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Kriti Gupta Mar 2021
shadowed by the sun
with skin uglier than hers
who says?
she says!
when her voice doesn't sing for me

outside of skin
colour means everything
the bolder and brighter
commanding to be seen

but why is it no matter how much we scream
you can't see me for the artwork i happen to be
Kriti Gupta Feb 2021
I feel my love
In silence and in waves

From the teardrops that whisper
To the cyclone that prays
I love myself today
Kriti Gupta Feb 2021
to carve lines in your skin
hurting less than my whims
my instinct unmatched
for the words I never sing

if you convince me of a story
i’ll fall deep into your core
actions scream louder
than the world I beg for
Kriti Gupta Jan 2021
You were a never mind
Practically never mine
Caught between a line of lies
Filled with hate you never left behind

Somedays were a tsunami
You pulled me under to drown me
Lost in a sea of your demons
That you gave me to hold
Kriti Gupta Jan 2021
Write with me
So you can come fly with me
It’s the ultimate key
To this worlds sorcery
Kriti Gupta Dec 2020
It’s the magic of the season
The twinkle in her eyes
She goes to sleep wishing
For every strength and might
Kriti Gupta Dec 2020
A lack of care, consideration and desire runs deep within our skin
A clash of cultures leaves me wondering which bin do I fall in
You try to work the friendships that look similar so they win
But it’s often the ones from a foreign land who treat you like a king
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