Renae Dec 7

Just so you know
I do not want to save you
In fact I can not.

You and I,
We can only save ourselves.

Renae Nov 20

What is it to be alive?
Pondering life
Is it to be wild
without a care?
Taking off in a split second
No worries no responsibility
Is it to be wrapped up in
Spending time doing
The things you enjoy,
Being somebody
Loving somebody...
Does that make you feel alive?
Is it knowing?
Wisdom, knowledge, philosophy
What does it mean?
No matter where I'm going
All the places I've been
Even when I thought I
Was loved
All my years one thing I've
Never felt is

Renae Oct 27

The only love I've ever known
I have never seen
The only ear that's ever listened
I've yet to hear him speak
But I know he speaks
Through pages I read
In moments
I relive in memories
The only love I've never known
I talk to more than anyone
I talk about him too
The only love I'll ever want
I have yet to meet
But somehow I know I will
One day

That day is worth living for
To me it means everything

Renae Oct 26

He was set in his ways
knew just who
& what he wanted

He wanted her, but
she wasn't quite sure
So she stuck around
for the fun
A few months in she
Started to fall

Well that's the way
Love begins after all..

The chase

After a while he
let her grow on him
even though inside
He swore he would be
The bachelor debonair
Everyone knew him to be

Til the day he die
Come what may
He'd never be tied down
Or made to stay

She wanted love
she needed it
She saw he also wanted
More than this

So they fell in love
Shut the rest out

Turn the page
8 years down the line
two more added
to the family tree
the first 2 years
were wonderful
Her dream come true
The next 8
We're all downhill

The hardest times came
Their love
so frail
She couldn't fight
She couldn't keep it together
She wasn't strong enough
I guess it wasn't forever

Through the years
She died a thousand deaths
There was nothing left
Her heart turned to stone
Joy left her eyes
She quickly learned
She was always all alone

He had already moved on
before they ever were apart
Without a second thought
He had found new life
He had broke her heart

Renae Oct 23

Do not dig please
Leave it
burried deep
Layers upon layers
scars so thick
Creating a wall
Guarranteed to hide
Comfortably numb
it's alright
Love is here
Where loyalty is mine
even though outside
It may seem I'm

Renae Oct 9

Sometimes I think running away
Sounds like a dream come true

Minds thickly clouded with memories feel unworthy
Asking silly things
Falling on unlistening ears
just ready
To spill it back
out through other holes
in other spaces
in unwanted ways

No it's better mute
It's safe that way
Nobody hurt
Nobody blamed

Nobody hears the screaming...

But if they did anyway I would only want to run again

As if anyone could change
The elephant in the room
makes it my elephant
And I guess
That's comfort enough

So I'll keep it to myself

Renae Oct 9

surrounded by
The ones
Who know you
Who believe in
For me
All the opposite
Is true

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