

I was a shadow, a ghost in this world and I had lost my voice from never having to say anything
I was by myself and nothing else mattered.

I would see the outside world but I was so inside myself, that nothing else mattered anymore.

My stare was devoid of anything you could understand.

I was nothing that you could want, nothing that you would need

Slipping through the world as all my feelings were bottled up, everything

bouncing off the corridors back and forth in my mind
I was hidden in my mind

And now that Ive opened up, all of me, it overflows

All I can say is, from what I was, all I need is my mind and my heart

And ever since I got a taste of what Ive been missing, I cant go back

Ive tried but, I cant go back...
Eyes scan the memoirs of an existence through numerical sequences

The conquering emotion is sadness

My heart flickers down onto the scale
teetering between hope and damnation

Oh,the weight has been heavy

May you find someone with wings
in time,to bless you with better dreams.
A raindrop from the sky
A cruel mimic
of what happened to my heart
How far it fell when you left my heart

Im slipping away,
I just hope you're going through the same

The same way
right to the bottom of the sea

Like a raindrop from the sky
Old feelings and old things
I wait, you show
I smirk, you smile
We walk, hands reach
Grab hold, just joy
That's lovely.
Just one of those things
Judge you when we're high
Judge you when we're high
You're a creature you're divine
You're my comfort love you are fine

I will judge you in my mind
I will judge you in my mind

You're a story you're a lie
Educate me when you smile
Beauty thank you I'm high
Darling thank you that I'm high

So I could judge you
in my mind
So I'll convulse you
In my mind
So I could love you till I die

Fully in my mind
hope you like it, wrote this today
I don't wish to have you back
Only to feel that same lightheartedness, without the weight of the world on my shoulders
because someone special
When you just miss having a someone
I laugh
I laugh until I feel
I won't break anymore
And then I laugh some more.
Humor is coping
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