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Aug 2015 · 1.8k
Starry Skies
Ash Aug 2015
I may be just another star in your sky
But the thing about stars
Is each one shines bright
Everyone is special in their own way and maybe your passions and talents are different from others but that doesn't mean you're an outcast, you just shine in a way that others don't.
Aug 2015 · 894
Catch Me When I Fall
Ash Aug 2015
I've always been there to catch you when you fall,
But every time I fall,
It was you that pushed me.
Jul 2015 · 654
You're Worth it
Ash Jul 2015
"Everything has to mean something or else we'd all be nothing,"
She whispered to herself as she put the scissors down and dried her eyes.
Jul 2015 · 757
Our Minds are Death Traps
Ash Jul 2015
"Our minds are death traps,"
She said to her son.
"The gun has the power of abomination,
But without that one miniscule thought passing through your head,
The damage never would've been done."
Jul 2015 · 9.6k
Timeless Brown Eyes
Ash Jul 2015
They say there's no such thing as;
time travel,
Yet gazing into your sullen aged eyes,
I see the pain this world has caused you,
the memories you wish you could erase,
I see the glint in your eyes past adventures have left you,
As if I was reading a bittersweet;
mystery novel,
Or watching a replay of your life,
Though your eyes are pools of;
chocolate and locked up secrets,
I can almost feel the bruises and;
aches this world has left you,
Your eyes are an abyss of secrets,
I've been ****** in to your  alluring;
Lost in the small world in your eyes,
Ive found its too hard to come back
Jul 2015 · 707
The One That Got Away
Ash Jul 2015
I live a deathless death,
You said you loved me then you left,
I saw it in your bottomless brown eyes,
All the love you'd ever felt for me had died,
Died like my heart, soul, and mind,
Without you,
I'm blind,
Oblivious to the rest of the world,
Ever since your love for me grew old,
I guess it is true what they say,
You'll always love the one that got away.
Ash May 2015
When you left me, I shattered. Shattered like a broken mirror. Leaving me to stare into my own tear-stricken complexion. A reflection of a girl who used to be happy, bright eyed, cheerful. Now the only shine in my eyes are the tears you left me. Looking at me now, you'd think I was a totally different person. The person you made me to be. You took the love I so willingly gave you and crumpled it into wasted youth, tossing me into a wastebasket of every heart you've ever broken. Now, I'm one of them. A distant memory. An unimportant detail. Just another face in the crowd. And yet I STILL love you. And no amount of inconsolable tears will EVER change that.
May 2015 · 955
Forgotten Melody
Ash May 2015
My lungs collapse as I draw a sharp breath
Leaving my soul an empty abyss
******* me into the depths of the universe
And by the time my breath draws in
I'm gone
Every trace of me off this burdened earth
A soul blasted into oblivion and nothingness
My name not even causing a flicker of familiarity
Not even a memory
Though my presence still lingers
Every memory
Every word I've ever spoken
Just like that
Like a burned photograph
Or the last note of a beautiful ballad
And though the notes rang with change, mystery, and joy
Like a song I'm over
Something forgotten in the back of your head
Too deep and unimportant to be pulled out
But when you hear those strangely familiar notes again
You will remember me
The words I spoke
The things I changed
And just like that
A tangible  melody is born
And the song begins again

— The End —