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Feb 2014
Sweating on my mat, I curse!
As the light dimly flickers
Off and on it wavers
Like a torch amidst a storm.
For the ten thousandth time I wonder
What is wrong with mother?
My aggrieved home and country
Her pain is mine to bear.

She has many a tale to tell
Troubled much from deep her belly
Wonder how much she can endure
Till body and soul give in.
She was blessed by the heavens
Much to the envy of all
Yet! Alas, she mourns
And weeps in pain untold.

Time and again she follows
Sheepishly trusting her shepherds
She has had a quite a number
With tongues unknown and known
Her plight is not their vision
As she inevitably learns
Her wool and meat and milk
Are all they dare to care.

She breeds enough to share
And feed her dying lambs
But much is lost to thieves
Who lurk in shadows of shepherds.
Destined for royalty she was
But penury has robbed her glory
Awake! Oh mother Nigeria!
And reclaim your lost birthright.

© Raphael Uzor
Inspired by the untold hardship in my country Nigeria.
Mother, her, she etc refer to Nigeria
Shepherd refers to the leaders-elected public servants
Belly refers to her various socioeconomic problems
Body and soul refer to unity, prosperity and her survival
Heavens refers to God (Who blessed her with much natural resources)
Mourns, weeps and penury; refer to her untold hardship and suffering
Tongues refers to divers ethnic groups
Wool, meat, milk refer to her numerous mineral resources especially crude oil
Lambs refers to the masses
Raphael Uzor
Written by
Raphael Uzor  Lagos, Nigeria
(Lagos, Nigeria)   
     Sajini Israel, Donald, Raphael Uzor, ---, --- and 12 others
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