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Melpomene Sep 2018
He is desperate to settle down.
It's crystal a trick to lure her drown.

He thought
She was speaking with her heart all along,
But She was just singing along the song.

A little truth and lies,
A little tries and prise.
Building up a vivid paradise.

He seems patient,
Patient to get obsession.
Observation to his intention.

Kissing with passion,
Groping with no hesitation.
All nature mating season.

Scene like Adam and Eve,
Having fun in Eden with full incentive.
Both are full of deceptive.

Sharing juice of the forbidden fruit.
He drink without dispute,
Dying to see her attribute.

In his baffling blue eyes.
Reflection of a perfect goddess.
From the pools of lies,
Everything look fresh and nice.

There the Lilith in disguise,
But he is too drunk to realise.
Drunk from his own pride and prejudice.
And there is when the pleasure dies.
It's about a male player that met a woman which is a player too...But he is too arrogant and over confident that this woman will fall for him like others women.
But what's in this woman mind is really clear for herself. She knows what this player wants and she was seeking a little fun at the moment so she just play along with his scenario.
And also it reminds me about a poem that I read before when I was in middle school "Two Pools of Lies".
Melpomene Sep 2018
Fit in for the show.
White like snow,
Dark like shadow.
Entertainment of the shallow.

Holding the rose,
The one who host.
Dance with flow,
Dandelion with the wind blow.

Those who follow,
Let's get down below.
View from the window,
A homeless scarecrow.

Time the running horse,
As we busy in high and low.

Flesh is hollow.
The one you know,
Recognise them in a row?
Near the weeping willow.

The one with black coat,
Here he comes with a boat.
The boat he row,
With the river flow.

Here we go down below,
Who would welcome.
Those souls in sorrow?

Down to the coast,
How much does it cost?
When the passage seal
Time for the mask peel.
Melpomene Jan 2017
Breathing on the surface but smothering inside,
Pale face blue lips and wide open eyes.
Running desperately with no company and guide,
Too little time and too many disguise.

Like a lost site pervade with dreariness and spite.

Who would help you when they heard your yelp?
Hoped to be broach but no one to approach.
Who would love you when without the pure white dove?

Trapped in coach and let the soul slowly encroach.

How would you feel when no one to reach?
Stares at the window just to look for a shadow.
How would you feel when your heart starts to screech?
At last it became hollow slowly loaded with deep sorrow.

Like a letter unsent filled with unread content.

Holding on like a puppet being sway,
With those unsure senses and constraint.
Living faithlessly and ends up stray,
Nerves are brutally torn and mind gone insane.
Melpomene Dec 2016
When you lost something,
God is arranging a better one for you,
they said.

I need what I wanted,
nothing better but only what I want,
The man said.

When it is a though day,
it is a challenge from God,
they said.

I have no tomorrow,
I want my day  happen just a tiny bit smooth,
the man said.

Shall I take in the stock or stand in the dock?

Do not lose faith in God,
be strong and keep believing,
they said.

I could not hold no more,
I am weak and disbelief,
the man said.

Punishment will befall,
on this sinned traitor,
they said.

There were angels who fell,
I am clear and awake,
the man said.

I shall not longer in pain or being restraint.
Melpomene Dec 2016
I am not rare,
Once you turn around I am no longer there.
I will not be always be here,
Don't be sorry if you are unaware.

I have just once to care,
Once you deny I will go for repair.
I know it is so unfair,
forgive me that I make you compare.

I am so ordinary,
Unlike the enchanting fairy.
I don't worth a penny,
When I turn into ashes in the cemetery.

I have to be hurry,
Unlike the worker that looks weary.
I have heard about the life theory,
Wish it  just happened at the boundary .
Melpomene Dec 2016
Find a way out as I trapped in this tomb,
Find a way out as it break through the womb.
There, the girl with a rose and her eyes close.

Find a way out in this unknown song,
Find a way out from what had been long.
There, the keeper answered cold and everything sold.

Find a way out as the tears fall,
Find a way out as the crack on the wall.
Here, I am suffuse with full of confuse.

— The End —