change to
sweet romance
to one day in the sun
all now in that one ray
that caught my glance fell
into my eye amongst millions
all brilliant and bright
like it was meant to be
away in a new game
we became the
same standing naked
in the dawn
arms open calling
I am yours

suddenly I see how simple life is as
mama cat plays with a cricket
on the cold tile floor
flipping him over when he holds still
studying his every move
having a ball terrorizing this poor thing
but she cares for her brood with
unerring courage chasing the pit bull away
yelping as her sharp talons
taught him
to not get so curious
she eventually left
one leg left on the tile
and lost interest
went back to her babes so cute
and nursed them like a soft angel

the pit bull no longer ventures past the curtain
in the hall
and I haven't seen a cricket
since going to Annie's market
across the street where
they charge money for them

I was too late taking that cricket outside away
from her viciousness
she did what nature told her to do
I guess

mis-measured the bed for the sheets and pillows
possibly on purpose
it's a king and proper fitting things would give her too much area to
wander away from me in sleep and I
so desire her near next right against me
a Freudian sheet?
Did I do it on purpose?
Three days now and we'll be together for the first time ever. I anticipate fret with should I trim my mustache and hair
change my toothpaste
floss cleaner
make the bed with one hospital corner?
which side should I leave uncovered
the left or right since
the queen sheets and bedspread cover only so much?
Should I clean the toilet again?
Try to write her a poem to give her when
she steps in our
efficiency apartment mansion
I picked the right woman
one who is into hearts and feelings instead
of fancy cars and nights out
cause I got planned
some long moonlight walks  maybe a
fire outside in a barrel we can sit 'round
drink a few
and watch the embers curl
as I sneak views of her sneaking peeks
and know yeps
she is my love
and later we
will go inside into the bed half covered and love then
snuggle all night and soon
the refrigerator will get here and
we'll have  somewhere to chill a spoon
and our beer
I can't wait for her
I feel wealthy and wise
I know she is mine!

A walk on the beach
dinner beneath the moon,
stargazing on a blanket
loving to a slow tune.

Home cooked meals
made by our own hands,
if you clear the table
I'll do the pots and pans.

You pop the popcorn
I’ll pick out a movie or two,
cuddling on the couch
is what I really want to do.

Kiss in the rain
a drive to the coast,
a morning in bed
enjoying jam and toast.

Taking the dogs for walks
or a day at the county fair,
these are only just a few
things with you, I want to share.

Lay back, relax my love
as I softly caress your mind
let me fill your life with peace
leave all past stress behind.

Let your soul soar with mine
gaze deep into my eyes
feel my love surround you
as we float the moonlit skies.

Filling every night with pleasure
enveloped in pure loving bliss
stopping the flow of time
together suspended in honeyed kiss.

Interwoven as one
uniting together, one beautiful light
now and forever a single thread
casting beauty through the night.

And like moments
were words
I made a wish
to the stars…

And now

Soon I will hold you close
envelop your heart
kiss your loving soul
and when the words
become so real
that we cannot stand
the electric energy
that flows...

Those moments
will be ours.. alone
with each other...

And again and again
we will meet
after dark
as the moon
yawns in awakening
and the only
light to be seen
embraces us
in a sparkling soft shade
of silver blue.

In that secret place
we will always meet
where the clouds greet
the swaying trees
sprinkling moonlight
in the shadows
as your touch
lingers on my skin
a radiant heat
melding slowly
with the
tingling warmth
your love
blankets me in.

We could have gone down 
another path, I know, different 
than the one we did though. 

We went our different roads, 
took on other people, carried 
different loads. But back then, 
when we were young, we 
walked the same path unloaded 
and still with youth's sense 
of freedom and new horizon 
untouched so we thought. 

That afternoon by the pond 
watching swans and ducks 
swim past, sunlight easing 
through branches overhead, 
and us lying there, having kissed 
and touched, mildly not overmuch, 
and the joy of just being there, 
as if for that moment the whole 
world paused for breath, and 
the earth ceased for that moment 
in its motion, and a calmness 
spread on the world's ocean. 

But it didn't of course, it was 
just as we felt, at that moment, 
beneath the trees, beside the pond, 
that warm afternoon. But all that 
comes, goes and goes too soon.

On a girl and boy in 1962
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