David Bird Sep 2014

United Kingdom
In the Autumn of its form
Scotland is reborn.

A quiet YES.
David Bird Mar 2013

One thing I can safely say
My backache hurt all fucking day
And if it hurts all bloody night
My attitude will be pure shite.

David Bird Mar 2013

At the end of the day
Come what bloody well may
I wish to go home
And rest my head in the hay.

David Bird Apr 2012

I am very bored.
My eyes are now sore.
On my desk is a cord,
Not sure what it's for.

I should now be working,
But my coffee has gone.
I shouldn't be shirking,
For the day must go on.

I am pressing my keys,
I am moving my mouse,
This comes with some ease,
But won't pay for my house.

I must now start my work,
I must now get me going,
I must not be a berk,
So code can start flowing.

But now I have written,
This daft little rhyme,
And I must say sorry,
For wasting both of our time.

David Bird Mar 2012

I am on fire
burning up with desire
will you perspire?

David Bird May 2011

Finger up nose to pick it.
Finger on thumb to flick it.
Eyes on the telly for cricket.

David Bird May 2011

Let's be honest, let's be clear,
In fact let's drink another beer.
I really cannot stand my job,
So please get me right out of here.

Let's be honest, let's be clear,
There's someone that I hate when near,
I know it's bad; he is my boss,
But I don't give a friggin' toss.

Let's be honest, let's be clear,
Were I allowed to punch his ear,
I would do it with so much power,
He'd hear ringing for an hour.

Let's be honest, let's be clear,
The little git must live in fear,
I'm not lonely with my feelings,
He's had others biting ceilings.

NB: This is pure fiction and relates to a situation that a friend was in.
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