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Amory Caricia Dec 2019
I love to dance
I like the way
The colored light just hits your skin

I love the way
It tends to stay
So surfaced, and just not sink in

I like how I can smile and laugh
I like how you can run a chat
I love how both of us can tell
We'll never make it close to that

I love to dance
I like it how
My every thought is in the now

I love it when
My guard is down
And all that I tend to allow

I like how that drink tends to sit
I love the way it makes me think
I know the paths that I might take
I love how it just makes me sink
happy and sad
Amory Caricia Dec 2018
all the words I mean for you
I'm telling them to him
"I miss you", just the way it sounds
"I miss you", I will say to him

every time I want your touch
every time I need your skin
every time I need to feel
something like you here, within

the moments that I want with you
I'll spend them by his side
I want to hear you laugh again
So in his voice, I hide

every time you make me cry
every time I'm filled with pain
every time I have to lie
every kiss out in the rain

how is it that I am his
every piece of me belongs
but even though he owns my life
to you, my soul always belongs?
Amory Caricia Dec 2018
I wish I had big, beautiful eyes
Eyes of a bright and pretty hue
Eyes better, even good enough
to win admiring words from you

I wish I had a certain charm
A perfect smile, or playful curls
the way I walk, a sultry voice
Just anything to be your girl

I wish I had a body that
Could really make you long for me
With full, round ******* and whittled waist
So you would look at only me

I dance my life into a wind
In hopes to sweep you off your feet
But my perfect storm is not enough
To be someone you'd want to meet
Amory Caricia Dec 2018
I'd never say it to you,
But I miss the way you look at me
I miss the way you see me
And I miss it more and more

I'd never let you know it,
But I'll never live without you
I'll never leave you, never do it
Never close that door
  Nov 2018 Amory Caricia
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

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Amory Caricia Oct 2018
I'm writing this letter to friend or foe
A note about why I must go
I'll need you to clean out my mess
My room, my car, and what I've left
The little pieces of my life
That never indicated strife
Something was just a bit too much
So I had to leave in a bit of a rush
And I don't think I've let on too late
I don't think I've made a mistake
But I won't need you to pity me
For that, it's late, to some degree
I've made my mind once and then twice
I have enough to pay the price
The cost I've covered, but for you
There is just one small thing to do
Tell anyone that asks of me
That I always spoke of them fondly
So good day and with that, good night
I'm tired and turning off the light
Amory Caricia Aug 2018
I want to cry in a scarlet robe
A vestment of my own demise
I want to trickle into tears
My soul drip out right through my eyes

To empty out into the streets
This body that was never grand
And flow away with ***** rain
And stain the mother earth and land

An uneventful, empty death
A toast to all my useless life
The sting of nothingness quite felt
For nothing wields a lonely knife

Goodbyes bygones from other days
I was a lie that came and went
When life and death were cards to cheat
And not dull guests at the main event
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