I will never find the right words
to say just how I feel,
but this love that floods my heart
is a love no one could steal.

You’re the air that I breathe
my beloved sweetheart,
the light shining in my soul
the whole of my heart.

Your smile is breathtaking
a heart so loving and true,
my heart flips and skips
every time I hear you.

I’ll walk with you forever
giving all I have to give,
and promise to love you
beyond this life, I live.

Defining feelings in words
can sometimes be hard to do,
but I’ll always do my best
to show my love for you.

On this night let’s take a walk
together just you and me,
holding hands we’ll count stars
with a kiss for each, we see.

Down a path, into a garden,
lined in Queen Anne’s Lace,
we’ll make beautiful memories
those that even time, cannot erase.

Loving you is like breathing,
true beauty of a heavenly design,
just as our seeds of love were sown,
forever into a growing vine.

As angels sing of beautiful love,
filling the sweet-scented night air,
a Joyful melody of sound,
reveals the love we share.

On this night let’s take a walk
until the sun meets our star-filled eyes,
and then when the stars twinkle and shine
we’ll walk again through paradise.

Sounds like the sun setting
When you get sad baby
Sounds like the moon refusing
To get up
It says fuck all this
I'm taking the night off
Sounds like all the traffic
Outside rubber
Asphalt wheel bearing brakes
When you said
You come home from work
To no one
I looked up at the neon sign
Annie's Convenience Store
Crickets minnows
Some nameless CIG
And felt the same 1000
Or more miles away
And all I can do
Is kiss you in words smack that ass virtually
To get you to smile I
Say stupid shit and verbalize how
I talk to the stars

And they all know your name

wordvango Jan 13


wordvango Jan 13

Just as lime
As the soil
Sinew and bone
All that made man
Into a lad

Just a breeze
Weakness in sight of
An oak trees majesty
Or a
Browned eyes askew
Down tween everlast
And yesterday

wordvango Jan 13

After a second
Examining the rise of her
Breast the darker
Pink of an erect nipple
The length of a second
The wealth of a lucky man.
Just take a look slow all round the peak curvatures
Compare the pink
With the almonds the mauves
And cinnamons drink
Of  pallmall nicotinic
Sweats and long pauses
I cull
The culinary incarnate
Etching with a
Claw on rock  her
Pawn her
Platinum diamond
For a soda and chips

As the faucet drips
  Jan 12 wordvango
Brianna Love

In you, I have found….

A peaceful happiness,
eyes to imagine in dreams
a calmness    by your soft touch
a warmth…
a sweet soul    to rock with me on a swing
I have no fear of losing    or hurting.
to wander the trail that leads
   just into the woods
nowhere special, thousands of them on earth.
to listen to a bird’s chirp
and see the beauty in it like I do.
to share smiles with as we make faces in the clouds.
to hold onto in the darkest recesses of insecurity.
to balm my wounds and kiss with tears
to love, like love has never been seen.


Far off in the misty glow
of one centurion
distant show
of a bursting new star
all alone
her brightness
to draw him nearer
near to her
and he was reborn
as a nebula all pink and red all showy
as gravity and space collided
they made love
in the heavens dark.

His words to her, she just put them together to be in one place with the first poem he wrote for her :)
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