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wordvango Oct 15
I always told the ******,  he'd live to 100. I'd be gone before him.
He'd poo poo me. I'm getting old.
I'd say, I am too.
He knew it was coming. Last year he's been saying he's tired.  Same things Marge said . He had a long life.
Not near a Saint  but his good was street good. He grew up working the streets, playing the game. He knew right from wrong. Just, his wrong was defined differently.
I saw him cry once.
When his daughter died.
I admired that old ****. He was my dad for twenty years of my sixtyfive.
I tried to live up to that. He helped change me.
I should have kept more in touch.
Shoulda coulda.  I felt I owed him.
I did. I felt I was imposing on him. Tried to be independent.  
Hope he knew that. I didn't want to impose on him.
Hell. Let me shut up.
I'm only regretting. Nothing I can do now
wordvango Sep 30
    It is
To be me,
     To be human
Connected in every way
      Yet lonely as hell
Like a ****
        In a garden
Of roses
Or a field of daffodils
Only the one
I feel
Feels this way
So bogus
       We're all the same
wordvango Sep 17
Let me peep in
Stick my nose up
Your crack
See whether it's her his or him
Cause I'm a Patriot
Gotta protect whataboutism and
Tax cuts, glory to he who made this country free,
Worried more about business
what Goes on behind doors
Closed than how children eat or
are clothed

Interested in Disney than government
And my constituents becoming commies giving one cent to the poor
When all the big corps need tax breaks, you know as is common sense

Let's impeach someone with no proof hoping it increases the odds or better yet ignore the sins of big oranges
2 billion son-in-law got from the Saudis

Why try to improve lives, not about it, when so much grift and enticement we can foster by kissing the rich ***.
It's easier, Cause we aren't the party of religion....we subvert it.  Use it for profit.

Like the old white confederate. We lose but don't die. Gonna keep on keeping on oppressing until you wake up
wordvango Sep 7
If nothing matters
     Unless, it does
Trying at all
     Survival, pointless
Being right
     Unless you were wrong
      When you never cried.

Maybe, it's all a game
      When you never played
Or not a game
       Ever, at all
It's beyond all comprehension
       Because it's simple as hell
But you were  
        Never the believer.

You're just a contrarion
         A rebel
Never had one  
          Cell in your brain
Or any empathy
           You just acted along
Against everything

So really what's right?
            Nothing, at all...not a thing
wordvango Sep 4
whom makes up a lie when truth is easier to deny
wordvango Aug 26
Told you what you hated
Agenda was beyond him
His tongue unbridled
Spoke naked truth only

And so, he was silenced
And you lived on
Seemingly happy
And so on

He was the bad man
The enemy, the awful
He venerated what he saw
As true the reality

Which to most, is not something
We're willing to face.
Or even acknowledge
Until one day

Far in the future, perhaps
Maybe tomorrow
No telling
But the truth will
wordvango Aug 26
We, the superior genus,
Should take lessons from our
Brothers the animals,
From our soulmates,
The flowers, our kin the trees, our father, the sea.
When ideolizing anything,
It should be nature.
Her wealth given to all, without
Judgement, her wrath, same
To wealthy and poor.
As for a killing urge, she has none but hunger.
Whereas man, kills for sport.
And as seasons have a reason
To turn cold or warm,
Men often use lust and power
To ignore,
As the trees learned
And the grasses grew
As the sun shone
As the storm brewed
As volcanoes spewed
Nature went on
Blindly dealing
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