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Jack Mar 2016

Say what you will
hoping people will listen
Stand up and shout
just as loud as you can
Walk in a circle
until you are dizzy
Write down the rules
now a part of your plan

Here I will wait
with my head held up higher
Knowing the truth
that lives inside of me
Holding my tongue,
you don’t need ammunition
There in your mind
you’ll find all that you need

I raise my voice
on occasion in anger
Fall to the hate
that I know you all see
When deep inside
all that truly does matter
Is I’m in love
and forever will be

So I will try,
do my best to ignore you
Say what you will
tell the world how you feel
That is your thing
for I guess you are lonely
You should find love
and your hatred conceal

Now this I write
with the hope she is reading
Sending my thoughts
in the phrases below
Sharing my dreams
that are always about us
Saying again
for I want her to know

I am a poet
who writes of affection
Sharing my thoughts
every once in a while
Wanting the words
that I'm writing to touch you
Lifting your heart
and producing a smile

Still there are times
when directions are changing
I slip and fall
just like most of us do
Then I return
for my heart knows the reason
I’m just a man
who is in love with you
We all slip and fall from time to time, get ****** into situations and react in ways that we know are childish and wrong. When it would be just as easy to ignore hurtful things that are said about happens.

Sticks and stones.  :)

I hope you enjoy my poem
Jack Apr 2015

Precious is the light of every distant star we see
For they are the passageway that brings your love to me
Tiny points a’ sparkling upon the evening sky
Perfect constellations that we both see passing by
Miles lie between us as we stand upon this ground
Only in the evening when we can not hear a sound
Do we see the shimmering of heavens up above
Bringing to our very hearts our long desired love
Darkness now we find that it shall always be our friend
So that we may use the stars upon our love to send
Silent is the evening that our eyes do come to meet
Whispering affection over nighttime skies we greet
Beauty comes in many forms to lighten up our day
Only when the twilight smiles and sends the sun away
Will the stars come shining down from canopies of night
And we find the love we seek now glowing in their light
Stand with me this evening even if the clouds exist
Shower me within your love for it I surely miss
Here beneath the galaxies and their most precious view
*So that we may once again embrace our love so true
Jack Apr 2015

For this I see before my eyes
The dreams of lasting place
Alone I find the images
The smile upon your face

In darkness there is but a light
A shimmering I see
For when I open up my heart
You’re standing there with me

A silence comes though this I hear
The words I find so new
As every time you say to me
My darling I love you

I carry this within my mind
A gift from up above
And loneliness would be my friend
Without your precious love

So deep inside the feelings reign
For wonders you have been
To satisfy my fantasies
And touch my life again

So long the days have counted by
Of endless longing miss
To hold you in my arms once more
To taste your precious kiss

I need to only close my eyes
The dreams so soon to start
I feel the love that you do send
Right here within my heart

The memories of distant times
And those we make anew
Have come back to my life again
I’m so in love with you

Jack Apr 2015

Deep within the light of love I stand with open eyes
Basking in the glory now descending from the skies
Glowing all about me as this day has come to be
Nothing short of wonderful, your love has set me free

As I think of yesterday and days that come before
Constant the reminders from within my heart do pour
Wondering what will become of all that I do find
Waiting for the day to come that I shall call you mine

Aimlessly I wandered through the darkness of despair
Dreaming of the moment that your love would come to share
If only I had realized that fate would wave its hand
Delivering your love to me so I would understand

Many years I wasted only searching for the end
Fruitless my endeavors waiting for someone to send
Words of captured energy to wake my sleeping heart
Pleading for the happiness I hoped so soon would start

Then the sun was rising all along the eastern shore
Shining forth a miracle now standing at my door
Draped in wings of silver with a hand so open wide
Offering affection if I’d only come inside

Desperately I followed as you led me down the way
To shine upon my longing soul the love that you display
Passing through the garden gate to never look behind
Drinking of the future that my heart would surely find

No longer shall I worry of an overwhelming fear
For now my life is gleaming in the light you offer here
And as I stand now marveling this wondrous light above
*Forever I shall hold onto your perfect glowing love
Jack Apr 2015

Simple reminders of conscious belief
Filter my mind with the moon’s silver glow
Satisfied truths sent to spell my relief
All that my beating heart now needs to know

Sensual visions to capture the feel
Bringing the contours of wind sculpted plains
Temptations cry out for all that is real
Filling the void that I now can explain

Cloudless these night skies of star sprinkled mist
Shimmering soft on the eclipse of love
Delicious the thoughts of your warm tender kiss
Found in these endless illusions above

Memories harbor the times that we’ve lived
Photograph remnants of places once shared
Telling the story of all it can give
Building the dreams now worth capturing there

Still we are standing alone on this eve
Counting the stars in the heavens so bright
Dreams can come true if we only believe
Whispering prayers on this warm summer night

Hear my desires a float on the breeze
Finding their way to the one I adore
Listen, my love, for I hope but to please
Biding the time till you’re with me once more

Down on my knees with my fingers entwined
Solemn requests I now send up above
Pleading with heaven to be ever kind
Allowing this man to receive your sweet love

All that I ask is all that I do need
Merely the chance I may prove ever true
You are my life and in that I believe
*Forever my love will be only you
Jack Apr 2015

If on some uncharted land
I wander as I please
Silence comes the morning sun
Now streaming through the trees
Destinations carry me
Along a sorted way
Down the path to anywhere
On any given day
Corners I may come around
Are sharp in their design
Slowly I do make my way
To see what I can find
Loneliness I’ve come to know
As yet my only friend
Days and nights do travel so
To greet me once again
There beyond a clearing
In the brush so thorned and thick
Making haste I follow through
My legs they move so quick
For but any sight I see
To dance before my eyes
Thoughts that seem to comfort me
When then I realize
Sunning long the water’s shore
If but a fantasy
A beauty drinks of nature’s fair
As if she waits for me
Now my shadow blends the scene
She turns to show her face
Like a painted masterpiece
My mind can not erase
Glowing like an evening star
So radiant and true
Hair of brown and velvet sheen
I’m lost inside her view
Then her smile captures me
It holds on ever tight
So as I can hardly breathe
My head it feels so light
Come and sit here by my side
Her words a happy song
Sitting down I can’t believe
Somehow this must be wrong
Oh be still my beating heart
For her so long I’ve missed
Like an angel sent to me
If but to know her kiss
As the sun is setting
And the moon begins to rise
Watching the reflection glow
Within her tempting eyes
Now my days are endless
As I now know what that means
For I will spend forever
With the woman of my dreams
And we shall go a wandering
Where ever we may find
Sitting in the shade produced
Beneath a jasmine vine
All along I thought this place
Was heaven don’t you see
Now I know it is the truth
*Since she is here with me
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