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Renae 2d
Revenge, sounds like fun, sounds like healing doesn't it?
Revenge, sounds like justice, but is it?
Hate is a wall we build within.
That wall reaches the heavens, and revenge can turn everything dark.
The knife that we pulled from our back with revenge, has now stabbed us straight through the heart.
Renae Sep 11
I love the pitter patter it makes
on the spanish tiles
of my roof top.
It splish splashes
on my window panes.
The Earth is thirsty
after the summer
the sun was unforgiving
for so long
I watch the fields soak up
What they've been needing
It felt like ages
we went without.
Now the rain falls
and the Earth is quenched
It sprouts again
The fresh smell feels the air
And I sip my coffee
under my cozy covered porch
as I listen in peace and I smile.
Renae Aug 27
I might die tomorrow.

I am 5, & I don't know my family. I was born like this.
They say my life is in gods hands,
but I don't know what God is? God if you are there, will you please send me an angel?

I heard angels are beautiful.

A lady came today, she said I was so pretty. She told me she would take  me somewhere special where they would take care of me, is she your angel?

3 days later I was on the ocean, shoved into a train car on a boat. All of us, children,
we need baths, we need food. She lied, we are not safe.

Oh no! Where am I?
This place doesn't look clean,
this is scary, now I am in a cage like an animal!
We all are, all the children around me, they are crying... they are not safe,
we are so sad,
they are hurting.
Where am I?

It is so dark in here, it is so cold. Please bring help,

I might die tomorrow.

Please send me an angel.
please send me an angel.
Renae Aug 27
I remember the moment
I heard your heartbeat
My heart leapt in excitement!
My anticipation and joy,
I was wrapped up in
decorating your nursery.
Smiles never left my eyes
The sleepless nights... well
they went by like blinking.
No matter my sickness,
I didn't mind.
When they told me I
would have to stay in bed,
I did it, I tried to let you grow
without interrupting you.
I never wanted anything
so much.
If I knew, would I have done it?
Would I do it again?
That day, as I sobbed
into your daddy's chest,
your lifeless body on the table,
they could not revive you.
You were so blue.
I prayed but the minutes
went by like hours.
Please know,
I will always miss you,
I will always want you.
Renae Aug 22
She was an open book
He was illiterate
He kept trying to
slam her shut
She didn't know
how to deal with it
She tried to give
him a summary
he wasn't listening
She tried to make
It about him
he called her boring
Finally she turned
the page
and began to write
a new ending
Renae Jun 30
I love me. I am golden inside, I am not full of pride. I am love. My skin was gifted to me by the creator, it has exactly what I need for the sun that I'm under. I love my abilities; the fact that I have two hands  and two feet, 10 fingers and 10 toes. I know that I am loved, I can run and jump,  climb, smile, laugh, taste, hear and see. I am love and I am loved and that is all I need to be
Blessed to be human, who cares what color I am.
Renae Feb 9
I need to tell the truth
Let me be candid
I'm in a world
full of bandits
Diluted infractions
I need action
Drowning in
"look at me pollution"
love's an illusion
on a lonely screen
I find
unsolicited advice
How nice
Is this my new therapy?
I've lost my mind
Without meaning
how can I believe it?

Where's the truth
What's the truth
Where's the love
What's the proof?
You said I matter
That's a lie
Watch me shatter inside
Over and over I die
as life goes by
like a racecar
I'm tired, scarred,
never understanding why
What'd you say?
Say what you mean
Do what you say
There's no in-between
If all I have is you
How the hell am I
Supposed to make it through
I don't have it in me to
keep on giving

Make it worth living
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