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Catherine Paige Sep 2011
stardust and choas
our cups are so full of where we come from
so bright and vast
so destructive and breathing of adventure

expanding collapsing
our own mini histories repeating and refining
until we create something
something bright enough to revolve around
Written September 27, 2011
Catherine Paige Aug 2011
moon scars in my right hand
your royalty in my left
even when you're gone
it feels like you never left

moon scars in my right hand
your hand in mine
even though you've gone
it's like you're with me all the time
Written May 30, 2011
Catherine Paige Aug 2011
the way you make me brave
but yet we're never brave enough
always dancing around the fire
ignited between the two of us

we found three words to replace
the three words we can't yet say
but that embodies the dull ache
that lingers because of our distance

currently content with what we are
though we confide the want of more
the ability to hold and be held
to make new and outshine the old

though our time is nigh
it isn't in the nearest future's nights
so we sit and sigh, lean and lie
waiting for flames to reach new heights
Written May 19, 2011
Catherine Paige Aug 2011
you only come around when you need to lean
and you lean on me with your broken heart
no matter how much i wish i could
i cannot leave you to heal alone

do you tell them all of your love
is it a lie to make me linger
or is it gift to hard for you to give
something you've not really done before

are they your way to **** the time
the way to distract yourself
writing of and for you is mine
a way to remind myself
Written on May 10, 2011
Catherine Paige Aug 2011
can you breathe in
can you breathe out
when everything once turned in
becomes completely turned out

can you carry on
without losing what you're worth
gaining value along the way
can you resist the urge to break
Written on May 10, 2011
Catherine Paige Aug 2011
i set you free like a good heart should
but you just run to be trapped in someone else
your hand on her back
your steps in time with hers

all i wanted was to share everything with you
ad though you say you want the same
you constantly run away
making these thoughts feel forbidden

when you're in time with her
my name is never on your lips
i just hope that my love still resides in your mind
somewhere hidden from the rest

that when your loyalty isn't the question of heart
that it belongs to mine
that when none of their hearts beckon your name
that you return to mine
Written on May 27, 2011
Catherine Paige Aug 2011
so tell me was it my fault
or was it yours

because I said I wasn't sure how to love
didn't think I had ever felt that before
or was it your greedy heart
gluttonous for seconds, thirds and fourths
Written on May 5, 2011.

these have been so short recently hope they still reach you the way the reach out to me.
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