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Nadia Jun 2
Hey guys
How's it going?
Beautiful day!
What's that you're eating?
Oh, you're not planning to stay?
You can leave your pack here
This bench is totally safe
No need to zip it up
There’s no time to waste
Go on, go play
I’m just hanging out
Enjoying the day
Check out this friendly crow smile
Now, off you go
Have fun for a while
And thank you in advance...

NCL 2019
Rowan May 10
Blackbird, blackbird, whither 'way
Don't come down this way in
Sleek sails of five and six

Hither here, two and three
Come forth and fly in
Through the broken glass

Onyx separations carve
In six wings lost to starve
May the host slight the royalty

Blackbird, blackbird, whither 'way
Don't come down this way with
Sacrificial dust from seven circling

Hither here, two and three
Come forth and fly in
Through shattered self

Onyx separations carve
In six wings to starve
May the way be paved

Blackbird, blackbird, will I?
In the serene sloughs, call
Out from the dusk, ten sails high?

Blackbird, blackbird
Come around, see my gift
And sing your song
Red-Winged Blackbird

Here you are again, in the chain-link fence.
It's the same every day as I pass by
heading home--you perched there.
Are you waiting for someone?
Do you, like me, wonder what's next?

I'm often on the fence, too. Each day
I pray for success for my six children.
I can't rest until they are on their own,
thriving.  My wife is the same.
We keep our eyes on hope.

Blackbird, you neither sow nor reap,
nor gather into barns.  Do you question,
each day, how you will feed your family?

People urge me to write a will.
It's inevitable, but I feel responsible.
I want to be here for them.  I still talk
to my parents and am pretty sure they listen.

I don't know if you, blackbird, contemplate
these things each day like me.
I'll swing by again tomorrow.
Mr. Tom Donlon is a poet in WV and is part of the league West Virginia Writers for the Eastern Panhandle region.  I wish I could say more about him and his poetry, but all of us have our own truths, and it's only right for each to have the liberty to introduce the truth of her or him. Thanks for reading!
Eno Dec 2018
Blackbird at first dawn
Your bittersweet song
Has awoken me;
My entire being
Rolls out
Like the Bayeux Tapestry
Fighting to survive
But now I see it
After decades
Oh, how -
Every intricate
Leads back
To you

Oh, my loss -
My curse

I am terrified

What am I to do?
One day you will die

One day you will die
And all of the songbirds
May well drop from the sky too
All the trees may wither and crack
My heart
It’s weight
Will break my back

I will not drink from the lees of life
Ever again
I can’t
I can’t have that
Dry, burning feeling on the insides of my mouth
The back of my throat
Gulping emptiness
Into the gut
Where a pit of sick awaits
Day upon days

No- it can’t be!

I refrain from loving anything
And anyone

How could the greatest of loves
Be already upon me

What have the years woven
Around my bones and my blood

Oh, I do not want to look at the face
Of this earth
And for it to stare back at me
Like an unborn child
When you are no longer here
I will become frail of mind

I live in fear
Of the inevitable future
I wake in fits of agony in the night
Anxious that
Without you
Without the spectacular shining of your light
On the dark alleyways of my soul
No compass to guide
No voice to console
I’m just one half, of a whole.
Thera Lance Sep 2018
Quote that black bird for me,
Cause I don’t have the time.
I’m too busy deciding
Whether great snowfalls will end it all
Or ***** of fire this time.
And I attempt to parody Poe and Robert Frost and probably fail miserably.
N E Waters Apr 2016
Dreamt about you again.
I'd tell you all about it, but
I know you won't receive it.

I wonder maybe if you knew--
if I called upon you
every morning after fitful sleep,
by your face.  Maybe
then if you knew, maybe
then you would not be so cruel.

If only I knew what inspired you
to have done what you continue to do
is it me?
must be.  
But what did I do, did I
Or have you just decided I'm
worthless and not worth your time.

I try, I do.
to respect you, your
space and wish for me gone
but how can I drop
you when you won't leave me--

You, who chase me in my dreams.
Gah. I waffle back and forth as to whether to make this one public or not . . . but here it is. And since I've just made it public it's showing as a new poem, and I find it necessary just to say that this this poem is at least half a year old and probably longer . . . thanks for reading, either way.
Asunna May 2018
How did we get here?, how did we fall?
Plummeting through the universe.
Taking each other down with the ship,
trapped and drowning in silence.

Damaged pieces welded shut,
we're empty on the inside.
Suffocating in hatred feeling,
turns out we were not good to each other.

You used to say hi with hurried goodbye,
the black bird jets its wings.
Decayed trees linger the walls,
and leaves entrap the heart.

Hurting bares a mark to each,
Souls escaped in breath.
Innocence once pure and pledged,
has darkened and hardened in edge.

Molded, shaped. Nothing new.
Neither one can change.
though I can try hard each day,
I'm sorry I wasn't good to you.

Black bird flies through the night,
Perched itself to the tree.
While the tree is sad and decayed
The heart still feels like home.
BC Jaime Mar 2018
sky of white cotton
a rusty blackbird cloud sweeps!
the grassy knoll sways
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
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