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Thera Lance Sep 7
Quote that black bird for me,
Cause I don’t have the time.
I’m too busy deciding
Whether great snowfalls will end it all
Or ***** of fire this time.
And I attempt to parody Poe and Robert Frost and probably fail miserably.
N E Waters Apr 2016
Dreamt about you again.
I'd tell you all about it, but
I know you won't receive it.

I wonder maybe if you knew--
if I called upon you
every morning after fitful sleep,
by your face.  Maybe
then if you knew, maybe
then you would not be so cruel.

If only I knew what inspired you
to have done what you continue to do
is it me?
must be.  
But what did I do, did I
Or have you just decided I'm
worthless and not worth your time.

I try, I do.
to respect you, your
space and wish for me gone
but how can I drop
you when you won't leave me--

You, who chase me in my dreams.
Gah. I waffle back and forth as to whether to make this one public or not . . . but here it is. And since I've just made it public it's showing as a new poem, and I find it necessary just to say that this this poem is at least half a year old and probably longer . . . thanks for reading, either way.
Asonna May 25
How did we get here?, how did we fall?
Plummeting through the universe.
Taking each other down with the ship,
trapped and drowning in silence.

Damaged pieces welded shut,
we're empty on the inside.
Suffocating in hatred feeling,
turns out we were not good to each other.

You used to say hi with hurried goodbye,
the black bird jets its wings.
Decayed trees linger the walls,
and leaves entrap the heart.

Hurting bares a mark to each,
Souls escaped in breath.
Innocence once pure and pledged,
has darkened and hardened in edge.

Molded, shaped. Nothing new.
Neither one can change.
though I can try hard each day,
I'm sorry I wasn't good to you.

Black bird flies through the night,
Perched itself to the tree.
While the tree is sad and decayed
The heart still feels like home.
BC Jaime Mar 1
sky of white cotton
a rusty blackbird cloud sweeps!
the grassy knoll sways
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/.
Stephen S Feb 18
On a rather lonesome autumn day I drifted through the trees,
Wandering round the forest floor with a soreness in my knees.
I'd come out to this quiet place in need of healing time,
For those moments I'd let slip away and walked the painful line.

I sat down on a dying log when the leaves began to fall.
For what seemed like forever I just tried to fight it all,
Every hurt and wound I'd caused, every fall from grace,
That led me down the jagged path and brought me to this place.

As I saw the ashes floating, there was an unexpected sound,
and I turned to see a pair of wings that were lifting off the ground.
With feathers thick and dark as night but fire at its core.
I stood there frozen by the grace as I watched the black bird soar.

Fly away,
Fly away,
Oh Black bird help me fly away.

The bird tore through the windy sky with an awesome show of force,
as if drawing on a passion fueled by some unknown source.
In defiance it let out its cry and that was when I saw,
The face of mother nature here in the cold and in the raw.

Valiant, stretched from wing to wing it carried on its way,
Sailing through the rugged skies and dreary clouds of gray.
It rode up to that horizon line and I watched it disappear,
Free from all its enemies and free from all its fear.

Fly away,
Fly away,
Oh Blackbird help me fly away.

I chased it down the muddy trail along the rivers bank,
and suddenly I saw two more join up along its flank.
Then three strong they picked up speed and rode towards the sun,
Separate though they may have been, they found their way as one.

I still walk through the forest floor on lonesome autumn days,
For it's there I find my quiet time where I go to get away.
And I look up in wonder and listen for the mighty cry,
Hoping that the black bird is still tearing through the sky.

Fly away,
Fly away,
Oh Blackbird help me fly away.
Wrote this a couple of years ago. These are pesudo song lyrics, written to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash.
Renée Casey Jun 2017
I feel a pull in my chest;
an ache and a flutter
behind my sternum as if
the bird of my heart is straining
against the prison of my ribs
to be near you.
I don't blame it.
I crave you, too.
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