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Sonia Ettyang Dec 2018
I thought I could save you from the your own demons
That lingered behind those empty eyes
But if I knew then what I know now
I should have ran and never looked back
As everything felt wrong right from the start
The love bomb
The mind games
The death stares
All those were red flags!
But I lied to myself
I lied to myself that me and you were destined
I lied to myself
That you were the chosen one, yang to my yin
I lied to myself
That you were my mirror and I was staring at my reflection
But you were just a mirage
Putting up a charade while you mimicked me
Took down my walls and entrance gain
I was so lost then but now I'm found
If you ask me I know better now
As for you, you'll never find what you're looking for
No amount of love on this earthplane can rescue your fallen soul back to light
For you need no saving, all you're after is your next source of energy, a chain of supply is what your ego craves.
Just know you can hide but never ran
Your Mr nice guy masks will soon fall off
Everything will lay bare and that void within will show
©Sonia Ettyang
Music tends to spark back memories...wrote this while listening to "Hubris" by Sevdaliza
Sara Kellie Dec 2017
******* barking and let me in,
Check the form,
I wreak of sin,
Where's your Master,
the man in red,
Tell him I'm here,
I'm finally dead,

Those ******* people and their lies,
so full of ****,
I do despise,
I couldn't take it anymore.
My body, I've left it on the floor,
Well, what's left is no good,
It's all covered in blood
and how do I feel?
I feel ******* good!

They smiled at my eyes
and lied to my ears,
They think I don't know,
I've known it for years,
I wrote them a note
and sealed it away,
That note is still here
to this very day.

****** poetry by
8 years on and that note is still here. Along with other truths that will live on long after I'm gone.
Written with a specific purpose. To accompany the envelope titled
'Dear Voyeurs, Part 8
Hayley May 2018
I wanted to explore your Universe
But all I got was a black hole
Luisa Nov 2017
Lee I loved you
Why couldn’t you be true?
Why did I have to fall in love
With a fake version of you?

Narcissistslike you
Should come with a warning
A massive sign on your head
To tell us you’re performing

It’s all an just an act
It’s just a guise
Sadly you’ll never benefit
So I’ll be watching your demise.

You hate yourself
It’s why you lie
You know you’re broken
But you’re just not that guy.

I knew you had your issues
I wanted to stay by your side
Through thick & thin, no matter what
But the cheating I cannot abide

When you took the others to bed
Did I cross your mind?
Did you feel any pain or guilt
Or did everything just unwind?

Did you close your eyes & forget?
Did you ever feel bad?
Did you ever wish you could stop?
Or are you just like your Dad?

I hope you regret your actions
I hope you ache inside
I hope you realise what you’ve lost
I hope you feel like you’ve died.
Luisa Nov 2017
Yesterday was the first day, since I said goodbye,
That when I woke up I didn’t want to die.
It’s been nearly five weeks since I cut you out,
Yesterday was the first day I didn’t need to cry or shout.

Today it’s all different, I’m back to missing you,
Breathing is hard it’s something I no longer want to do.
I’m sat here thinking about where you are & who you’re with,
If you are missing me or if without me you can live.

Have you moved on & got a new ******* your arm
Has she fallen for your charisma & charm?
Will you use her and take what you can?
You are evil, how can you call yourself a man?
I hope she is savvy to your narcissistic ways
& not beguiled by your hypnotic gaze.

Lee you should be ashamed of the damage that you’ve done,
You left me all alone when I miscarried our son.
Your lies and cheating know no bounds
There is no defence, you have no grounds.
I walked away for both me & “the pouty one”
I’m now at the stage of wishing we’d never begun.
Hope E Jan 2017
I am a frayed edge
Unraveling past the seam binding me
Multicoloured threads peeling away
I pray you see me
for the tapestry I used to be

— The End —