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riding in a 'doodle-bug'
happy & free
off to the hillside to see what we-
can see
the tail of the Milky Way brings awe
-& glee ..
coming home in a 'doodle-bug ,' -
sleepy & free with --
stardust , moonbeams & tinsel dreams ..
Copyright February 14 , 2024 by Randolph Wilson * All Rights Reserved
My little Georgia place
Where sun & pine embrace ..
Where the windblown grass borders-
lakes of pure glass ..
Where the morning dew emboldens-
the sylvan view ..
Home of the Wilson's , the Carlisle's-
and the Kuhn's ..
Home of magenta skylines & harvest-
moons ..
Where tacit cattle work summer fields..
Where piedmont farmers toil for their yield ..
Copyright February 14 , 2024 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Her name was _.
A 'Queen Elizabeth I' wannabe wearing denim -
jeans with a Humble Pie t-shirt ...
A burgeoning ******* who ruled the cul-de-sac with -
long flowing hair , cobalt blue eyes and backseat tricks ..                  
She barely recognized the losers ,
a club I reluctantly commanded ..
Her Knights were the "adults" , the -
"cig" smokers , the acid rockers and the
May Jane enchanted ..
Alas , love in '78 could be hit or miss ,                                                        
those ignorant uninformed romeos awaiting the revelations of a petri dish ..
Copyright February 13 , 2024 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
A rainy day brain bursting -
at imaginations spillway ..
For I envisioned antebellum visitors in period
vehicles nodding their approval here -
at the prickly close of day ..
Brown sugar November shrubbery
crackled in the scorn of winter-ways ..
Lead , case hardened steel , black powder-
and the corruption of the dead ..
Widows , orphans and city blocks afire
Put your religion & its army on my shelf
whilst I **** upon the fires of the liars and their wealth ..
Awakened in the midst of a cavalry charge ..
Thunder . Screams , stealth and brutality ..
Death celebrated with fried catfish , potato salad-
and baked beans ..
The laughter of children has replaced the cries of pain..
Chillbain lifted with the onset of warm July rain ..
Copyright January 28 , 2024 by Randolph L  Wilson *All Rights Reserved
I've one 'battle tested' , authentic friend ..
My shadow ..
Copyright December 18 , 2023 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
In a black and white world I see --
her as a rainbow divided into -
a million hues ..
My midnight ballerina traipsing-
my wonted nightfall with starlight hope-
and taut , beloved , choreographed moves ...
Copyright December 17 , 2023 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
A whiff of wild onion ..
The sting of skin to metal ..
Crystal ploughland ,
mechanical mules , RC Cola-
thermometers & diesel perfume ..
Clanging cattle gates , Carolina-
sky , dissonant disc seeking grease ,
a chaw or two o' Levi if you please ...
Copyright December 4 , 2023 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
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