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Sep 2018
He is desperate to settle down.
It's crystal a trick to lure me drown.

He thought
I was speaking with my heart all along,
But I was just singing along the song.

A little truth and lies,
A little tries and prise.
Building up a vivid paradise.

He seems patient,
Patient to get obsession.
Observation to his intention.

Kissing with passion,
Groping with no hesitation.
All nature mating season.

Scene like Adam and Eve,
Having fun in Eden with full incentive.
Both are full of deceptive.

Sharing juice of the forbidden fruit.
He drink without dispute,
Dying to see my attribute.

In his baffling blue eyes.
Reflection of a perfect goddess.
From the pools of lies,
Everything look fresh and nice.

I'm Lilith in disguise,
But he is too drunk to realise.
Drunk from his own pride and prejudice.
And there is where the pleasure dies.
It's about a male player that met a woman which is a player too...But he is too arrogant and over confident that this woman will fall for him like others women.
But what's in this woman mind is really clear for herself. She knows what this player wants and she was seeking a little fun at the moment so she just play along with his scenario.
And also it reminds me about a poem that I read before when I was in middle school "Two Pools of Lies".
Written by
Melpomene  nowhere
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