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Alaynah Sep 2018
His eyes are my escape route
They take me anywhere I wanna go
Which always leads right next to him

When he looks at me
I feel my soul become furious
Somebody has me bothered

I crave the scent of his cologne
When the smell of it on my sweatshirt
F A D E S away

The limited-time only reminder
that at one point
He was on top of me
And in that moment
I was all that mattered
to him

The anxiety that lurks through my body
Everytime I think of him
The feeling in my body
Everytime my brain remembers
a happy moment
With him
Or sincere moments
we shared

Two broken people
I broke my own heart
To give him pieces to fix his

My mind and what’s left of
my heart are at war
Because of him

Because of him, his smile
And his quirky laugh
that quench the desire
Of the simplicity of his existence;

My heart won’t let me be at peace
My mind tells me to let go

Reflecting on post trauma
Nothing is better than feeling
Wanted but safe
By the person you want the most

But nothing is worse than feeling
You’re not good enough for the person
You want most

Looking into his eyes again
Constantly searching for reassurance

And then suddenly
the source of happiness vanishes

you were only a distraction
While what was really wanted
Wasn’t accessible

allowing attachment
is unbelievably dangerous
But learning to let go
is worse
Owen C Swenson Jan 2018
I run, they chase.
Genetically modifying the master race. We are trapped, for it will always know your face.
Anytime and any place.
****** recognition in your private space. Never overlook a clue and never leave a  trace.
For they will charge you with a premeditated sentence.
Can we comprehend this as our fate, while others are being hurdled through these prison gates.
Everyone can run but we'll never be hidden.
This kind of knowledge is completely forbidden.
We are the enemy as ponds set in place. So I run, yet they chase.
KathleenAMaloney May 2016
Well Darlin'
You're absolutely Write
No Heart
Was made
For Sad Songs
No.. FOR Beauty
In Her Richest Light
Freedom as
Her Grestest
Power as
Unfailing Truth
And Wisdom
Lovers Guide

If You don't help people..
At least don't
Hurt them

And when you do..
Have the
To make it Rite
Mouthpiece Oct 2015
Life's a beach
And then you die;
Your privacy's breached,
But you've nothing to hide.
Their argument's weak
And you still take their side.
Why is it that each
Time they further occupy
Our lives, there's not a peep--
No matter how humongous the lie?
Instead we continue to sleep-
Walk and push revolution aside.
If you care not for secrets to keep,
Don't open your mouth wide;
'Cause you can't have freedom of speech
With nothing to say. Open your eyes.

Where the **** is all the fuss?
They keep track of every detail
And continue to follow us
Around; our footprints leave trails
To every part of us, ranging from our hate and ****;
Every letter in every email;
Every phone call to loved ones and people of trust.
Our whole lives are on sale.
Where the **** is the anger and disgust?
They feel every spot like the blind feel Braille.
Shouldn't we be kicking up dust
Until there's no record or tales
Of our privacy? We must readjust;
We're crawling at a snail's
Pace while they grow more robust.
Ever heard of how Winston and Julia failed?
This piece is about the establishment monitoring everything we do. Personally, I find it horrifying that I can't have some of my deepest and most profound moments with people I love kept between the involved parties. I never signed up to be on the governments TV, so why should I accept the force to do so that's put on me?
Also, I'm sorry for posting pieces that I consider ****; I'm truggling with a heavy block at the moment.
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
Think for yourself they'll tell you
But you'll never agree
Because you want no liberty
Even though it is all or nothing,
A willingness to die by those values
But they'll tell you that you're incompetent
Or special while they steal another set of data
Quietly from the cradle
And you'll think that's fine and okay
As you watch another show and simply lay.

They want you to be politically minimal and vote the same
Because it is cause for a simple aim,
To vote for everything to be as it once was,
The counter will buzz as the state lives on,
The surface level is easy and quick and enjoyable,
Just 140 characters of freedom are enough,
Everything else is far too hard
Because propaganda is still easy even in democracy
Despite the fact that it's all ******* hypocrisy,
We'll never be free until you're willing to see
That in the empire of lies truth is treason.
Irate Watcher Aug 2014
You found friction,
when so many told you
to slip down with them.

You were the safety
to a gun-wielding chorus screaming:

Shoved from the Fourth
you fought to protect,
to being snowed-in,
half a hemisphere away
from the coconuts
and palm trees you fled.

Hotel room to hotel room,
the flesh from your skin dissolves,
piece by piece —
like a nation's artifacts.

Resigned to watching
a comedian's suicide
trend on Twitter —
an individual who made it easier
to laugh and forget the words:
"Liberty and Justice for All."

You should grimace.
Silenced. Snowed-in.
Unable to even say,
"America — please shovel me out."
I made this poem into a video!

If you like, share with #shoveloutSnowden
James Jarrett Jul 2014
I will disappear in fog and night
Subdued in sound sleep
And surprise
Blinding lights
Overwhelming might
They will spirit me away
And charge me with my crimes
They will call me many names
Even some that I may claim
But none will be  my own
Traitor or subversive
Criminal or defendant
Or maybe
Even something worse
But I refuse to swear allegiance
To the police state
And fealty to the men
Clad in black
I will not submit
Nor ever kneel down
Though they may lay me
On the ground
But they don't know
That I stole into the great hall of Valhalla
In deepest dark of night
And took with me
One of their mighty spears
Usurped their valor
And added it to my might
Now they will have to  carry me
Proudly on my shield
Though my burning bier
Be but a lonely cell
It will be my burial
And tonight I will dine
In the great hall of Valhalla
That place that still lives on
In the mind of men
in a stand
your ground
open carry

Miami Gardens,
the capitol of
stop and frisk
looms as the
shape of things
to come

it doesn't
all at once

it stealthily
creeps into
once wholesome

it arrives
always starved
for more

stark stiletto eyes
suspiciously stare
worn by
unable to
gaze away the
maleficent days

beginning in

build walls
to keep
"the other"

to the ways

of rigid status
quo pillars


diversity breeds


big data ears
ever listening
to between
the lines words

small talk
meta data
indexed and

down beat
state secrets

certain books
are forbidden

artists condemned
art destroyed

ideas censored
shut down by
social network
posting rules
and best practice

shouted down
by xenophobic
group think

in blind allegiance
to commands
of Citizen Inc
a juggernaut
to roll across
the globe
to bits
its path

science is


revisionism erases
biographical memory
we forgot how
we arrived
at this place

The History Channel
flickers cartoons
of multicolored
allegories onto
the dark walls
of our video
addicted minds
offering sweet
relief of a new
commercial fix

pandered opinion
is trafficked
as fact

confirmation of a
stasis affirming
echo chamber

real time news
rubber stamps
the prevailing
zeitgeist of
the daily dread
a visceral
of the World
Series Hunger

to swear
to tribal creeds
that debase

religious precepts
shutters spirituality
with sanctioned
designed to
undermine an
ability to reason

ethical discernment
is arrested by moral

the marginalized
are criminalized

land of
the free prisons
as growth
auction off
bill of rights
on low bid
altars of

a perpetual
state of warfare
marshals frenzied
legions of fear

as casualties
mount the
march of
militarization is
the only known balm
to salve the terror
welling deep within
afflicted hearts

the sun rises
on another day
in Miami Gardens
as the next shift
of police roll
through this
of perps

Music Selection;
Dizzy Gillespie
Things to Come


Miami Gardens;
Capitol of Stop and Frisk
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