The way she looked at me
you couldn't capture that in a picture. It was like secrets shared that brought countries down quicker.
Lay awake and sing along to the songs you like to sing
Hit repeat

Feel a sting, unexpectedly
Which it makes you think
about how such a beautiful thing
fell and crumbled at your feet

Looking in a mirror
I can only blame the one looking back at me
I need to sleep, I need to sleep
But Im too scared
to dream
Without all is lost.
Nothing is attracted, just always subtracted from the equation
With too much, only an equal amount in turn, can balance out the scales.

Substance,in many I find lacking
Staring into the mirror
it becomes more evident
that I myself,
may even be without.
Old shit.
You provided all the serotonin I needed
To say I had become dependant on you,
was an understatement.
Now its back to pills and lesser things
night time visits with regrets and memories
I think it explains itself.
I raise my hand up to my ear
Empty without my phone
Maybe it'll happen tomorrow
is what I said about yesterday's tomorrow, because

This is when you would call
This is when you would call
Was told of the end that comes to all good things.

Have you dialed my number only to then take your hand off the latch
of a door where something made of be us
Grunts and screams and moans and pleads

Who do you say "Hey there",  to now?
Did their day make you smile?
Laugh in sync?
Did you pause in mid sentence as your eyes saw the time?

This is when you would call me
This is when you would call me
Why can't you fucking call ME?
Sucks when what you're used to doesn't exist for you anymore
Don't be just dick or pussy.
Trust, shit gets old real quick.

When you wonder why nobody wants more than that.

Especially when there's options and people always have them. Morals and Ethics delay that.

Be more.
Have substance.
Switch the norm up.

People are fickle and there's always someone out there with either completely better qualities and skills or unique skills you are unable to obtain.

Dont stand at the shore and not make waves.

Be the kindling that makes that fire burn bright, you know?

And if you don't understand what the fire is, that could be another reason.

Because it's possible for any light to go out.

Don't let it get to the point where you have to cup your hands to keep away the final breeze that takes it out.

If you get it, you get it.
And for a moment, you were shining, and you never saw it.
But I did.
Its been long, since Ive seen that shine.
I think you lost it, when you lost yourself.
When you got stuck in a rut,and I had to move.
You knew it right?
That I couldnt be the one for you and I had to move.
But for a moment in time,you shined.
Did you glimpse mine, when I turned from you?
I missed mine too, right?
Yeah I think I did.
My light.
Seeing something special in someone
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