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wordvango May 9
I joined the party late,
years after the favors left
all the cake crumbs even gone,
but celebrate, the same as one,
to have known my angel's living
breath, now gone, like the participants
dancing smiles all the hugs
and kisses, wishes on a candles
bring nothing back but images.
So alone I sing to you, however
far you have become....
Happy Birthday, my Angel Dear,
many, many more to come
wordvango Apr 1
How has the inevitable
Changes in the atmosphere
Affected you, my dear?
Did you watch in frozen fear
As the loud mortars crashed so near
Or think insanity has won the day,  give up the fight and fade away?
Or has the barometer of your opinion
became a beacon for touching time
Like sages of another rhyme when,
Known became a wing of air,
A tree limb on a barren oak,
A slowly cascading mountain peak, the haze of foggy bitter tears?
There once came by the now dry creek
A beauty lass with a smiling cheek
A breath of fresh a curl of new a hope to all who viewed her innocence
rare for years we thought her there.
But that must have been a smile thought just a scent of remembrance there one called her name in somnolence, and it echoes still,
her  name was whispered meaningful,
A heart, a tear,
A sentiment
wordvango Apr 1
Will it be
The elder green with less luscious
Or shall the younger tender petals
All the Golden from the mountains
Rushing down the hillsides gushing
Is it noted in the dirt and loam
The sacred parts of earthly home
Shared each nutrient and called not a one, ever, their own
Has such been histories norm can written tableus reveal
These truths or are they found
In hearts of steel in minds
That see beyond the limits
Who see
What is truly real
wordvango Apr 1
Anyone say they are sorry,
wordvango Jan 4
It seems
All things
Begin and end
As daydream
A torn
Piece of a
Skirt left
one broken
Shard of
Colored glass
A folder
With only
One match
The torn
And tat-
Bout as
Remnant frames
Granite forms
In memoriam
Fragile and mortal
When true
Love Is
No more
wordvango Dec 2021
The love of my life has passed. I am devastated and ripped. My life seems ended.

To my baby, if only I had one more day.

Even just an hour , I could go on.

DiAnne, my soul mate, i need you more than any breath or water.

I shall remember you and keep you close in my heart as I always did.
[You] are the whisper
giving me a hope
I never want to end.

[You] are my wish
                         ­     falling
    ­     my lucky penny
in that old glass jar.

[You] are my heart
touching me deep
with such tenderness.

[You] are the shine
the word of your promise
a faithful love tune.

[You] are my sun
                       ­ light,
                      stay in my heart
forever shining bright.
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