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Sebastian Sep 2023
in a Hot-tub. Hyena
Sebastian Oct 2022
Get going Gary!
Grab a gun, ghillie, and grub
Guinea's gonna glide.
A haiku.
Sebastian Jan 2016
A forgotten farm
feeds fire. Flustered flocks flee
from falling framework.
Sebastian Nov 2014
Electric echoes
endlessly enter the air.
Enemies enter.
dun dun dun!
Sebastian Nov 2014
Don't dream in daylight.
Drink desires down, deep down.
Dance in their darkness.
Sebastian Oct 2014
Chipped cups containing
cold coffee. "Carefully child,
carry cautiously."
Sebastian Oct 2014
Bullets, bombshells, boots,
blasted buildings, broken bones.
A blitzkrieg bombing.
Wrote this in history class!
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