"but ideas, incentive, they come and go"
Reece AJ Chambers

In some ways we’re very alike.
Both our lives follow a similar pattern,
getting so far
but stunted for too long.
All I want to do is write,
but ideas, incentive, they come and go
when they please,
and you, it’s frolic and drink,
when you please.
Maybe it’s not as bad as I imagine
but you don’t tell me otherwise,
I rely on muted words that are pushed
downwards after a handful of minutes;
seen it all before.
Will you wise up when the city bellows your name?
Doubt it,
they don’t call them the roaring twenties
for nothing.
Just becoming like the rest.
How typical.
How so very predictable.
What on Earth am I talking about?
We’re not alike at all.
No wonder you don’t talk to me much anymore.

Written: July 2012.
Explanation: A poem written quickly in my own time. Could be much better, so may be edited in the future.
"Take the incentive to cultivate the Mind."
Anubis the Philosomancer

The primary obstacles preventing One from following One's Heart
seem to be the incalculable bullshit excuses in One's head
ultimately serving to justify a lack of proper effort-
to justify stagnation, complacency, and laziness.

Overcome them or be overcome by them.
You shall never know if you never try.

One who doesn't try
precludes any chance of future success.
One who doesn't care
is unworthy of what success may otherwise be actualized.

Take the incentive to cultivate the Mind.
Have the courage to follow your Heart.
Have the Heart to help others do the same.

"Festival is the incentive to stimulate zeal"
T A Ramesh

Chiming bells and songs rent up the air!
Mood of festival eve catch up all in joy!
Not minding chill weather all go brisk
Purchasing, taking snack and juice, low!

For a month happy mood will stir all hearts
Forgetting old matters and dreaming new
About long months ahead for progress...
To make life better to enjoy better in full!

And when works go on full swing as per plan
Spring will greet all with smiling flowers.....
To cheer up the mood to forget the stress
And strain of work load with hope of future!

Festival is the incentive to stimulate zeal
To go ahead on any venture to achieve goal!

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