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I feel some of the fog has lifted
a moment of clarity

I love you
I love you
I love you

I feel some of the fog has lifted
I can remember why I'm doing this

I love me
I love me
I love me

If nothing else makes sense
I can at least turn to these feelings

oh how much they've kept me
grounded in reality
when everything and everyone else
feels like make believe
When the sun hits
You shine with a stronger light in your eyes
then the stars in the sky
More than a well within you
You're an uncharted body of water
That none have yet to discover
I've never learned to swim
without eventually causing myself to drown
But when I'm this close to you
I'm not afraid to flow with your current
One day I hope to get to the depths
where no one's eyes have been
I want to become king of Atlantis
I want to understand how to live
with the sea and understand it's needs
I want to be quite like Poseidon
let go and breathe
You're like no person above

You are the ocean
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