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Carl Velasco Aug 2017
When we lose
There comes to be a reversal process;
a rapid prototype souped into bitten rhythm.
And then you collide, like
light particles melting film to form
some replica of an inner war. What is it
about trying; what does attempt do –
Pacify? Resize? Boost the morale
of twentysomethings clinging
to past participles like the sting of a bee?
What can you do to stop the ache
of feeling like ****? What is there to grasp
when no light appears?
But then a day comes.
It’s all fine, with friends, with music, with
anything other than self-flagellation.
At which point I fight the fight not to stay
a mere summary.
Scarlet McCall Apr 2017
So you think that you like “horror.”
Well, I’ve got some for you--
trying fleeing a burning building
with bombs dropping around you.

So you think that you like “kink,”
and want to be whipped and tied.
If you’d been a slave in the antebellum South
this could have been how you died.

So you like to play at “Slave” and “Master.”
What a ******* joke.
Some who were really slaves
died strung up with a rope.

You like watching blood and torture
when it’s on a  movie screen.
Aren’t you the lucky one--
you won’t see it again and again, in dreams.

If you’d ever lived outside
your privileged, First World life,
you would not find “entertainment”
in scenes of death and strife.

If you’d ever been a helpless victim
of cruelty or ****,
you would know it’s not entertainment,
but a hell, that some never escape.
PR re-post for the people I can't stand who insist on displaying and promoting their perversions to the rest of us. Whatever you do in your own home, I don't want to know about it and I don't want to read it here.
Ash Feb 2016
Maybe everything is right
Maybe I had just been wrong my whole life and never knew what it was like to be right
Maybe we feel everything is wrong but the truth is it is right and we are just so used to everythi by being wrong that the feeling of okayness is unknown

— The End —