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Louis Brown Aug 2015
Copyright Louis Brown

There is a past age
That no one can alter
And tomorrow will be
What tomorrow will be

But here in the middle
Is one precious moment
A quicksilver instant
That challenges me
Louis Brown Aug 2015
Courage is when fear
Has said its prayers
When you need some
Just call on Him upstairs
On your knees
You gain His grace
Oh there's nothing
You can't face
Courage is when fear
Has said its prayers
Louis Brown Jul 2015
I was scared he'd be going
And leave me behind
But he's cancelled Tucson
'Bought a diamond that shines
Now I know he meant it
When he said soft and low
Honey, this is the first time
I've ever been throwed
Louis Brown Jul 2015
There was a frog down in the swamp
Who'd leap a half a mile
I chased that sunday entrée
With all my skill and guile

But when I speared that monster bull
I had a weird hunch
Those bulging eyes were warning me
I sure would hate my lunch

It ain't always a gourmet cook
Who serves the very best
I fried those twitching muscles there
And ate each bite with zest

But a funny feeling took-a-holt
That made me want to jump
Soon I felt me start to crave
A cool place for my ****

I found myself a boggy bank
And did a healthy croak
I bent my legs and leaped a block
And thought my *%$#@X!!# back was broke

I learned my lesson messing with
That cussed hoodoo frog
I sit safe on my pillow now
And don't go near the bog

But I'm still haunted by the hex
That ****** old frog applied
And I'm still getting Blue Cross
For a tender underside
Louis Brown Jun 2015
The winds of change are rising
A dream is falling through
The winds of fate are blowing strong
You're wanting someone new

The winds of change are painful truths
I know I've lost my place
Don't have to read your mind to know
It's written on your face

          SO I'LL JUST HAVE TO PRAY...

It's funny how you wanted me
Before I loved you so
Now that I can't hold it back
I feel that cold wind blow

Louis Brown Jun 2015
I've got a line of ex's
Saskatchewan to Texas
And I left a good impression
Every time
Cause when you keep
An open channel
Life ain't too hard
To handle
And you keep
A little loving
On the line
Louis Brown Jun 2015
I remember tomorrow

The one we believed in

Now this house is a big lonely shell

For you're nowhere in sight

It's four walls at midnight...

And yesterday's ringing the bell
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