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Yanna Sep 2014
One little posy
Stood still in place
Afraid of the pain
All these thorns could inflict

One little posy
Grew tired and weak
It realized its doom
And gave up so soon

One little posy
Got choked up by thorns
In a bush of roses
Where it did not belong
Jack Apr 2014
I picked a posy,
and thought of you
Then it died…
and so did I
Sean Yessayan Apr 2012
A loved one lost leaves us with less in life,
not a loss to death and his scythe, rather, love’s untimely death.
At first a soul severed does not suffer, numbness reigns over .
For hope, that foolish feeling, whose feigned friendship forges a trust,
woos without warning, whereby a weak body—in disbelief,
hears Hope’s healing message with haste and hardly heeds her coy hint:
“Toil with Time;” therefore, Hope, through truthful trials with Time, teaches.

Time’s quite an omnipotent entity—an ever-morphing force.
The stages of Love’s relations—from first sight to last—change
the flow of Time. When Love starts it trickles from the mountain’s source;
slow and steady, but gains speed as each shared interest adds on.
These streams form a river, Time passes by—Love keeps you busy.
Eons seem to pass in the blink of an eye, noticed only
when that love departs. Time’s effect returns, languishing the void;
that drop of water trickles over your soul making time lull.
The mind replays the broken record of Love’s last visit till
Time’s drop drips from its place onto the rose’s petal, splashing
that prison of longing open, for Love’s return sets you free.
If that drop lands on the posy, for your rose was picked by one
whose hand is unknown, Time causes unfamiliar drought as
that posy shrivels under the sun. Time, now vapor, ascends—
with others joining we form a cloud of soles—growing denser still.
Up here we watch the world revolve, Time’s presence perceived no more.
This Union of Soles float in a blur, each learns from a neighbor.
Knowledge gained heals the sole, but is useless if employed alone.
We pray, forlorn—hearts still torn, till we fall to an earthly shore;
so keep Faith close, along with Hope, for Time will take course once more.

At this point I must disclose that I still need to elevate,
by descending from the misty fog of Time’s timeless smokescreen;
however, my time spent is not in vain. The lessons I learn
shape my view on life’s inner workings—cognition reigns over.
Over and over, I’ve seen the world revolve, patterns appear.
I see sole souls enter this realm alone, then leave as quickly,
for few remain stuck here, jailed in the prison of the timeless.
Most move on— graduated, learned, and having passed Time’s tests.
Alas, I am a mule in a stable—stubborn and restless.
This aside is ending as a descent’s beginning takes flight.

Love is only truly lost when one cannot overcome change.
A switch, which demotes loves to a plane of platonic tenor.
With faithfulness, a likeness to those before the Fall furthers
the Sole’s doles—now brighter—they exonerate Love’s loss of love.
When the soul, driven, has forgiven, then friendship’s re-obtained.
The only way it could be explained-- I apologize for its crudeness.
Liz Apr 2014
The wild blackberry
plume bursts,
effervescent under briar
and brambles,
brilliant indigo and magenta prior.

We picked the posy
and sweet fruits
which scalloped along the ditch
until our baskets were full and rich.

The bronzey leaves quiver gently
but do not fall
however thick thorns plenty
tear our long skirts
and scratch our pasty legs.

Stained with dirt
And blood and mud
We skip home through thyme.
Through our childhood as
The blackbirds caw.

Liz May 2014
The silver
Birch trees flaunt
Their glitz as I 
Stroll through 
Deep pearl 
And sand

Gorgeous green
Mansions swirl
Around and
Blackbirds pick
Seeds from 
The posy bunches
And sparkled

I pass a 
Pink butterfly house 
With large Daisy 
Heads protruding from
The diamond fencing.

The next house, a rather
Pretentious 'Cordillera',
Sounds like a disease.
A farm gate shields 
4 by 4s and I'm 
Now passing the weird
House with the crocodile
And gorilla and 
Coloured Cow 
And dog statues.

Coming to the
End of the lane
Of silver I pass
'Lane end'
Cottage with its viney
Stature and freshly 
Manicured front lawn. 
High cube hedges forming 
A pathway to the porch.

In The final 
Mansion if
Nosy passers
Have a peek you
Can see a 
Swimming pool,
Fluffy Towels draped over
The Silver pool chairs.

Flitting to 
The end of the 
Dappled birches,
A wide country green
Covered in bunting
Bathed in buttercups.
Joan Karcher Aug 2012
bed of colors,
carpet of scents
dancer of summers
majestic ambiance
love in a mist
moon orchids,
sun kissed
pansies laced with orange
graceful, and elegant
on gossamer wings
swirling with passion and eloquence
a welcome of spring
a flourish of blossoms
floating to every posy
vising all gardens
ring around the rosy
dancing on the wind
joyful flight
magnificent winged
expertise despite
began with crawling, living in a cocoon
to be reborn with freedom
until the harvest moon
never defeated
so bright with trickery
a unique design on all
such a mystery
twirling and fluttering until evenfall
some say an omen of good luck, some bad
others believe you are visiting spirits of our lost
touching upon lily pads
until the frost
though in truth you just like the taste
of our skin, the salt on your tongue
compared to the sweetness of nectar, never disgraced
for those so young
bringing birth to new flowers
two spirits dancing in the wind
flying over and under, a shower
of sparkling dust, ever twined
following where one leads
to an everlasting paradise
a show to behold
this twinkling in the sun's sky
Mary Gay Kearns Jan 2018
When life was simpler
Than today
We lived it in
A different way
When visiting a friend
Or someone new
Always took a posy too.

Mother would, kindly, ask
If I minded doing a task
Gathering flowers
with perfumed scent
Trailing ferns to decorate
Make a bundle of delight
As a token
Of friendship's sight.

Into our garden
I did went
With my scissors
Slightly bent
Chose from all
the pretty plants
A stem or two
From every branch
A bouquet of delicate blooms
On this sunny afternoon
Bound them up with silvered foil
A ribbon tied into a coil.

Showed my Mum
The lovely bunch
Kissed me with
A tender touch
Found a vase
To rest them in
Until the time to begin
Dressed in best
Coat and frock
With Mother ready
We did knock
What a joy it was for me
A happy face to see.

Never forget that simple life
When giving posies
Was so nice .

Love Mary xxxx
The year stood at its equinox
  And bluff the North was blowing,
A bleat of lambs came from the flocks,
  Green hardy things were growing;
I met a maid with shining locks
  Where milky kine were lowing.

She wore a kerchief on her neck,
  Her bare arm showed its dimple,
Her apron spread without a speck,
  Her air was frank and simple.

She milked into a wooden pail
  And sang a country ditty,
An innocent fond lovers' tale,
  That was not wise nor witty,
Pathetically rustical,
  Too pointless for the city.

She kept in time without a beat
  As true as church-bell ringers,
Unless she tapped time with her feet,
  Or squeezed it with her fingers;
Her clear unstudied notes were sweet
  As many a practised singer's.

I stood a minute out of sight,
  Stood silent for a minute
To eye the pail, and creamy white
  The frothing milk within it;

To eye the comely milking maid
  Herself so fresh and creamy:
"Good day to you," at last I said;
  She turned her head to see me:
"Good day," she said, with lifted head;
  Her eyes looked soft and dreamy,

And all the while she milked and milked
  The grave cow heavy-laden:
I've seen grand ladies plumed and silked,
  But not a sweeter maiden;

But not a sweeter, fresher maid
  Than this in homely cotton,
Whose pleasant face and silky braid
  I have not yet forgotten.

Seven springs have passed since then, as I
  Count with a sober sorrow;
Seven springs have come and passed me by,
  And spring sets in to-morrow.

I've half a mind to shake myself
  Free just for once from London,
To set my work upon the shelf
  And leave it done or undone;

To run down by the early train,
  Whirl down with shriek and whistle,
And feel the bluff North blow again,
  And mark the sprouting thistle
Set up on waste patch of the lane
  Its green and tender bristle,

And spy the scarce-blown violet banks,
  Crisp primrose leaves and others,
And watch the lambs leap at their pranks
  And **** their patient mothers.

Alas, one point in all my plan
  My serious thoughts demur to:
Seven years have passed for maid and man,
  Seven years have passed for her too;

Perhaps my rose is overblown,
  Not rosy or too rosy;
Perhaps in farm-house of her own
  Some husband keeps her cosey,
Where I should show a face unknown.
  Good by, my wayside posy.
Marian Apr 2014
Blessing from God came to this
Universe to fill my heart with love
To you I write this poem
Trying to show you I care
Ever shy of my presence
Rosy, posy little feline angel
Came to me to be my little friend
Unicorns dance just for her in fairyland
Pouring my words on paper just for you I write

Dedicated to my shy little cat, Buttercup!! :) ~~~~<3
She is such a beautiful little feline!! :) ~~~~~<3
Hope you enjoy this poem, my HP friends!! :) ~~~~~<3
Glenn McCrary Sep 2012
A wild posy
Shriveled and perished.

The evening-warriors chuckled ---
But the day-warriors fussed.

A wild posy
Shriveled and perished.
Daniel James Feb 2011
Barry’s dead.

I saw you dying weeks ago;
An oyster shell turned empty can,
Scrumpled up and finished
By the past’s magnet attraction
In your shakey hands.
It’s just a habit now and you can hardly kick yourself.

Buckets of Grolsch:
My swash-buckling hero
Turned slosh-slurping zero once again
And shiny surfaces
Never suited you.

Scrub away at that black demon matter
With the sole white spirit
Your genius affords. A shattered socialist
Posy primrose ******;
That’s the story of your life –

Now beneath the cowslips
And the heifer’s hooves,
Your saintly-thorny words without a roof:
But who will speak for you?
And trawl the depths
As you once did in youth?
Prizing open oysters…

I hope that where you are
Your silence brings relief.
I hope that where you are
You smell the borage breeze.
I hope that where you are
There’s ox-cheek for tea
And your carbonated past
Is carbonating in mute peace.

Tonight the argent stars
Are dulled in disbelief
Tonight the slate that you’ve carved
Is the hardest you will teach.
Tonight the tumblestones
Are falling down in grief:

For Barry’s gone to rediscover Pearl
And the beauty of her peace.
- written on the death of Barry MacSweeney who visited my school in May 2000, shortly before he died.
Onoma Apr 2018
the bus became a

breathing Blue Flower,

lined with lengths

of raindrops that

consumed others

in a serpentine fashion.

faces fixed on a

faceless space.

i on my knees already

ash, you posy-pocketed--

dancing like mad.
*The Blue Flower was used to symbolically represent the infinite. It was a movement of German Romanticism spearheaded by the poet Novalis.
Chitter , chatter chirrup
Three birds of a feather
A friendly chummy posy -
in perfect morning tide pleasure
Trilling , thrilling , touring Thrush's in the noon palmettos
Chiming sweet refrains in the -
broomcorn meadow
Musky , dusky weary
Gold songsters in a bush
A huckleberry trio in the-
nighttime hush
Copyright April 5 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
st64 May 2013
No finer purity
Standing in the sunny grass
I hold a small posy of yellow flowers
Off to seek my fortune in the spring of my life
Open eyes, half-smiling and shy, this is my whole world.

S T, 9 May 2013
Fotograf Printanier.

A beautiful snapshot of my son (then aged 4-5 years) in our overgrown garden, exploring the joys of insects and vegetation.

He is so lovely and very inquisitive, always full of questions, half of which I find myself unable to answer!

Vamika Sinha Oct 2015
The sky, a plate
in kindly blue,
as the ceramic face
of this, my swimming pool;

the bobbing palm
glazing the back
of my starfish shape
like white liquid icing;

sweet, the water's after-taste;
pungent smell lodged
in the nape of my neck

I will wash the blue
off my skin, in a tiled doll-box
I will smell the smell fade
out of my fizzled wet-strung hair
just as sugar dissipates
into the hot
nothingness of drinks.

I will pretend to forget,
then forget
I was offered a plate
in a summery shade, bordered by
tree branches
I was in that half
amniotic vessel -

as a seed pearl in
an ocean or a lover
exhaling in the depths
of a kiss;

a posy of
air on liquid.
Shayla V Feb 2012
From here, there's a whole sky spread like
blueberries and jam, like
fields of stars and I'm sprinting
across them, east, each a little posy
on the palms of my feet.
or some angel, thighs apart, grape lips,
her shoulders tossed,
wan and against a pool of clouds
babbling nonsense like a child, or
an oil painting of the sun
over Rio, or over Borneo or Milan.
She's lifting my face
eyes not even meeting mine because
they're so far off and lost
soft and lazy
about them the reflection of
turquoise is earth brown.
Em Glass Apr 2015
The ring around the rosy has
stopped spinning.
The dizzy blurs sharpen each blade
of grass into a wit-sharp weapon,
each grain of sand into a
contented sigh, hands
in pockets free from posy.
The pigtails have stopped bopping
up and down, the red balloon
not popped but slowly
floating round. In a corner
of a tree with clearly defined
edges, Charlotte’s daughter’s web
glimmers with dew and some
small lies but mostly caught flies
that can be eaten or cut free
with that weapon, wit-sharp,
not as shiny as it used to be but
rather dull like ashes, as
we all fall down.
You could ask, at this point,
about the purpose of slowly carrying on,
but you’d find yourself swathed
in sticky silk— this spider takes
that from no one.
She hopes your far-flung hopes
and dreams your improbable dreams,
and sometimes it seems that
being quiet is easier than being honest,
but we do our best.
a space-time continuum
Jack Apr 2014

Beneath this dark…soft, silent sky (awaiting your smile)

Beneath this dark…soft silent sky
where starlight teardrops weep
in moon glow feathered sonnets…
my heart seeks
Clinging to every hope,
laced of tiny woven dreams
now filtered through weary eyes
and worried sighs
Collecting each moment shared
within my weathered hands…mixed
with essence of posy and
butterfly song
Woven together in melodic patterns,
colorful arcs on golden horizons
bidding me a good evening while
riding in on the sweetest of mystic zephyrs…
as another tear paints my cheek
in transparent worry
and desperate longing for that day
when your smile reappears
For here sits my whispered wishes,
behind tufted clouds of life,
touching me with poetic joy,
allowing me to breathe freely
Beneath this dark…soft silent sky
where starlight teardrops weep
in moon glow feathered sonnets…
I shall wait…for your smile
Jack Jan 2014
Many, many years ago
When the earth was new
There lived a lovely butterfly
Her wings of brightest blue
Everyday was happy
As she fluttered all around
Visiting each precious bloom
Each garden they were found

Till one day by courier
A message she received
The news was far from happy
Causing her to grieve
Her mate was lost in battle
It broke her fragile heart
Never more would there be joy
Her world was torn apart

To show her grief she slowly
Removed her precious wings
Discarded everything she loved
The memories they bring
Then wrapped about her body
In a way to show her grief
A drab cocoon of teardrops
Then sat in disbelief

She could not eat, could not sleep
Her sadness did abound
So worried was her family
They often came around
Not to be a burden
She packed her many things
Her old medicine bundle
As well, her precious wings

She took off on a journey
As every day was kept
A map of where she traveled
By the tears she wept
The sadness so consuming
Her head she held so low
Downcast eyes the path she took
A heart that’s beating slow

Crossing o’er the fields
Creeks and valley streams
Touching each and every stone
Beneath her tiny feet
Around the world she walked
Lest journeys filled in length
For many days and many months
Running short of strength

About to end the story
Her broken heart near death
She prayed for time to hurry
Her last and final breath
For love had left her being
Wandering alone
That day her mate did breathe no more
The message she was shown

When seemingly from nowhere
The beauty sharp and sweet
A stone now lay upon the ground
Below these tired feet
Though different was this stone
The slightest joyous feel
The loveliness this stone possessed
Her sorrow slowly healed

It lay as a reminder
That ugliness might play
But found within this sorrow
Some beauty was displayed
And then her eyes did open
The perfect shade of brown
When then noticed wonders
Were waiting to be found

Like diamonds in the river
A perfect flower’s bloom
So happy had she now become
She cast off her cocoon
Shook the dust from on her wings
The brightest color blue
Put them on and offered thanks
This chance at life anew

She danced the dance of butterflies
And spread her story wide
To family and friends alike
The truth she did confide
In loss there will be sorrow
But life is just a time
Remember but the good you had
And you will be just fine

In everything is beauty
All that you will see
Whether in the rising sun
Or stones beneath your feet
Always find the goodness
It lies before you eyes
I promise you’ll find happiness
When you realize

So dance with me my posy
Spread your fancy wings
Follow me this winter’s eve
See the joy it brings
If ever you feel sorrow
Don’t forget the chance
Gives thanks to all the good you have
And let your spirit dance
Jack Aug 2014

Posy petal’d tear drops
on saffron colored morns
fall deep in the shadows
where sunshine is only a reflection
of the beauty once shared
Clouded days sing dreary sonnets
and all other butterflies are sad,
for those cherished wings
of brilliant colors
are gone from this field
Now a misty shade of gray
lingering in the thoughts
of one so missed…
finds the garden gates locked,
never to open again
Where rainbows once painted blue hydrangea skies
and daffodil promises carried our smiles,
sorrow now gathers in shapeless corners,
missing this butterfly
all had so come to adore
*and the earth weeps…
Today is one of the saddest days in a good friend's life. I wrote this poem for her. My heart breaks for you.
ji Jul 2015
Once there was a maiden who has a gardener as her wooer. And the maiden love him too.

The maiden is affluent in money called Memories. And the gardener has flower bounties called Feelings he gives daily to the maiden. Every morning the gardener would knock on the maiden's door and hand her the most beautiful picks of Feelings his garden has. Some days it's a posy of 'I love you's'; or a nosegay of 'I miss you's'. Other days it's a wreath of 'kisses' and 'hugs'. But he knew what she likes best - it's the bouquet of the four. And every time, the maiden would insist to pay him with a Memory, but sweetly he would shake his head no.

Until one morning, she heard no knock on the door nor there were flowers on her porch. She waited and waited, but nothing came and he never arrived.

Days became weeks, there were no signs of the gardener still. The Feelings he gave her started to wilt, but many remain abloom.

"I wish the next time he knocks, he would hand me a bouquet of 'I love you's' with a coupling of 'I miss you's'," *she whispered between sighs.
"It's not my favorite arrangement, but those I favor among all."

And the skies seem to hear her wish. There were three gentle knocks on the door. She smiled and stood in front of it, wishing that it's really him. And it was.

But he had no bouquets in hand. No posies nor nosegays nor wreaths.

"There is a new damsel in town, and to her I chose to give the Feelings, but she don't seem to care," he explained. "My Feelings piled up on her lawn but she never opened the door."

He paused.

Then earnestly,
"My garden is bare of flowers, and I ran out of Feelings to give you," he continued. "But if you would allow, could you hand me a little Memory so I can restore my garden and offer you bouquets of Feelings again?"

*Then she gave him every Memory she has.
Someday I know you will run out of feelings for me. And maybe someday - to have it again - you'll return and ask for a memory. In case, my dear, just say. And I will give it all away.
Johanna May Aug 2011
The right hand that harkened to soothe thy brows
forsooth vanguards the left that spells thy ruin.
She came to thee in nakedness ‘ye saw,
thy yellow grin played her like a clavecin.

Whilom vase filled with posy gently care,
thy indecision maketh poison alack,
from its petals sith thee became a hare
thy hands darketh the ink already black.

A sweven verily haunts the fortress,
swith as the horns of a centaur bleed her
to her I swore fealty my naked mistress,
my lance revealed thy realms of plunder.

In the blood thee spilled, made mirror, there lay,
reflecting a portrait of vile beasts and a man.
The creature that ‘ye bade devour thy prey
is the wolf that one day shall swallow the sun.
Lin Cava Oct 2010
Etta James, singing “At Last” behind me now,
lights turned low, ******* of Drambuie on ice
the air carries the aroma of desert roses,
green fern and damp mossy bark; the gift of a posy.

The scent reminds me of the quick light rains
tapping in the afternoon, making love to thirsty
new greens, coaxing them up to reach for more.
My body reacts to the thought, arching up.

Sips of warming golden liquid, the cold ice
a give-and-take of restrained contrast,
until the liquid has all been consumed –
and the ice remains, bearing the spirit upon it.

Contributions to reflections in sensuality,
The ice, captured up quickly from the glass
held in deft fingers, neatly, to paint their
cold upon my lips, sipped within a warm mouth.

The cold, diminished cube, dances on the tongue.
I rise; the glass left behind, and come to you –
Face to face, eye to eye.  The kiss shares the cool
as the ice passes between us, to melt in loves flame.

Eyes close, now drinking in another kiss,
I feel myself surrender to the flame that rises up.
Once more I am arching within your arms,
strong, gentle hands contain me, stoking the fire.

I am released, free to feel all that is within –
to bring it to the surface; without question - to share…
The heady scent of longing fills me, fueling passion
The ice, a forgotten prelude to love’s rendezvous.

Lin Cava ©
Creative Commons
Gleb Zavlanov Jan 2014
If Fall shall rob fair summer of her boon,
    And steal the gloried rays of her gold sun,
And dreamy essence of her calming moon,
    Whose beams across the Heaven’s bowers run,

And all her sweets, her candied charms and spells,
    And all the finest beauty of her store,
Then days shall come, in which Cronus compels
    Fall to make grander all that summer bore:

To make the sunshine doubly gold and bud
    Much sweeter, golden blossoms, and then birth
Much fairer fruits, rich with sweet, temp’rate blood
    And feed with triply fresher dew the earth,

And pave the roads with golden folds of wheat
    And piled gourd, and hang the trees with leaves,
And spread with posy flame the glades where meet
    The murm’ring brooks, and where the sunshine weaves

Its silk of light across the morning skies,
    And all the flowered bowers with sweet breath.
Aye, even if the summer clime soon dies
    The Fall shall wreathe a beauty of its death.
© 2014 Gleb Zavlanov
Amory Caricia Jan 2017
When I'm with you, I feel like a child
Just like a wee little child
Whose very best friend is you

If you must ever leave me,
leave a trail of breadcrumbs
I'll make it to that place where you're leading me to

When I'm with you, I feel like a puppy
Warm and fuzzy, playful, trippy-jumpy
Whose very best friend is you

If you must ever leave me,
I'll be lost and sad and lonely
So I'll wait and wait and kiss your face when that day is through

When I'm with you, I feel like a posy
Sweet and fresh and in your hands
Who wants just to be held by you

If you must ever leave me,
I will wilt and shrivel away
So come tend me in your garden when the spring rosebud is new
...for my very best friend is you...
michael hennessy Nov 2010
A most beautiful Rose

In all that beauty, that of a rose
To see, its scent, may I propose
A sonnet or some rambling prose
To compliment it as it grows.

A pink, a yellow, blood red verse
A turn of phrase to intersperse
A sanctuary where I immerse
A once off bloom not to rehearse.

Be great; be graceful in your bloom
Posy soft, petal pantaloom
Life’s union of young bride and groom
So vibrant in their special room.

Such dreamy gentle lines that find
A paint brush, colours intertwined
An ******* for creative mind
Natures gift thus wined and dined

All fifty years, each well walked mile
You still reduce me to this smile
So radiant flawless in your style
Fill fifty more, it’s all worthwhile.
This is the property of this author and is offered to readers to read and comment upon, thereafter remaining the sole property of the author.
Paul M Chafer Dec 2013
Cat black the wizard’s hat,
Marc Bolan did his thing,
A Jingle-jangle morning,
Bob Dylan’s posy ring.
Sunshine walking, yep,
Eddy Grant, whoop it up,
While Marley jammy-jams,
Herbal tea, oh do let us sup.
Rolling in the long grass,
Naked limbs having fun,
Much frolicking and kissing,
Laughter soaks up the sun.
Pleasure aches inside us,
Little scraps of pale blue,
Not flowers, ah, butterflies,
Diamonds made of dew.
So subtle in the long grass,
Loving: a delicious snack,
Drink each other for dinner,
Cat black the wizard’s back.

© Paul Chafer 2014
Dedicated to GussE and Devlin Andrew Harris, their conversation and poems made this odd slice of creative poetry possible: I thank you both.
nivek Dec 2014
Desperado on bended knees
clutching straw prayers
and posy of flowers
PJ Poesy Apr 2016
Hummingbird-hawk-moth and honeysuckle
Dewey aroma wafts, whilst luscious colors lure
Tubes of flower half full with nectar buckle
Furred insect cares not posy’s thoughts impure
Yet lured, yes lured, to stamens ***** quite more

Fancied moth puts out its long filigreed tongue
Anthers reaching for coveted wings to dust
Objectifying prey, tempting juices corolla young
Wild waltzing flight circulating pollen in lust
Honeysuckle’s sweet sensual seduction a must

Qualities as these voluptuous encounters
Reveal to mind complex ****** intricacy
Flower employing moth as vehicle mounter
Carrying to other blossoms pistol’s ecstasy
Nature’s chance romantic dance of delicacy
Prathipa Nair Feb 2017
It was twelve at midnight
Blue with white shade frock
Sky ready for the night party
Wearing a nose ring of moon
Shining beads of twinkling stars
Romantic music of violin
Played by the generous wind
Clouds moving alike posy
Welcoming the gorgeous sky
Guests from down the earth
Witnessing the silent night
Wishing sky A Happy Birthday !
Beneath a soft burning orange glow,
Lounge lights kite your eyes.
And in’em I witness celestials orb and flow.
Suns form
As a super-massive black lull collides
With tense prismatic surfaces bubbling from
Passions of some soft cosmic dove.

Moving my lips into the wealth of your love,
My mouth opens as I’m about to
Into your fleeting beauty.
Because everyone who has flown on love’s comet
A few times or more has written this scene,
And *honestly

It’s a sickening bore.

But I keep staring into the eyes of some vapid *****.
Like I’ll find the core to everything and know
Why most think life is such a chore.

Until then beer is cheap,
And love is free. So it’s easy
To forget that fight for destiny
That’s so desperately
Gripping tight
As I gasp for air
From my computer chair.

Struggling to look through the screen,
Like it’s the only window
Through which I can breathe life.
All the others are dim
And dusty from lack of hygiene or sleep.

Yeah, my coffee may be black and bitter
But it’s just not strong enough to deal
With the never-passing-go coughers I inhale most nights.
So I can’t begin to explain why I search for insights
In the vapid eyes of instinctively driven computational horrors,
Streaming in the same old scene
That makes me want to scream!
It would be nice,
To read every selfless poetic chapter
Of cosmic collapse birthing
Stars to guide planets in the night spinning
Through the course of time growing
Life in grand spurts of tumble weeds
Rolling into the starry night, galaxies alight,
Leaving stories of dandelion wishes
Boldly going into that good night
Where none
Have gone

Poets rush selfishly to posy poesy words.
About the one
That makes some giddy or giggle,
That makes some shake or shamble,
The one whom fills nights with sweet dreams
Or nightmares,
Or quiets the ocean screams-the one with that bun, hon’
Aww yeah, you know the one
To lose’em really would be quite atrocious.

So often
It’s been not so clearly said:
“My dear I need you
Or I’ll lose my head.”

Getting a tangled reply:
“Hey babe, Shakespeare’s dead.”
Typically shaking the bed.

Relieving thoughtless thoughts on the spread:
Shh-forget about the galaxies alight.
We've caught our hearts tonight.”
Sumit Ganguly Jul 2017
Ropes and strings often syntax them
hammers and pliers verb hard and soft
words and themes are seasoned by us
to appear nice and sensible

Tools are made with precision
they are strong, need adept handling.
No tool ever drew a picture.
Brain and heart can create a world.

5th July, 2017.

— The End —