Swarms of wasps infest your houses.
Cannabis is smoked on the horizon.
Plants watered and driveways paved.
Your life is about how much money you've saved.
What a sad and lonely way to die.
If a pair of pliers and a phone call,
Could have saved your life.
Then the price of anything,
Is probably just a little bit too high.
Long legs are in this season.
So bring your own cameras.
Prom-queens dream of deflowering each other,
To the sounds of ******* pounding.
Hundreds of tears falling simultaneously.
Who paints these images.
Situations are limited,
Don't you think?
These rifts between the continents.
Indeed, fit together quite nicely.
Are you romantic or just pedantic?
Lands of love are lost like missing contact lenses.
So remove your power cords from faulty sockets.
Rockets to the moon keep time to your tune.
I wonder if truces are too much to ask for?
Did you sour this moment?
By being too loud or intrusive,
While the angels are all moaning,
Phony people throw pebbles into rivers.
Are we awake or are we dreaming?
Keep streams clean,
And instead throw your rocks at people!
I sweep your hair out of your face.
You wear lace and diamonds.
Signs of your mind.
Lines on the sky,
Combine to form shapes in the clouds.
A loud and tiring yawn.
A strong message for the dawn.
You called to me?
Oh what an elegant tragedy we aspire to be.
So satisfy me with your mystery.
We speak different languages. A dialogue of impulse and similes.
Similar to the way you moved with purpose and attitude.
I was bound to attract your attention.
I recall the falling feathers of our fathers.
Like sand washed out to sea.
Bleak eternities spent in separate parts of reality.
Reality’s basements are being washed clean.
Flooded with water and covered with the dampness of feathers.
Feet rustling on the pavement. We beg for entertainment.
Company is coming over. To discuss plumbing and retirement.
Jumper cables upon your refrigerators.
I look into your eyes to deduce the algorithms for remembering.
Your blemishes are no longer rubbing me.
Your lungs were made for pumping oxygen and steam.
Yet we keep it airtight and dry. While aliens were coming for my eyes.
Your irises were dreaming of me. Meaning is always fleeting.
So I borrowed your compassion.
And danced on the Sun. You turned into a living goddess.
But you became just a memory to me. For freedom is never free.
It’s always drifting between sarcasm and sandwiches.
And it can never EVER be found on Reality TV.
Multiple timelines recite your name
Drunk on meaning and unable to walk
Give yourself space
For once you’ve tasted grace
Nothing else can ever sate you
Gardens of sound blossom when found
Underground rivers slip into our dreams
Burning oil in lanterns made from rusted metal
Tiny fingers record your victories
Wasted lifetimes spent fighting over conquered ground
Fake staircases lead everywhere.
On the road to recovery we burn our bridges frequently.
Blessed license we share.
So please take care of yourself.
Bend the rules and find the fragments you’ve discarded.
In invisible waters you sold your soul.
Bought like gold from fingers deep below the surface.
Love remains unrequited.
Fly into the dawn.
Long stories are outworn.
Pornographic elements.
Seldom do we return to our innocence.
But when we do it's a virtue not a vice.
A vision not a fight or flight reaction.
Limits dissolve like colors.
Lost in retribution.
You sought revenge and instead found salvation.
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