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Joyfulgurl Mar 17
Innocence turns ***** with secrets and lies
Using the same lies people use in an affair
Which breeds the same emotions and despair
And the same time for the heart to repair.
I would rather be a demon
That everyone runs from
In terror fear and frustration
Than a man they come to
In lies and greeds frustration

Always wanting
Never giving
Always entitled
Never sharing or caring
In satisfactory kindness

Id rather bring logical desolation
To this world gone mad
Destroying it all
For a brighter new foundation

To see them flee
From the me that brings me glee
A destroyer for love
And new possibilities

I loved to create
But nobody ever sees my heart
I like to destroy
In life it was one of my favorite parts

The world today is disgusting and blind
Confused rotten minds
All forgetting there was once a divine

But it abandoned us
Left us
For we try to create a false love
We love the mother
Who says yes to everything

And grow sick of a father
Who says no to most things
A strict hand
But kind heart

A fathers love is smart and wise
A mothers love is soft and kind
Open arms
Close harm

If a spanking is what teaches
Is it love that breaches the closed doors

We've forgotten to respect our elders
And that always breeds
Rotten hearts

June 6 2019
A smothered love creates inbalanced

A strict love
Creates an anger and frustration

It requires a balance
To raise a childs mind
But also understanding
To nuture a kind heart

Just because a father is strict or angry
Doesnt mean they hate you
A tough love wants to protect
Without ever saying why
A father doesnt want their kids to know of all the bad knowledge in this world.
They dont speak of it
So you dont think of it
JaxSpade Apr 18
He lays like a lion
She hugs like a bear
And they didn't care
About their different fur

It's a jungle out there
Tigers and fear
It's so much worse
Than the wild in them

He had a mane like a lion
She had fuzz like a bear
And they didn't care
About the hide they wear

No they didnt care
About who they were


The only thing that mattered
Was each other
Trying to reach forever
With different endeavors

He was the king of the jungle
She was the grizzliest bare
Laying naked together
Honey was shared

And as the world stared
Their hearts paired
For they didn't care
What the looks mirrored

Two lovers
Different breeds
Wearing different colors

They only cared about loving
One another

He was a lion
She was a bear
He had a roar
That her growl repaired

They didn't care
What the world declared

For they were here for eachother
And the world was just another


I. You are a wonder wrapped in a miracle. Every ebony gasp breeds holiness. Every tincture of time that you hold bursts into purple midnights. Every bright escape another release of your cosmic breath.

II. You rule with satin clouds and shining rain. Your every movement shakes time.

III. You know your greatest magic and will forever prove it to those who rest beneath your raven sky. You are power and grace entwined, you hold on your hands an eternity, and you fully know it's wretched destiny.
I'm trying one of these definition poem thingies. How'd I do?
Michael Apr 23
Behind the conscious mind very hazy almost blind
A unconscious decision about a black laced vision
A silver-winged angel playing a lyre heavenly fruit faults desire
Silver needles weaving dreams, is this vision what it seems?
The night breeds what is true to life
When past, present, and future collide
No time, and no sense of
Places and people with whom we fall in love
Unconscious conclusions come about, is your mind in the clouds? On a desert island where the sun wakes the sand
The ocean sings the blues
As ships walk on the horizon a chorus of hues
Under these tropical trees blond hair blows in the breeze
Her eyes are as blue as the skies'
Aphrodite's body engulfs my eyes
Am I dreaming this vision I see
Or am I sentenced to a term with reality
Should I pinch myself, I might scream
No I'll just let it be
While I swim in the ocean of ecstasy
Written 9-7-1988.....I am going to publish a series of old poetry with raw and almost juvenille cadence.
Cathy Jun 12
My biggest fear is this

between us in which everything ends without a word ever being said.
“I don’t want to hurt you,” hurts me when all I can hear is screaming silence.
“I don’t want to bother you,” bothers me when I don’t know what I did wrong.
“I don’t want to cause conflict,” is a conflicting contradiction when the deafening silence pierces my heart.
Say something.
For if conflict breeds intimacy, then our familiarity has bred contempt.
HooCares Dec 2018
It breeds more pain
One way or another
Can we escape it?
We can
But are we capable?
It is a disease we cannot escape
Pain breeds hate
Hate breeds more pain
Sombro Feb 25
Beautiful woman,
Write yourself in the orchid air
With your flowering hair
And your well matched strides in white trainers.

One-of-a-way woman,
Take your time in the daisy weeds
Or the yellow breeds
You pluck with thumb and four fingers.

Sighing woman,
What did you see in the sycamore creek?
Did the gurgling mold froth pinch your cheek
You stirred with kashmir hand?

Beauteous day, crossed the sky with silver trails
In freckled knots of rebirthed trees
And Summer shown in baréd knees
Of beautiful women in swaying silk dresses.
Olivia Aug 2018
She is the sound of the rain
Soft tapping on the rooftops
An inexplicably calm feeling that you cannot stop

She floods your senses
Rushing gently while you can only float
Who are you, atop the ocean of her gaze?

She is the longing for sunlight
Overwhelmingly beautiful on the brow of a new day
An incredibly powerful feeling that breeds bliss

She alters your heartbeat
Shining intensely while you can only stare
What are you, worthy of being the object of her desire?

She is the most beautiful music
Sending your mind to faraway places
A fantastical feeling that moves your entire being

She quickens your breath
Crescendoing endlessly while you can only listen
Where are you, in the symphony of her being?

She somehow seems to be everything

Your favorite color
Your muse
Your captor
Your love


She is.

Minds break apart at midnight,
piece together in dreamless sleep.

Robert Lowell poaches pen-and-ink
drawings for Life Studies.
Sylvia Plath dons Ariel’s red dress,
but loses Ariadne’s thread.  

Lowell raises For the Union Dead,
mythic monument to his family’s best.
Pigeons decorate it with their ***** mess.
Plath pins a ******* to her chest —  
shockingly pink —
and stands beside the kitchen sink,

Stirring a *** of poet’s gruel.
Madness and death the golden rule
no artistry can break. Not even the careless
reader can take leave of these senses

Once they’re rendered on the page.
Confession doesn’t age well,
as Lowell knows oh so well,

unless it suggests more substantial fare,
say, a flannel bathrobe for him to wear
in a Boston psychiatric ward — if he dares.

There’s something wrong with his head.
Crown him Caligula; his lineage has fled.

“What does that have to do with me, Daddy?” Plath artfully whines.
“Fill the tulip jars with red water, not wine,” he replies.
“The bridegroom cometh. Turn off the oven.”
But it is too late. She has met her fate before it predeceases her.

Like a teacher’s pet, she bets her life on a recitation
of Daddy, a term of endearment,
a term of interment in a stark, loveless miscarriage,
a dark, masculine disparagement of her freedom. O Daddy dearest.

Lowell shoots up to salute the younger poet, guessing
she has given the year’s best reading by a girl in red dresses.

At this stage, what does it matter that his “mind’s not right”?
What can he do but give up his right to pray, as every insight
       slips away?

But no Our Father for Plath. For her, the Kingdom comes too late.
Colossal poetry cannot save; the poet raves and raves and raves
       into that dark night.
Turn off the oven, turn out the lights. Daddy, too, is not right.


Blake fired his Proverbs of Hell
in the dull, damning kilns
of England’s Industrial Age.

A poet’s no sage, but Lowell earned
his wings when he doctored Blake’s phrase:
“I myself am hell.”

A stone angel directs his descent:

Fortune favors the bold.

Never discount the power of chance.

Affliction of the senses is a gift.

Invisible seeks invisible.

Darkness obscures our limits.

We carry darkness within us.

Anarchy breeds spirit.

Artistry breeds no merit.

Appropriate beauty, at all costs,
whether, man, beast or angel


Poetry births an artifact of words; we unearth them, and they adhere.
We bury them, and they fall flat — hollow sounds, futile splats,
       prehistoric grunts ground into the ground.

Bathed in lithium and alcohol, here bobs your calling, Robert:
Everything matters; nothing coheres.
Build a shell of a soul on this maxim, a notebook of negation.  
       Grind your axes.

Sanctuaries may crumble, gates may close. Press on. Press on.
Corkscrew your identity into the iambic line; rouse the reader to find
the misleading promise of Eternity in the sonnet, the sonnet,
       the endless sonnet.

For minds lost in madness, tree limbs dangle like kite tails in the wind. No one flies here anymore. Gather reddened kindling while ye may.

What exiles you from the ancients — Homer, Virgil and Horace —
springs from vision, not technique: You lack the requisite blindness.

Absence absents the soul. Here, now, forever, shimmers only presence,
only the present, only Presence: divine, human, animal, marmoreal.
       Skunks, sails, cars and pails. Sing on, O son of New England!

Day by day, failing all, fill your void with fiery
hieroglyphs of verse. Then call your duty done.


Behold: You are not the favorite, after all, but Camus’ stranger,
trapped in the blinding sun, stumbling on the burning sand.

Only what dies in you endures.

“Is getting well ever an art,
or art a way to get well?”

The skunks scurry, scavenge and survive far too long for you to answer.

You lie down beside orange fishnets, facing the shore.
At midnight, you will dream of dreamless sleep.
To follow the development of this poem, it's important to know the works and lives of the confessional poets Robert Lowell and Sylvia Plath. If you are unfamiliar with them, I suggest you first read "Skunk Hour" by Lowell and then "Daddy" by Plath. Short biographies would help, too.
life is a tragic symphony
beauty breeds discontentment
what you see is not what you get
and i bet you didn't want to know that
life is a compulsory education
a fantasy of feeling and obligations
bland as a meal with no spices
the soul heals our need for appetizers
and dessert is a victory
life is a palatial avalanche
organisms react to violence and relativity
we give breath to the midnight sun
and run with iron in our lungs
gone are the subjects and objects
who no longer have a place in our narratives
i take my time and avoid the highways
where thieves and derelicts roam
i choose the ocean and the mountains
and make the sky above the sea
a resting place between time and eternity
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2018
Starting way up north from
from fair head in Antrim to
mizen head in Cork there is
not a Border Collie in the 32
counties wishing for a return
to The Troubles before the
Good Friday agreement when
meat was forbidden by the
Catholic Church because fish
is for felines and it was seen
by many canines as a blatant
act of segregation, racism and
even discrimination for which
the animal kingdom of Eire
(In the absence of a Monarch)
has been audibly vocal in all
of the four provinces, many of
the nations kennel clubs and
at last years Crufts Show in
Earls Court London, a Kerry
Blue refused to stand on the
winners podium with a Poodle
who shared first place, because
she was a vegetarian and not
at all sympathetic or supportive
to a universal diet for all breeds
on the island of Ireland.
Char Blackmon Mar 11
Sort of my tears
Downing from my drowning years
Misplaced by the thoughts and the fears, the way I volunteered
Gutted with the truth
Peeled from honesty command
Reprimand every plan that you have in ill hand
Grasping my inner thoughts
Forcing life’s demands
A fascination with illumination at grand, we need resources so you folks can understand
Understand the apocalypse
That this earth creates withstands
No underhand punishment for all our services undertakes
Aggression that reflects submission of a ****** decision
Finessing bad investments that does pay diabolical visions
Visiulizing the future
With expectations of a better nation
Memorizing the gratuitous grids investigating relations of races
Ripping my dedication
To eradicate your personal needs
Reinventing the seeds to ******* these eternal breeds, steadily free with a force feed so like paleo we crossbreed
Bleeding for a greater oppression
Wishing for a better revision
Exceeding admissions teaching lessons for a better concession
To all who receives the valuable lesson

By: Lyrical C n Glen Edward Bush Jr
Miguel Jul 2018
In time we stand still forgetting the memories
That burden the frontier with poison and tragedy
Lest we forget that the deed had been signed
By prospectors and cowboys who’ve long since died
Aiming a loaded shell towards eradication
An idea that precedes psychopathy in terms of petition
Yet ponders so freely to children so willing to point them the barrel and fire such rounds

I urgently take the bounty for the hunting of the buffalo
Using their skulls for declination, a sturdy stronghold
Yet deep in heart I realize that it spawns back to devils
That pay only to spoil their countless fruits of survival
The cause paints our flag a brilliant blue
The blood breeds red and helps assimilate too
From their ponytails, against remorse, I could yank off their heads
And perhaps repay the herd of bison for their dead

We danced mountain songs naked under pale blue moonlight
Imitating their gestures in the style of caricature
The stars glistening, reflecting in pools of gory mucus
The rotting carcasses that attract forest vultures
Which we willingly hunt and devour without hesitance

A rack of scalps hung from the duster, cloth sodden with their fluids
Marking migration patterns on various maps to follow and stalk with
Here we sing to the villages of which we’ve burned down
Hoping that God, in His grace, could forgive such savage hounds
The calls of doves forfeit an olive branch
Which I gleefully wave just as they have
My own Trojan horse stitched together with leather
That wasn’t dried enough, and now radiates a stench that reminds us of their innards

I’ve slaughtered and mangled all over this place
Made worse by their stories of which I desecrate
Publishing such influent texts that examine the earlier beds
Of which they rose, so little prose, such daft fools with stone age tools
Crops yield only ******* food made for the feeding of the poor
Discarding the rest of them as bait or our personal ******

“I weep for the white hand that cared there for me!
To wrap me in blankets and help me to feed
The weak child in infancy cooing so sweet
Not knowing they’d have him killed in his sleep”
Annihilation fits best at the source, this genocide funded by the Master of Greater Deed and Good
The weary dead, the weary live, the weary now stay in places we couldn’t stand to be in

A gift that gives only twice, an upstart arch that cradles this land so warmly, inspiring us to embrace our homes
The promise of freedom which notions an equality we could find only in remembrance of scattered bones
The lawmen there, they never repent, they’ve lived all their lives and they never forget of their deeds, which secretly brings a perverse enjoyment none other recieve
Unless you count rapists and murderous men which tally their targets and hold out the heavy heads of victims in satchels and bags
A shame we now see them as monuments honored so swiftly, decorated with golden plaques
Please leave some flowers in the mass grave I was buried in, somewhere in Arizona, it wouldn’t hurt to sense the illusion of fresh air
A torso of tooth and rib and a dried clump of hair
Look down on your works, ye lowly, and despair!
Ken Pepiton Jun 11
In the presence of any hearing ear or seeing eye,
the oldest man in the room stood and said,

I suggest a motion be made that:
This proven means of reaching a realizable samesame state
of peace and freedom, 'mongst beings of all
breeds tested as sapient and unem us augmentedus,

be administered free at any seven one eighty Fibbo equipped
joy ride facility.

The Motion:
All peace negotiations,
all settling negotiations
on earth,
must now be preceded by
a ranked pairing of the parties,
{what if wit life partners, so we have a four wide}

Yeah, pairs of plus ones, two by two

most worthy of admiration and respect and trust
ranked order,

let the first rank step into the car. wait for the message.

each rank takes its place, reads and and agreed terms of unbelief release.
combine con questseers haulin
ah questions mistook
for quests... happens, but

that ranked the riders? the waring bros. us the unem
of four are in car one,
Aha, the roller coaster Poke'mon, as Grandpa

suggested, in the entrancment lesson, did you hear that story?g
This is no linked, but generally,

breadcrumb... weak link back... but later

this is the chunk chunk chunk cogged rotation
of gears in gears meshing

chunk, chunk, chunk to the peak the initial
wave on the Fibbonaci ***** with
one eighty per twist time s

we endure... ah it is not we riding, ha, I for got
virtual reality, by god, i'd say
pretty good, too.

and we, no, they are upside down, which was the intention,
the whole party of peace negotiators

the terms of agreement
and the benefit of proper ranking
{discounting **** in a coriolis sorta swirl, that shall hap, watch}

Before the pen and ink and all our augmented eyes everseeing witness
war is stupid and too costly at this phase to waste any more unexamind lives on,

beacause we can. We agree, we. the people, peacemakers are

and peacekeepers be... we,

the controllers of every mob on earth, we bodies of words in minds.
War now is as useless as smallpox and polio in bubbles
of babies
where peacemaking is set to kick in after terrible twos,
epigenetically, but  set with the polio vaccine, prenatal-mods hapt in the moms with
the Mario plumbing level.

We are getting better results. At five they are inquisitive,
and comprehend portals need means of access
which must be learned while find ing
messages with
synchronus meaning.

Now, then, that means
something real but we don't know what, yet, grandpa, don't

--soto voce', {golf-whisper}
the key to this portal,
long still being a true let be-er,

but meaning is imagined in the games,
my seven grand children all were born after 3g.
these fresh augmented us, mentally, more than we could think or ask.
They find meaning faster than
we found it in **** and Jane, and The Little Red Hen

The future is bright. Not a big bang. Not even a pop. A sigh,
of satisfaction. Believe it or die, eventually, wishing you had examined
life more close-up, earlier.

Fret not. Later is as real as you can realize. Watch and see.
History is so much more enlightening now. Think how Ben Franklin would have seen our gloabl brain's access to accrued wisdom in old age.
I'm looking to find my balance
Decorating it like valance
I'll bring plenty to the table
Talk about that spring balance
No more kidding around, kid's allowance
You want a real man
Looking for someone to stan
It won't happen at expectation
It will be a genuine donation
To your soul
When you're engulfed by the ghoul
Three strikes when you bowl
Too traumatized to smoke one
Good thing though, you don't want to be done
It's an unlawful run
Like you're afraid of Attila The ***
There's no need
To be swallowed in depression and other's greed
We all have our history of beads
That bog us down
You're not the only one in town
To have these emotions
But I might be one of the few to have that devotion
Causing intense commotion
You better bring the lotion
Because I'm making this swamp dry
Letting this fog die
I'm not a perfect guy
Maybe not the best buy
Maybe Geek Squad
I can barely carry quads
But I can carry you
To the shores
You can retain my core
These muscle remain sore
But I'd rather it be that way
You're the forever in the day
Unless you break my bays
Floodgates of acid
Don't like to come to this in placid
Or even casual
It all has to be natural
Call me super
You won't be believing your eyes
It's tough enough to realize
That you don't always need to be chastise
I like to run up the imaginary commas clockwise
Here's words to the wise
You got to read them
Carefully heed
Before you bleed
Out too much to grasp the rails
Carrying the pails
Dropping them horribly
I hope you'd be out unscathed
This pool we've bathed
Has changed us all
So refuse to stall
Face what's been breaking you
Because there's no replacing you
I'm not always going to be chasing you
So you better have a good reason
Don't force me into the feeling of treason
I can be your beacon
Your personal deacon
It's easy to weaken
Whether you're Persian or Puerto Rican
Same thing applies
The world can be full of flies
But you got to smack them down
Hard and ruthless
Just don't be shallow or toothless
I can definitely prove this
They'll devour you whole
Make sure they know you're swole
From the North Pole to the South Pole
You got it locked
Keep your weapon glocked
Firm and steady
So you're at the ready
Don't force yourself
To change to those peering
I'm going to be on the sidelines cheering
Snickering and sneering
It's all useless after the clearing
Do you want another hearing?
It'll be the same
You're born into this game
No need for the money and fame
You got that perfect level of tint
You're not desperate, you're just in a crisis like Flint
Everyone gets there
Under the rut
Under the rule of the oligarchs in the sophisticated tiki hut
Full breeds and muts
Are what they declare
But they couldn't be more wrong
We all don't sing in song
But the subtle singing still matters
No matter how hard they try to shatter
Don't destroy your bladder
Because you're growing sadder
Confront me, I'll drop it
Like the hottest mixtape
So I can fix your heart with invincible tape
Together we can vape
Just don't get too carried away
I like the bonding, let's keep it that way
Trying not to run out of things to say
To the likeness of you
What a beauty to see you swoon
Hate being gone so soon
If you were
That would be a tremendous stur
Causing me to say every derogatory slur
At the sky
Looking for a reason
Why this all transpired
You make my heart go higher
I'm not your sire
But we need each other
I got my brothers from another mother
But you are the rest
Pounding chest
Can you make another perfect guess
On where my loyalty lies
The last thing I'd ever do
Is lie to you
All these pictures I drew
All these planes I flew
The numbers turned into a slew
Nothing compares
To the Mary Sue
I found at the helm
I'll go wherever you realm
These gargoyles I'll whelm
They'll have to keep fighting
Cause my heart keeps igniting
It's a little freightening
But I'll make it work
I always do
Not always starting with the clues
But I can decipher all the blue
Turn you into orange and red
Making sure you're never truly dead
I won't ever imagine that story line in my head
Some things are better left unsaid
Give me your perfection instead.
King Tutankhamun Nov 2018
People gather around
To take a pic from sky to concrete
All astound and hopes of someone
To drown
Their "like" buttons
Make sure every angle is to
Scared to face rejection social media is
A design toxication
Minus education
Perfection over imperfection has
Become our
We want people to wooo us when we're down
Give a bunch of thoughts to people
Youve never met
I a poet a philosopher a healer SM a drug and the companies in charge
Are the dealers
Leeched into your brains
Electromagnetic waves that leave ya
Soul stained can't really wash away the pain
Only if you stand in the rain and let mother nature reign
Inhale the oxygen from the universes
With every step and hearts that beats as the chills crept
Your itching or jonin' trying to reach the phone
To check the "status" of a post that's long gone
Social media has made us normal
In an abnormal
Society it breeds jealousy hate and
Real turned into fake relationship and
Nowadays you can't even say hi without someone
Peepin' their eyes
In their cellular devices looking for the nicest
Puttin' up fake images and we're pillaged
By a village of
More soever we have more folks going to therapy Over the
internet than over common problems
Such as domestic
Violence I'm trying to form an anti-media alliance
With so much denial and the uprise of
So think go outside nature's real they society ain't
Unplug yourself from the matrix cuz
They stayin' playin' tricks
Pagan Paul Jun 3
It will be written long,
when Nature takes her own
and quenches life's flame,
when all the sadness
has been noted and versed,
packaged as final words,
having ******* with regret
or discourse with nostalgia.
The taming of the mortal coil breeds
the Last Poem.

© Pagan Paul (03/06/19)
Tear down the walls
And unite the mind of us all
United we can all stand
Or as one race, we all will fall
Forgotten by time and history
For our own greed, and lack of liberty
If war is the only victor
Death, will be the only winner

May 14 2019
^ "green new deal"
i wonder if thats possible if the world is so divided

At lastweektonight, i had a few ideas, but they may be a bit weird.
1 - Watermills under all tall buildings, funneling rainwater from the roofs, down to the streets
rain water enters through the roof, goes down through turbines, in the building
as it falls, it turns tiny watermills, that generates electricity for the building

2 - windmills on high rise buildings, with the windmills built into the infrastructure at the top

3 - solar panel windows, all windows, on all buildings, in the world, replaced with new solar panel windows
they work like windows, but generate electricity like solar panels, imagine how much output that would generate

4 - magnet cars and magnet roads, by driving on our roads, we generate power for the city
cars no longer use oil, but have solar panel windows, windmills built into the front of the car
and use magnets, polarization and ---
there are new sciences built into levitation, and i would suggest we remove all rubber tires from cars
levitating magnet cars would be much better

5 - Artificial trees and plants built into cities to turn carbon into oxygen
it is already being worked on, new artificial plants that can work like trees
some are 40x stronger and more efficient at it they say, which is weird

6 - we need to clean up the trash and toxins and waste on land and in the sea
i suggest giant boats that clean gunk out of the ocean, and pick up trash using robots maybe
they would store all waste and trash inside of them, and go to locations to dump it off
where it is processed into more manageable waste
on land, we should use people in prison to pick up all the trash lying around in the streets
prisoners would collect garbage as community service in all cities
and this could be pretty good.
we need to reduce the waste produced from factories, and plastic bags as well
we over use some packaging for products and thats kinda over redundant

7 - pesticides and other chemicals need better regulations
and our obsession with oil needs to end, because 1, its very pollutable, and 2 it is finite
eventually, we will have no oil, and also, it is causing sinkholes and earthquakes
-taking a vast amount of oil from underground creates huge empty caves that may collapse under pressure
^basic logic
it is also a corrupted industry filled with so many greedy people that have halted our progression as a species
a ton of times electric vehicles were suggested, 100 years ago
but greed from oil companies got in the way
^this is what happened with diamonds, cigarettes, and pharmaceuticals as well
promoting toxic addictants to people to sell their product, killing millions
selling addictive pills that never solve a solution, but suppress it
and a rock, that is so easy to make, and very very common, for exorbitant prices

society as a whole needs to wake up, just like all those fake "charities" that make millions in a scam
but give nothing back

why not help africa build clean water ways, and farms to take care of themselves?
why not help china remove coal factories.
what about russia
we need to remove the walls of country, in favor of a better world, instead, a united world
the lines and walls and borders of countries divides the world, and leads to war.
thats also one of our problems
Big Virge Jan 16
Ya Know I ... HARDLY ...
Choose to ... PARTY ...
Because of THOSE Parties ...
Who DON'T Act ... Smartly ...

So Party ... DARKLY ...
Instead of ... " Calmly " ...

cos' You Can ... Party HARD ...
WITHOUT ... Drawing Cards ...
or ... Drawing GUNS ...
To PROVE Your ... " TOUGH " ... ?!?

Leave THAT Stuff ...
To The ... MILITARY Son ... !!!

And Parties ... Who ...
USE Feds' Like ... TOOLS ... !!!

I'm NO Fool ... !!!

So am part of ... NO PARTY ...
Whose Moves ... Divide Parties ... !?!

So NO ... " Party Politickin' " ...
With Parties Who Be ... TRICKIN' ...
and Robbing More Than ... " Giving " ...
Because of Their ... MISGIVINGS ... !!!!!!!!!!!

These Days ...
Parties ... DON'T LISTEN ... !!!
and CERTAINLY ... DON'T Glisten ... !!!

Or ...
Try to ... FULFIL Visions ...
They USE To Get ... " Positions " ... !!!

That Then Create ... DIVISIONS ... !!!!!!!

Because Their Visions ... MISSION ...
Appears Like ... " Apparitions " ...

YES I Said ... APPARITIONS ... !!!!!!!!!!

Or What's called YES ... " Mirages " ...
That PROVE That They Are ... HEARTLESS ...
and Merely Are The ... " Charges " ...
of Those Who Move In ... " DARKNESS " ... !!!!!

Parties Who ... Lead ...
To Feed Like Breeds ...
of ... DEVIOUS FIENDS ... !!!

VAMPIRIC Like ... " Ticks " ... !!!
Whose Party ... TRICKS ...
AREN'T Built To ... FIX ... !!!

The Enlist ... DUD Scripts ...
and SYSTEMIC ... " Eugenics " ... !!!

and Sadly ... Quite ENDEMIC ... !!!!!

Parties ... INAUTHENTIC ...
Now FILLED With ... "Euro SKEPTICS" ... !?!

TWICE In A ... WEEK ...
Their Parties ... SPEECH ...
Has Made Them SEEK ................................

A Place AWAY From ...................................................... EURO Peeps' ...
But CLEARLY NOT ... Their MONEY ... ?!!!?

These Brits Are ... TRULY FUNNY ...
Aren't They ... " European " ... ?!?

KEEP Leaking ...

So now Some Feel ...
They're ... " weakened " ...
Because The ... Party's OVER ...
cos' Icelanders ... Were COLDER ...
Than Brexit' ... British Voters ... !!!!!!

Hodgson ...
Resigned SO FAST ...
That BOLT Said ...

"Kiss me rass !
Them English Man lack class,
and play ball with no heart !
So yes them should depart,
cos' man dem' stink like **** !"

Sometime ...
You've GOTTA LAUGH ...
and Party With ... The SMART ...
Who Choose To ... Party HARD ...

But NEVER With ... " weak hearts " ... !!!!!

My Party Vibes Are FINE ...
When writing down ...

That Speak About The Times ...
Current FILLED Like Lines ...
and Move You Like ... Bass Lines ...
READY For ... " PARTY VIBES " ... !!!!!!

I'm At ... An Age ...
Where I Now RAGE ...

AGAINST The Machine ...
That Does NOT CLEAN ... !!!

By Putting Thoughts ...
From My Head To ... Page ...

My Vibe ... HEARTY ...
and Seems To Be ...
Why I ... NOW SEE ...

My Choice of Being ...

..... " Arty " .....

As My NEW Way To ...

.... " PARTY " ....
So, with Theresa Mays Historical, 230 Vote Loss in Parliament, over her Brexit Deal ! This poem, even though written, basically immediately after the Original Referendum, still holds relevance !

Listen Here ...

Acapella -
I have descended onto this crust,
And landed in this body,
Which breeds nothing but rust;
For it is lively but dusty.

I once majestically soared the skies,
Before desires grew heavy for my wings,
And landed in a place I could not recognise
Despite seeing its mornings.

A place, which houses tangible necessities,
With everything hidden from most beings
In which one of the two communities
Honours the other as their kings.

I now reconstruct my wings feather-by-feather;
With realities induced with a sense of belonging
And dreams of unspeakable wonder,
For one day, this frame shall betray my living.
Does God choose to love?
Does he choose me?
Or am I mandatory?
“I love you with the love of Jesus” I say.
Tried to explain to a girl one day,
that I can love her more.
Cause if I chose him;
And God loves me.
But I choose you too;
And you choose me.
What's stronger than the love
that creation breeds?
Dedicating souls and lives.
Wrestling our dualities.
It's ridiculous.
Still no taste of this.
But maybe that's the reason?
Lord knows I barely love myself;
And the world loves me even less.
But God's love has always been;
And God's word has always been “Yes”.

-Luca Ivaldi
T'was a passing thought...
rayner Dec 2018
I brought a thought with out paper, small openings wallow trolls no longer prosper, the iris breeds hands that are virtual
lilies grow wings as the winds have fallen, calendars evolve
steadfast witty watching time.

— The End —