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wordvango Aug 28
I'm so antivax maskless, I'm petitioning the courts to remove my polio and smallpox, diphtheria and whooping cough, and measles Vax from my *** immediately.

I want to be free of serums, free
to enjoy paralysis, coughs and fevers like God made me.

****  my glasses are fogged up.
Wait a minute.

Freedom is an ignominious thing
wordvango Aug 21
To have loved a cat.
Amongst my accomplishments this ranks highly.
So, I gave freely. Understanding the rewards might be fleeting.
Yet I loved whole. True.
The entire monty.
And there i paws
A cat hair in my eye on lookout for every stray
Who happens by


Nor, is it folly, to have served their whims upon a silver platter, when rewarded only by their regal indifference. For, there comes a time when you feel a bit down, or you are sad, and lo, her catness rubs your leg, or turns her head upside down and let's you rub her belly.
And the ultimate when on a dark gloomy night she consents to the rare kiss on your lips. And rubs her side along yours. Softly
wordvango Aug 13
I was looking for
   Sudden stark compulsion
A reason to write
      It didn't come,
Nor did,
        That impulsive spark
Of inspired words that
      Rhyme whether right or wrong,
Instead of wisdom or genius i came
        Upon however just write dont
Think yourself a lexicon or a mad
          Puzzling wolverine red words
Dripping endless from the throat youslashedorall goodpeople  
Suddenly left behind who never

Were silent.
wordvango Aug 2
Just gonna list all the wrongs not the small **** not misspelled words or dangling participles or mixed metaphors or two used when it's too much to bear, hate it, but can live with them. So I begin, as if I have a right to, like anyone cares or will ever listen, to list in a minute, next stanza, paragraph, whatever, maybe
Oh dont gag. ******* you can't listen to a rant.
Hate silence, that ghost in a room cloud of doom kind of dark hovering.
Geez, I **** on myself trying to explain before I've even said anything.
I shouldn't need to explain. Perhaps I need to grow a pair believe its my ******* right to complain once. Twice.
I'm a bit analytical though in seeking approval. My bad, I know. Gotta work on that. Anyways, here goes.
I hate rainy days!

Don't hate me....
wordvango Aug 2
It's always the new ones
Breaks rank with
suffering change is us old *****
Wearing suspenders and
Proper hats. Fedoras and cowboyed
Booted gray haired country lovers hate quite a lot, not to mention pull their goddammed pants up. Music
Holy hell where's that gone to?
One soundtrack a few words changed rehabbed **** turned up until
All you hear is thump thump thump.
Should only be 50 plus years old other side the ***** ***** can be arbiters of morality and law and educational agendas. We pay ALL the taxes for ***** sake.
Not to mention by time alone we have earned it!  Built the country you despise. One kneed ***** calling for equality!  It is. There's no racism.
How about we have white men's month?
Get it?  
You blame me you young disrespecting entitled punks.
Just know, we did this. We built this country the GREATEST IN THE WORLD!!
I'll be ****** i let foreigners in , and blacks to take control.
I'm going to listen to Tucker now. He knows.
Fox News knows.
#posing as a conservative
wordvango Jul 30
This age
         Of the end justifies
  The lie and reality
        Is what you say enough
              Loud  proud
No matter
Many years ago

    another place,
                        another time,

I felt the beating of your heart,
beating together with mine.

The starlight
    on the water,
         the glow
            of the full moon,
               I remember us,
                  the melody
                     of our eternal tune.

Scents of the Magnolias,
the soft feel of our kiss,
the love that was invoked,
   true everlasting bliss.

Whispering breeze melodies,
waking with you each morn,

     ultimate love,
                    strong and true,
           with you reborn.

Forever our love shall linger,
no amount of time can undo,
   even in the vail of death,
I will forever remember you.

Many years ago

another place,
                    another time,
the beating of your heart,
beating together
                     with mine.

Another Place, Another Time......
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