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Those whispered words flow
out into the atmosphere
when you speak
spoken as a truth
that was never ever here

You're okay
You're okay
How many times
have I heard

How long will it be till you realize
I never once believed in the lie you'd tell
I feel like a ghost
wanting more
Can you warm my cold soul
I've seen you smile
and light up a room
I've seen you make cheeks go from pale to rose
can you flash that smile on me
I've always seen it from afar
I bet your laughter reaches the furthest star
causing supernovas
can I just hear it if I speak about the nonsense I feel myself
to be
I don't feel as stable
as I make it out to be
I don't feel as solid
as I pretend to be
sometimes it feels like
just one word, one look, one touch
could break me
into a million pieces
and the thought of that
also feels me with an odd sense of peace
I already feel like a puzzle thats missing a piece
I'd pray to a god on me knees
if there was ever a sign to make me believe
that all this wasn't wishful thinking
Just hopeful make believe
Thoughts race through my head and my heart and I feel like I may explode
The light is dim
and in the quiet I hear
my baby is crying again

I know the feeling
like a pain you can't soothe away

As I sit here and wonder
**** it babe, I'm crying again

I'll hold you till it passes
until it comes around again
I'll hold you till it passes
until it comes around again
Seasonal depression, every season
Every single day
A life fades away
And every time I read an article
I wonder if one day someone will read my name.
The thoughts persist.
Maybe if you knew
How this mind works
Like I do

Maybe you'd run for the hills
and maybe you'd engage for the thrills
Maybe.... Only if you knew
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