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I keep forgetting to refrain from taking purchase in your words
You wound me and don't notice
Like I've noticed, your eyes
The way they hold me, still
Your smile
Your embrace
Oh boy, I love. You.
All of you
Ah. I didn't expect to hear that
I forgot
Once again, a wound.
It's been awhile.....I'm not sure if I'm going to continue writing....
She said "You have lips like clouds"
Like something only an angel would know, ya know

I believe you're magical, a fact you've shown
I've read so many books, so would know
I just thought you should know

I wasn't willing
to share, to share
trying to open your heart, oh boy don't you dare

I want you in
in the most intricate way
Im sprung and spinning
like im caught in a web

I see you there
I see you there
I see you there
I see you there
Ive done alot of thinking on my own
been looking for a way to turn it off
this is where I tell you things have been hard
this is where I just brush it off
this is where I smile and throw you off
and like always this is when I see
I pulled it off
and we're back to how you are
how things for you went wrong

I don't want your eyes on me
Sometimes I wish someone could see
I don't want your eyes on me
sometimes wishing I could just leave
keeps me going
When the sun hits
You shine with a stronger light in your eyes
then the stars in the sky
More than a well within you
You're an uncharted body of water
That none have yet to discover
I've never learned to swim
without eventually causing myself to drown
But when I'm this close to you
I'm not afraid to flow with your current
One day I hope to get to the depths
where no one's eyes have been
I want to become king of Atlantis
I want to understand how to live
with the sea and understand it's needs
I want to be quite like Poseidon
let go and breathe
You're like no person above

You are the ocean
I write about my girlfriend from time to time
I now remember on this bus ride
I used to look to the sky
see the clouds float by
now I keep my head to the ground
and I've been down
I've been down

I remember I used to keep my head in the clouds
and let my mind roam around
but sooner or later
you can no longer pretend
What's around, whats around
and it gets me down
it gets me down

But I'll still say I love you
I haven't lost hope in life just yet
and may we stay true
to the best that they can see in you
the best that they see in you
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