we are sacred and scared just the same as ever
the passion and the rage never seems to dissipate
what shades and shadows shape our souls
the hourglass flowers towards never-ending spirals
humans are blessed with their own fragile memory
like spades and sparrows they dig holes and make nests in the sand
though we have escaped the trails and trellises of our transmutations
on trade-winds we still must sail to reach our destinations
respect the edges of your awareness
dreams are being born anew
i am from the future
and very fond of these recurrences
in order to know that we are human
it must be quite necessary
to often feel so damn confused

i am a formless silence
god is the unchained mind
firmly let yourself discover
the interludes that fill you
with the deepest sense of wonder
we shine like diamond lines of selenite
as concubines combine beauty and insight
limits are lost upon
the dawn’s dancing fingers
they swim in an entanglement of secrets
i swam in a sea of glandular secretions
the music was already playing
you were like a kite in the wind
and you let the ocean take you
I said, please keep a clear head
you said, that could take a lifetime
while i recited the verses of my soul
you said that you were really sorry
and that we both already knew
that belief could be a fire
that sometimes burns its own
we drag our feet
yet reach the same destination
i am a radio station
singing lets repatriate
this frozen ice-age
from the alabaster nascency
fingers equate to this
we reprimand the lanterns
to find the shining jewel
that hides within our flesh
yet feelings deflect
our sorrow and antipathy
so remain awake
despite the waves
that must take your place
when we all partake
in this mind-field
love is a condition worth suffering for
and light is the vision we earned
darling you are the most stunning
of the dreamers
for those who seek solace
in crowded tunnels
require compasses
be fastened to their belts
wonder is wisdom
and virtue is persistent
and both can certainly give meaning
to the bruises that you've overcome
there is only one thing ever happening
the mind is essentially just wandering
even though these protopian discoveries
lead us toward disheartening realities
they show us our resistances
to living in impermanence
I just want to stay in bed all day
with satellites circling in my head
can we tell the green ones from the red
or have we all just gone astray
would you even try to tell me
if there was something I could say
to alleviate your suffering
nothing, oh well perhaps
that's the most attractive thing
for if we disagree and can still be purposeful
then its possible that we are already free
The life of a sentence cannot be erased.
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