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the oily art of turning
water into wine and/or vinegar
your beard splattered
with fried watermelon
and savory slices
of your finest cheese
we suspect our impossibilities
are always more prominent to others
than they are to oneself
a dream is a dress rehearsal
for life's becoming
a theater of living irony
where illiterate actors
are born to justify
quixotic sentiments
and unruly syntaxes
this jargon may be absurd
but the ground of watery being
knows no other
mercy save her own
arctic temperament
dreams of indefinite reminders
pleasure in layers of fat
remove blanketed arguments
that highlight your intellect
darken your eyes with silence
to streak at dusk and dawn
in moonlight warm
and concupiscent
these idioms
into song
this instant
a meter  
is too far
to run from
i make a vow
to return
your kindness
and dismantle
your obsession
is it safe
to wonder
to roam
to try another
whenever we need
more bloodshed
and space
i collapse
the intangible
to give you
my place
for your depth
and density
is my sole
light is lighter than lightning's longing
born from ions of storms we never see
i feel the sound of your ancient fury
getting ready to envelop me
a perspective i neglected
too many years ago
now returns on the echoes
of the wind
embankments of separation
apparent to some
and hidden to others
lose yourself
in mental uncertainty
its unreliable how we know
which way the sun is heading
from southern waters that carry
all our heaviness home
don't expect magic
only accept the tragic
misfortune is all we ever read
love is a composite image
made from categories
compiled in our dreams
my desire is my fear
at the isthmus of greed
a pinnacle of disappointment
i fall upon my knees
the apex is high
but the fall is eternal
when we never really
learn how to speak
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