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Fed up
Of corona kit
Please open the lid
I want to fly
In open air
So high
Spadille Jun 22
I was not fed love on a silver spoon
Never have I ever tasted it
Thus, many questions runs in my mind
All due to curiosity of deprivation

Did love tasted sweet? was it addictive?
Was it never bitter to the taste?
I am clueless of it, for I was neglected
I grew not knowing how love tasted when spoon fed

But all this is a thing of the past now
A yesterday's misery
A mind once hungry of information
It is nothing but an unfortunate memory

Now I have learned to lick it off a knife
The taste of sweet love along with my blood
The pain is mixed with pure ecstasy
I savor it and close my eyes, I dream of heaven

It has became my new drug
I care not for myself as long I could taste love
This is the only self-destruction I have wished for
I accept it wholly, I give my heart to it
I come back stronger than a 90s trend
Man Mar 11
say what you want of me
i'm true to myself
and how i feel
tell me i need to be better
cause you're right
that i should do more
i should
that i could be more
i could
"what do you want though?"
enough cheddar to see myself fed
i'm no dairy farmer
but cream has filled my head
and now i'm sinking
cause the light man
is now heavier than lead
Man Feb 1
no more guesses
not another assumption
you tell me what's on your mind
let me know what you need to function
but i just can't grasp at straws any longer
you let me know
when you're feeling stronger
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I want the same medicine force-fed to us to be jammed down your perfectly healthy throat for once
See how you like the taste
JV Beaupre Nov 2020
Collared for white collar,
To society I'm paying my dues
The Trump appointee Club Fed blues.

The beds are pretty clean and soft,
At Club Fed, they hardly cost

Shootin' shuffleboard, takin' a snooze
Just forgettin' the Club Fed blues

The **** beach aint just ahead
Club Fed just aint the Club Med

At 3-pm, it's tea and cake
Every night supper-- it's Trump steak
The cash register rings, it's all his take.

They're adding on to the Club Fed thing,
A spanking new Congressional wing

Having latte with a Trumper con
He whines,"I'm no Don,
I was just a pawn."

On the ladies side, want to meet
Lori, the College Admission cheat

No black ink pen tattoos
Just plain old Club Fed blues

Bill Barr and Rudy sit at table
Remembering when they were on cable
Just spinning another Ukrainian fable

Missing my 5-pm yardarm *****
A stiff price to pay, the Club Fed blues

When I leave it's to the Caribbean
To a fat numbered account
And I'll finally lose the Club Fed blues.
Tony Tweedy Jul 2020
Like a hungry shark has loneliness again come to feed upon my heart and mind.
Ravenous and savage it feeds upon a soul that warmth and love has left behind.
Once again a mind and heart that love avoids is to the darkness lead.
Bloodied, mauled and torn to shreds, remnant carcass left floating dead.
Never sated and without remorse it tears, as it feeds there in the empty dark.
Savagely, ever feeding, ever gnawing, ripping into my souls last hopeful spark.
Hungry, starving, ravenous and in frenzy and seemingly never fully fed.
No worth, no value, adrift, no purpose to any futures' plan but still I am not dead.
Razor teeth intent upon taking every ounce of my last mortal dream and hope.
Until mind is convinced that it's only peace is best found in a loop of sturdy rope.
This is the game that shark and loneliness play so often within my heart and mind.
The shark, the loneliness, love or a length of rope who wins I am still yet to find.
I hate these days when they come... never knowing the duration or if it is the last time.
Siren Feb 2020
I am
fed up

of this

I have
in my head

Fed up
with this
imaginary world

tearing me

Fed up
with the
Make stage for the head cage.
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
You filled
The lonely void
But, took something
More precious when you

Thought we got
Something special
The lies you fed,

An entertainer
A pass time
My worth

Million pieces scattered
Around me
No matter,

Continents apart
A thorn
From my past,

Poking me
For naivety
I crass,

Trust a
Foreign land
I fear to venture,

Burnt thousand times
Scars lathered
Still burning from
Alt you poured,

Your laughter ‘still’
Rang in ears
Calling me unworthy
I swear,

You whiled
Away with pride
Crushing mine,

I carry the ashes
To this day
Remembering the words
‘You were to easy to sway’
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