who benefits from keeping
our lakes and oceans polluted
who is to be blamed for this intrusive nightmare
i am clean and ready to swim in your water
yet many are drowning in the fish bowls they live in
where are our minds and hearts these days
why do we run away instead of sit and pray
who is responsible for these atrocities
why must we pay for others to take care of us
please shut the fence and take a hike
and do not return without a bicycle
i wish to ride off into the sunset
literally on a water buffalo or a dragon
these lions are friendly and sun light is handy
for most of our energy needs
i pride myself on being ready for anything
so shut the front door and leave through the back
and we better get ready cause they are bound to attack
you say you're not paranoid, that you're intelligent
though sometimes i'm unclear of the difference
we remove our folded souls from the clothesline
and dream about the crossroads that takes us back home
jokes are pointless here and tools are worthless too
for only fools hang from ropes in such high altitude
i suspect we blend in like flies
against these carpets
and if we really needed to
could we escape the rat race
and trace our steps back to better days
for we are finally returning
from all these labyrinths and mazes
stronger than we entered
with feathers and bone settled in stone
our world is fornicating
on the lustful wings of birdsong
and the yurts we called our home
have all been torn like thorns from a rose

i suppose you may know this already
but a long time ago i swore to ignore our fate
still the stars in your eyes look dry today
and why haven't you watered them already
so let's forget the weather and dance in the rain
as if our painful stories were a virtuous thing
like a tree in need of a companion
our fantasies remain shelf stable
until they are blended in our beverages
have we outgrown this atavistic economy
that has become swollen like cottonwood
that was stolen from the heat of summer

while you fed me lox and bagels
i said please send me all your angels
and trying to build an empire out of ego
is the most pointless of endeavors
yet most beings persist on doing this
until they inevitably expire
why do we care to reveal our thoughts
when we could listen to truth like it was on fire
and if you wish to dangle yourself
from the edge of that wire
than who am i to try and persuade you not to
The stars in your eyes looked dry today,
and I wonder if you've watered them lately?
gunshots in the night
fires so bright i see stars in your eyes
poetry is our only property
properly used its a legacy
no development
can stand on these legs
so fend for yourself
against the hedges of witches
all our stitches are reversible these days
so stay awake and count dragons
magicians and scoundrels are casting spells
against the edges of your horizon
space is love
frozen in the dawn
timeless waves of wonder
form within the aura of the Sun
we run into rainbows and bend light
every star is a garden of fire
suspended in the ethers
we sing our songs
and salute the morning
love is undeniable like a forest
it grows and blossoming
it is the same yet different
everyday i must read and write
for the hours of my life
are spent in your presence
i am the essence of the one
gone is the hunger and the hatred
prosperity flows like a waterfall
shadows disappear
the minute daylight is here
fear is washed away
and i am swept up
in the wake of your embrace
come and say hello to Aunt Mango
inspect her pockets before she leaves
and you’ll find plenty of silverware
i stared her down yesterday
and almost won but in the end she broke me
i am terrified of her **** nostrils
truly frightening when she gets to flaring those things
like two gaping caverns with the potential
of containing at least a hundred camels
i’m quite sure a dragon might actually escape
at any moment and spray flames in my face
we never did an ounce
of hard work in our life
too distracted by television
we remain infinitely mutable
all our decisions so flexible
come quick and watch us change the channels
so many other signals we could respond too
for you are from another galaxy
and all my inhibitions retired early
i perform various feats of bravery
like stealing butter from your cupboardss
while all of my most intrepid acts
require the utmost of confidence
there are still too many swords here
and not enough ice to shave into statues
what a pity the way we forgave
each other our preferences
fortunately these days we are beyond
the thickest parts of the fray
in this dining room there are several pieces
of your brilliance waiting to be eaten
until with fingers licked clean
you inspect the totality of my being
and i suspect we are now ready to recline
on the omnivorous spines of our ancestors
and blindly worship, the old Mercurius
for the great Trickster still rules our souls
from within the ancient halls of entertainment
that we now pretend to call "a television"
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