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Donna May 2019
Hi there pesky gnats
I take it you love to dance
Under the moonlight
So me and dean took our pug albie out for a evening walk over the park , we trying to train him cause his so naughty I think his got some issues going on :) anyway there was so many gnats , got bit alive we did,  but anyway cut a long Story short I think they were actually joyfully dancing in the sky , well I like to think there were even though the pesky things bit me and dean x
Donna Jun 2018
I've become a great
expert in karate , thanks
to those pesky gnats
Those pesky gnats have bit  me alive this year there so annoying !!
But I'm learning great karate moves :)
I am plastic, c-through

the gnats in my bedroom know as much
they fly into me as though by accident

an impossibly clean sliding-glass door
that upon approach is nevertheless shut

these small things hit my skin
but leave no physical marks

no gnat guts splattered
on my pocked arms

I am not glass but plastic
I can bend without breaking

— The End —