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wordvango 52m
Every song has a serenade
All the plays a theme
Everyday has its mysteries
And time has its end

As we all find her limits
As we come against the wall
Alone except for memories
We bend but never fall

With everything that's
Come before
with that star
Near our grasp
Just out of reach
Is the goal we
Have searched

You can't take riches anywhere
There's no silk or gold
There where we keep
Only our soul

Someday the roses wilt
The monuments built
Crumble, words that were spoken, still

Echo beyond, and eyes
Weve felt,, all the hearts melt,
Though flesh turns to dust
Our energy is forever more

We return to the stars
Bastions of minions compulsed by the roar
A minor compaction of death
On the lawn how
Upside the distracting messages
Cause so much to be wrong
How leaders become the problem death but a number
And rights are all talking points
Unless they are yours
How propaganda intenses
And soars until lies become truth
And truth is no more
When we look days long past and since might we see our children
As pawns in some war or as
Vital to survival above commerce in ethics and mores
There is no one to hold guilty
No more the game
As a pawn is to queen
Yet I discern among all the collective a willingness to hate to cast the first stone
When we should look at ourself first
See where we went wrong
Snake in my head my brain twists round a flick
Attacking front and back delusioned took in sheep
Fearing wolves teeth accepting
Eyes of a dandelion for
Sharks teeth describing insanity
Amid humanity and toiling still
Maskless rabid tongue savages
Mangling the sabbath
Crosses slung as martyrs in devils disguise a rabbit
Looks up surprise
A crowd of proposed Jesuit boards
Who's knives hidden
In lying tongues
Stab out all the sudden
Taking ***** and Gomorrah
Wrath and horror in God's name
Came dressed as saviors a blithe name and a traitor so slay him make this day done take no prisoners it needs
Soul full a ball
Of heart passions
wordvango Dec 2020
Anyway winds bow
To the ocean mists anyway
Voices silenced through
Eternities shout
Anyway meek inherit sunrises
Or sick all become well
Anyway the wind blows
Is all about life
You know
Anyway its all been said done
No man bound in gravity can in
Anyway become godful
Anyway just a thought
A brief roundabout
A trip
wordvango Nov 2020
Has the song
Been in the trees branches
Over hills
Swept sweet in streams
Cascaded upon meadows
Fell to the ears
From heaven
Resounded angelic
Familiar cries in the woods
Depths of all seas
Valleys echoed
No mountain has missed
No lion has roared
Not a man, be he human,
ever ignored,
Perfectly the voices
Signing breezes
Of things
And all that
Can be
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