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Josh Imber Feb 2014
Who left the plug with pins facing the air?
                  I don’t think they realised or they just didn't care.
                    I stepped and I screamed and fell to the floor
                                          If it was you,
                          We're not friends anymore.
This has happened to us all. If it hasn't yet, you just wait!
Mary Alexander Jan 2017
You left a scab which
Took too long to form,
And my healing heart
Was all dead and worn.
You have no right
To come back and do this,
Checking me off
Like an item on your To-Do list,
What happened to me
Was awful and cruel,
And now "never trust"
Is my number one rule.
So you have no right
To come back and say,
"Oops, I'm sorry
I treated you that way",
For shallow words do
Nothing when spoken,
To a newly healed heart,
Not ready to be broken.
The inner growl Jul 2018
Look I know you bound me
Set a veil all around me

And it’s quite astounding
How I’ve been sounding

My heart starts pounding
Can’t breathe like I’m drowning

I need Solid grounding
If only time was allowing

In this rebirth I’m crowning
Smiling while she’s still frowning

I need to run from her hounding
I’m so tired of jousting

The straight line I was following is rounding
I keep running no matter what the sidelines are shouting

I can almost hear the crumbles of the walls around me crowding
Matterhorn Dec 2018
the other night,
i had a dream;
i don’t remember
my dreams—
those unconscious
of my mind—
but this night
was different;
maybe it had
something to do
with the fact
that i had fallen
in the shower
half an hour
before laying it
down on the

...a trickle of
blood running
down my forehead,
transforming quite
alarmingly into
a babbling brook
consisting entirely
of chocolate milk;
my raft bobbed
up and down,
the demon who
haunts my nightmares
now clad in a
a nice change
from the bright
pink trench coat
he usually wears...

...the demon’s
strong hands
propel the
craft forward
with a rather
Huckleberry Finn-like
i turn my
attention from
my oldest friend
to the shore,
sparkling with
broken glass,
and mathematical
i glimpse my classmates
doing burpees...

a car crash
the chocolate milk
becomes a very
winding road,
the end of which
is obscured by
an angsty cloud
of disappointment;
the elevator
plummets horizontally toward
the 3rd sub-basement
of the shower;
my friend in
the tuxedo offers me
a steaming
cup of hot chocolate...

...which burned
my tongue,
causing me to cackle
and toss the
mug into the
“******* cup!”
i scream,
utilizing my
full lung capacity
as i begin to
fall again,
and then i was awake,
sweating, bleeding;
i may have a concussion...
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2018
If you didn't have me
You'd be covered
From head to
In band aids
Too afraid of pulling
A hair out to ever take
Hola mamacita
ogdiddynash Jul 2018
helping the kids with homework

no one told you,
was part of the job description
paycheck earner a-ok,
gruff but tender lover,
knowing her special places,
building a tree swing,
a tree house safe and satisfactory,
one the neighbors envy

taking them to the hospital for
broken arms and chemotherapy,
part two of the non-routine but a very possible foreseeable,
going to school to give that principal a look
that will make him think twice before suspending
one of his for defending himself

you remember your daddy doing the same for you,
forgetting to repeat the tar and hiding that came later

the tucking in, the pretense ouch
when your end of day
scratchy beard ruffling the skin of babies,
carrying tissues in a toolbox,
never heard of, nevertheless done,
tho not a memory defining the future inclusive,
definitely a learning ability, a likeability

doing homework, nuh uh,
no way jose, don’t dare let them
know how you never got a gold star,
always sat in the back row, outta sight,
all day dreaming, chemistry rhymes with mystery,
and poetry is rhymes needing a big vocabulary
which means lots of words for a man who don’t talk much

ain’t exactly his strong suit

sure, heard of Shakespeare but never met him,
know where the on/off computer button hides,
the rest is up to them;
got no email address, but taught them sir and ma’am,
how to address humans with respect,

i’ll promise them anything
but not doing any homework,
unless it the kind that that makes

a home work
sophie mechaune Sep 2017

that's what it feels like at first
when the shock and the change intertwine
in bursts

you don't know how to fix
what shouldn't be fixed
but you want so badly to fix

because they meant so much
they have a hold on your heart
and when you truly understand the loss
it hurts too deep to even keep
in touch

stop pushing so hard
when they don't push for you
it may feel wrong, but
there's only so much you can do

step back for a while
and let the ouch start to fade
rest in the fact that you were
fearfully and wonderfully made

it's gonna take some time
but this will pass like the weather
our God always provides
and loves us back together

for cjs & jeh
Amanda Francis Dec 2018
You are a theif, a liar, cruel.
You've got me captive and stolen my mind.
I spend my days lost in worlds I dream up.
Worlds that revolve around you.

You've got me bound to you.
You may not even be around but im still bound.
And I'm slowly realising i stand no chance of being with or without you.
I'm in love with you and you're in love with me being in love with you....
mars May 2019
i make
you into other with
my words. into lost
ink drip-drip-
drip into wooden
splinter or cement
wall you cannot hear
into an ocean i am
one one side of it and i thought i
felt you across the basin writing me a
letter but you have
swallowed the other
shore. is it better to feel you
as ink splinter cement the
void of a destination disappeared or
as what you
my sun, you haven’t
called me
some hurt, i haven’t heard from her
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