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Hopeless Outlet Sep 2022
if I were asked , are you okay
I would know not what to say
The way my feelings work
the way they ebb and flow
turns my headspace into an auditorium
full of noise
full of sorrow
full of love
with hopes for a better tomorrow
I guess I'll say I'm okay because
I've got to chase this wolf away
It breathes down my neck
It haunts every step
it salivates at the thought
of sinking it's fangs in again
and again and again
I'm hoping the meds take effect
like a huntsman
please release me from this beast
Until that time comes
I won't stop believing that I can be
once again, it's time to dump my brain on here
Hopeless Outlet Aug 2022
When our eyes lock
every little thing stops
we danced this way a thousand times
a thousand ways
a thousand blinks
and yet it always feels anew
flowing and free

When our hands lock
every little thing is felt
we've touched this way
a thousand grips of passion
it always feels like
sweat and senselessness

Our tension, that exist
clear intentions, like lips about to kiss
with attention , I stand for you
without exception, I stan for you

I stan for you
in a thousand ways
I stan for you
It's been awhile....
Hopeless Outlet Jul 2022
I've seen enough of this place
all I want is home
I am done debating theories
of heaven
so tired of this hell
some hope has kept me waiting
it's time to break it's spell

Unless, you sing your song again
how many times have I come around after listening to your sound...?

It's been going on for a decade now.
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