"attendants pamper uselessly"
vircapio gale 

on moonstone slab Manmata flames again
from out of ashes rises, gloating unfinality of Shiva's dance
reincarnate offering of endless Self
in Lakshmi's avatar
a fateful prince's heart to lance

and lanced his heart her visage did,
                                                     though with vaster pinions fully pierced was she, in depths
                                                          ­                                                                 ­                 without rivalry~

his lust was sharp to invite solitude,
but easy to conceal,
he imagined cupping her against him,
scoured memory of upward glimpse,
inch  by  inch
with added imagery, invention moulding her
beneath his grasp
from forehead curls along
glowing skin and eyes
to curving, palatially appareled breasts . . .
her open lips . . .  her hips
--but after, merely to dismiss
and even sleep a bit
and quip inside at irony
to be at mercy
of a girl in flowers
when he with arrows demons lay to rest
(though she would, within the selfsame hours lose her wits ;)

in cityscape descried the triad:
gold dome gifts for sky
in shining generosity
Mithila's people overflow with joy
exuding free abundance carelessly--
jewelry loosed on playful street
from overkeen embrace, is left to lie;
loss in ever-present wealth nigh obsolete

musth of elephant, froth of steed,
floral garlands tangle, line and mix
for clouds of honey-bees to lick their feast.
a bustling of virile acrobatic populace--
symphonic mux of chaos tressed,
metropolis of idylls coalesced;
drums, races, grinning faces flinging courtship,
smirking merchants under wigs
bathers splash exotic fish to flit and weave
while ballads sift for higher pitch of love

from elevated terrace ladies prance
and watching from an inner spire
the princess spies her prince--
emerald shoulders, lotus-petal eyes
Vaikunta hidden from their mortal sight
but straining recognition there,
a union ageless as the stars
inspired suddenly another first:
Rama's transfixed stare she feels and meets,
strangers locked entwining glances
--fated simultaneous-- electric heat   like
from a planet sparking for the taste of outer space --
the lightning burns its mark ensouled
in blooms beyond her ripe, anthophilous form,
verdant visions planted in the rays of light
between two instant loves
to slip inside the eyelid entrance
and evermore impregnate with a glory ill,
as separation wills,
to colonize throughout with other Being there
phantasmal yearnings of entrancing elegance
--from dawn of time instilled, akashic script
of binding hurt with joy in love's embrace
condemn desire to a writhing term
when not imbibing such togetherness
a worldless crypt preferred

and so as swift as gymnast flip to fall
the heart is gushing toxic lack,
epic ventricles the viscose tug
in fluid inspiration wrote of Sita's
sudden addict gnashing inner plight
while slips the sight interred within the crowd,
as if a sorcerer the cosmic sea to play her destiny:
the waves inside enraged to overwhelm
the sudden coral crust beneath the swell
an unmarked seaside's lavish drown unto the land
and reeling send this fragile virgin
into wilting, her floral haze to drooping fell...
        in revelatory crash of passion's oceanic weight...
attendants pamper uselessly
--from swoon to mood irate
to wait until the next appearance of her mortal god
the only one to sate the shameless need
entwining up within a clenching wrack of milky fits
from bed to sweaty bed they take the burning maiden~
the outer sea inflow in calming dusk meant nothing to the agony of new romance
                       sequestered in hymenic fire, dawning brilliant
                                                       ­                                omni chakral pierce in rays,
                                                                ­                                                              tot­ality relentlessness
and therein descry a wholeness
  yet unregained
a hopeless birdsong careless as the wind
in caring strokes of pollen redolence
for forest ears an endless vibrate mate
of elemental ease the simmer float
upon the dukkha broil paths embroidery of karmic
cookery the godly recipe invoked,
gibed her without cease,
erotic flare eternal guna coals to stoke
and spite her with their peace,
for her attainment only next to he
the moon communes the message blinding clear
amid the ghee her girls would light in care
to soften her despair -- but only aggravate her state --
and so by dim refracted moondrops set,
in only gemlight, Sita basks in pain
her gaze entrained by night obsessively
while overhead the crescent hook beams
freely in to fertilize her all-too-chastely girdle there,
petals wilting under body pressed to slab of stone
as mounting groan on groan intones her writhing questioning
of whomever he could be to cast her moaning so
a deity in maidenhead unwitting of such otherlife
left by endless, anthrocosmos' whim to ache, and alone
in wonder scream abandonment from aether poise
confusion reigning noisome nescient choice


Manmata: the god of love, who Shiva is said to have burned to ashes with the purity of his contemplation
Lakshmi: Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. She is the consort of the god Vishnu. She takes her mortal form as Sita in the Ramayana, destined for Rama (who is Vishnu's avatar).
Guna: an element, 'thread', 'string' or principle of nature; the three gunas are (sattva), (rajas), and (tamas)
Dukkha: suffering
Anthro-: as in 'human'

"The impact of the Ramayana on a poet, however, goes beyond mere personal edification; it inspires him to compose the epic again in his own language, with the stamp of his own personality on it.  The Ramayana has thus been the largest source of inspiration for the poets of India throughout the centuries . . . Thus we have centuries-old Ramayana in Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Tamil, Kannada, Kashmiri, Telugu, Malayalam, to mention a few."   -R.K. Narayan (whose prose version of Kamban's 11th c.e.Tamil --originally written on palm leaves-- i'm reading at the moment, and whose advice i've found myself compelled to follow. in no way am i an authority, but an amateur--literally--'in love')


"Better to be a fresh pamper"
Kenneth Irving MacPherson 

Better to be a live dog
than a dead lion.

Better to be a rollin' log
than a lumberjack cryin'.

Better to be a drunkin' fool
than a junkie's spoon.

Better to be a happy camper
than a hurtin' unit.

Better to be a fresh pamper
than full of shit.

"They pamper me like a child"
Sharina Saad 

They called me cute and sweet
I am confused sometimes
Am I human or a cat?
They cuddle me night and day
They pamper me like a child
My food is called SWEETHEART
My bed is with mom and dad
I am Harry, my mom's Prince,
My dad's best friend
My siblings companion.

I am super naughty,
I am the devil of the house
I make mom's heart boil
I turn her kitchen upside down
mom looks mad but she only smiles
sweet surprise..
They love the precious me still
like no other...

Mom and dad, brother and sisters
Let me tell you something today
and sorry for being brutally honest
Today as I sat by the window
I saw someone I like
It walks, it meows, it looks like me,
four legged, furry, slightly smaller, cuter
but it sounds like me...
but lovelier, yes sweeter
Please tell me, what is the life
outside this very window?
Am I allowed to say hi to my first friend
that meows?

Harry starts to flirt... everybody hates it.
"I can shout, pout, pamper and beg with He"
Mitchell Duran 

Everybody says they've loved once or twice before
Some say they always wanted more & more
Wishing of riches that could fill every sea
Or dreaming of mountains that they secretly wished to be

I never knew love until it went away
Every woman sadly whisperin' she wouldn't stay
Her breathe heavy, her back tanned
In the morning she'd hold close to her face a fan

Dew glistened on flowers that never wilted
Our love together reached a peak that never lifted
Clouds above poured heavy rain & silt
While I dreamt of land where I'd fit

I ain't sorry for the things I did or said
At times I thought I was gonna' lose my head
But I behaved for too long as I lost myself
Now I know it's another book on an ending shelf

These times are heavier then they used to be
If only the young guy I knew once could see
Of the right horror show that I see now
Oh how I know he'd drink lighter, struggling to make no sound

Fleeting smiles that once painted friends of mine
Grow into silent frowns that haunt my mind
Oceans that once purred like pussy cats
Now stir and crash like a barbarians bat

But I know now that time has it's clutches on me
I can stir, shake, whimper and plead with thee
I can shout, pout, pamper and beg with He
But I know forever He'll have a hold on me

Take out the last smoke of the night
Drink down any pint in sight
Friends will close down their shops sooner then one thinks
A smile, a nod, and a fleeting far away wink

Take no sadness from these unbalanced words
In the end
They'll be just another step
Through another familiar door

I kick my snow filled boots off,
As I think of the endless woods outside,
Now I think of the next adventure,
Oh where a restless soul could venture!

"The politicians continue to pamper me"

I am a thousand hooded Cobra
The king of all poisonous snakes
I can dance beautifully
And I live in India
from times immemorial
I am totally different from
Other cobras in the world
Though my bite is venomous
People continue to worship me
Because I have got
The religious sanctity
I adorn Lord Shiva’s neck
And I am the couch for Lord Vishnu
Many people try to squeeze
My poison out of my teeth
And some rationalists tried to kill me
But they can not kill my race
I will grow at enormous pace
I will continue to kill the people
But they will continue to worship me
The politicians continue to pamper me

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