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Ash Jul 2020
You are not the pages of a book, though you breathed them. If you were, upon closing, we would no longer experience you. You are a never-ending poem, the graceful break of a reckless wave. You are a perfection that loves--a perfection that we don't have to tire ourselves striving for.  You tell us to be still, knowing that you are God.  Your love is three dimensional but it only requires one to accept it.  And yet, it confounds us because You are simple goodness and we are the product of overthinking.
Ash Jul 2020
You chase the blessing without the lifestyle,
You want the power without the prayer cycle,
You talk about God when you need saving,
Then ignore his ways, when your ways need paving.
A true believer knows we don't have to wait,
Because the son came down and opened heaven's gate,
God called us to reign as kings,
Whoever is free in Me is free indeed.
The enemy came to destroy, steal, and ****,
The Son overcame Him, so we may have joy in His will.
With authority comes responsibility,
With the cross comes bearing.
Love requires truth,
And truth requires changing ,
So stop trying to amend God because your life needs rearranging.
Ash Jun 2020
Slips of time,
Stolen by,
The frustrating cry of empty space.
Just 3 words, just 3 breaks,
The clock ticks by,
I see your face.
Skin for every pocketed minute,
A strand of hair for each delayed train,
A minute here, A minute there,
An hour lost in anywhere.
Slips of time,
Stolen by,
A friend from a better place.
You're with me always in places I refuse to see,  
Teaching me to tune a better melody.
Ash May 2020
Father, forgive me for dressing myself in the shackles that you tore off.
Father, forgive me for trying to bear past burdens along with your cross.
Father, forgive me for breaking waves when you asked me to tread water.
Father, forgive me for wearing Shame when you already bought her.
Ash Apr 2020
You said you were the one
You said that  you were it
But you were wrong
You claimed I needed to be with you
So I clung to you
I needed you to simply be
Because i thought that you were me
I thought living was inside my head
I thought performance was winning
And equated with existence.
Every part of you is not me
Though I've grown with you
And traced you back to the age of three
You are not me but merely a distraction
From seeing the ethereal before me
From living out the plays inside my head
From conforming to the reality that attention is not needed
Recognition is not imperative
Success is not vital
To live extraordinarily.
You are just a distraction from who I need to be
And as I fall and trip and stumble back into the pleasure of your continuous movie reel
I see the world and I see me and I remember the presence of who I am supposed to be
All in the moments that you are not there
And still I struggle
But I know now that you are not who I was destined to be,
And maybe I’m not special
Or all i thought I’d be
But with you, I’ll never reach my dreams
And I’ll never reach me
Until I hit pause on the remote
And eject this fantasy DVD.
Ash Apr 2020
Poetry is not these words;
Its the breath we live by.
Its not the ink that kisses each heartbroken thought with fullness,
But the way we choose to see,
the way we choose to breathe,
the way in which we reside:
A love given unable to return
A song that cannot be unsung
and praise that requires no song to dance.
This is life.
This is worship.
This is love.
This is poetry.
Ash Apr 2020
How God, are you so good-
that you have filled me in this way?
That I want to overflow,
Even in my deepest pain.

My tears, they flow,
But my spirit knows-
That everything will be okay
Because countless times, you’ve made a way.

My eyes may weep,
But in joy, I’ll sleep
Because you have filled my every need.

My flesh may fail
My surface breaks
But my core has yet to shake

How God, are you so good
That you laid your life for me
You emptied your cup
To fill mine up
And this I sing with glee.
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