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Jan 2016
Loveless *** breeds happiness
With your legs wrapped around a chest
Have you now achieved success?
Does it feel like you know best,
When you just have to accept
Whatever they say?

It must be over now  
I can just tell somehow
Learn a job at the plow
For that's all you do now
Can you smell the future now?
It must be close
For I see no sweat on your brow

Has it led to the farm
Where money grows like ******* charms?
Speaking of, I spoke to them
They don't like it when you bend
Maybe you should stand up straight
And learn to make love and how to wait
It doesn't feel like you're hard to shake

Age is just a number that,
Shows how long you've survived
It doesn't say you're bound for fame
Or even worth enough to stay alive
Come back home to mother and father
Where they can't complain about your bother
Your mouth tells of stories though
They're only true to you
Jordan Rowan
Written by
Jordan Rowan
   m i a
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