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Kriti Gupta Sep 9
is this time the charm?
tell me are we finally on a perfect path?
do we meet in the middle?
does your heart swell a little?
am I fitting your curtains once more?
On this again
Kriti Gupta Sep 2
jumped back on a ride
worn breaks, broken ties
with a wheel left spinning
heart hanging out the side
They say having *** I’d like riding a bicycle, having *** with you is even better
Kriti Gupta Aug 22
do I owe the world for keeping me alive
staring at the ceiling, staring up at night
twisting away at my insides
towers of disappointment, my battle cry
Kriti Gupta Aug 15
“I don’t know what we are”
We’re gray baby

Kriti Gupta Aug 13
man if only i knew
what part of me
meant a part to you
Kriti Gupta Aug 11
I always thought our paths would re-intertwine

But yours got cut short and mine is left wandering at night

Maybe it's the romanticisation of what I can no longer hope to have

The boy on the rooftop, gone too fast
i was so lucky to have you
Kriti Gupta Jun 30
Is this the rest of my life?
Hands ticking, passing the time
Brush those teeth, part your hair right
One large sip, frozen in mind

Is this the rest of my life?
Hands ticking, passing the time
You say maybe, I say fine
Trap my sorrow, hold me tight
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