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Em Glass Aug 19
Each day I wake up younger
than I was the day before,
Look around with open eyes,
knowing less and learning more.
I tilt my head to understand
the tide that eats the shore,
And at night I sleep well knowing
that I don't know the score.
Em Glass Jul 20
An avalanche kills a deer
that feeds a mountain lion.
If it all came crashing down
who would I become?
So badly do I need to know
that I push the first stone.
Em Glass Jul 15
When I open my eyes
I see the dream has been watching
me sleep. I blink
and she is crossing her legs
on her perch in the window,
fingers tracing my heart rate
in the frost on a glass
of orange juice.
She clatters the blinds
as she unfurls her wings.
Before she goes,
she hands me the glass
and I linger in the moment
we both hold the same thing.
Em Glass Jan 20
Oh, people.
Always saying something
different than they mean.
Always covering themselves
and then rolling up the sleeves--
that happens, I believe.
Em Glass Jan 17
Yellow and blue,
yellow and blue,
one sleeve rolled to the wrist
while the other falls loose.

Smile in the eye,
tear in the heart,
yellow and blue stand
in envy apart.

The sun in the sky,
the light on the water,
dancing at surface
and down it gets darker.

Yellow and blue,
yellow and blue,
I've treasured them both,
the have and the lose.
Em Glass Dec 2021
Instead of seeing what you see,
try to see what’s there: here
lies snow blanketing
the home above Jupiter’s
storm. The south-facing
windows have Saturnlight
much of the year, and if
you sit kindly on the porch,
the eighty moons will sing
to you. Observe the shed
in the front garden where your
rover can charge after its
Europa digs. You’ll find the
privacy astounds you,
but you won’t be lonely--
Elara will sing to you.
The snow will hug you,
the space will shun you,
but this you know is true
of any neighborhood.
Now step inside, have a look
at your new view. You are
alone but awestruck.
There is no cul-de-sac, nor
nearby school, but remember
that Elara will sing to you.
Aren’t you interested, then,
in your alone home with
the green eyes? Very well,
but on your way out don’t
forget to turn back--
I did tell you that here lies.
Em Glass Aug 2021
And then one day you spoke
and I had nothing to say.
Free, just like that.
Oh how the lightness
starts to weigh.
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