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Kriti Gupta Jan 28
My keyboard remembers your name better than I remember the pain
I lie awake at night fearing no one will ever know my veins
There’s still a part of me that’s disappointed you never changed
And I keep telling myself, in another life..?
Maybe that time, I’ll come out with the right skin type
But this was it, there is no another universe
No matter how much I try to kid myself
This is all we had, all I could give you
And it wasn’t enough
I didn’t want to beg, but I did
I know you felt it, I came to my knees,
Longing, aching
Please, please, love my ***** skin.
i only think about you in the hours where I never had you
Kriti Gupta Aug 2023
You know what ***** me up
The algorithm
It knows I’m heartbroken
And it shows me other pain stricken words
But every time I read them
I end up thinking of the love that I know I’ve lost forever
The one where he sits in heaven disappointed in me for not loving myself as much as I can
And in those moments
The hurt you caused is a pinprick
Grief, situationship
Kriti Gupta Aug 2023
I raced for you like shelter
Until I realised you were the storm
And I could’ve been anything in the world
But all I wanted to be was yours
2 and a half weeks of progress gone in one afternoon
Kriti Gupta Aug 2023
You knew I was fragile
But you dropped me anyway
And even still it never took much of me to love you,
But it took all of me to leave you

guess who's back again
Kriti Gupta Mar 2021
shadowed by the sun
with skin uglier than hers
who says?
she says!
when her voice doesn't sing for me

outside of skin
colour means everything
the bolder and brighter
commanding to be seen

but why is it no matter how much we scream
you can't see me for the artwork i happen to be
Kriti Gupta Feb 2021
I feel my love
In silence and in waves

From the teardrops that whisper
To the cyclone that prays
I love myself today
Kriti Gupta Feb 2021
to carve lines in your skin
hurting less than my whims
my instinct unmatched
for the words I never sing

if you convince me of a story
i’ll fall deep into your core
actions scream louder
than the world I beg for
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