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Renae 7d
Don't worry,
you are breathing still

You can still feel

The second hand slides
as the hours fly by


You can still taste
that last piece of cake
you stole from the wrong man

And you cannot give it back

It's too late

You found your fate

All you can do
is wait for the end
Renae Sep 7
Tonight wasn't the 1st time it's ever happened to me,
but it was  surprising.
I've always felt that I could change the past somehow, break cycles and break through ceilings
I guess I felt like by now people would feel the same as me
It seems that some people are too angry, maybe a bit too bitter & disagree
maybe scared or maybe just tired
whatever the case,
It's sad to stay as small as
only your own race
I thought that we had finally made it to where these things didn't take place.
I guess ugly stays, it just changed race
Now you put yourself in their shoes & repeat the same old school mistakes
I guess you take the upper hand like it makes you cool, like it makes you better, but it only makes you the same,
old fool
Renae Sep 5
I can remember the sky
just as vividly
as I could freeze in time
the way I felt inside
I tried to focus on the colors
like a raging fire
shades of deep orange
red, blue, purple & the brightest yellow
Paintbrush strokes
could only compliment
the genius of an original
For a moment
the firey sky was all I saw
until my racing mind
connects dots again,
a smile spreads
across my lips,
in a glimpse all I could do
was gaze at his glory
thankful to know the painter of the sky
Renae Sep 4
honestly your honesty
leaves a lot to be
you said to me
rather candidly
"3 or 4 others
don't matter
love is something
you give away"
so as long as they're
okay, with letting you play
i shouldn't mind
only thing i see
is your honesty
clearly is your only flaw
so charismatic
you take your place
as if you belong
with every pretty face
you see as you scan the room
well honestly
i don't see what you see
all  i can say is
thank you
for showing me...
Renae Aug 15
Love to me is not a whisper
It shouts from the rooftops
Love is not a secret
You place in your pocket
Love connects
yearns for & craves
Love is always thinking
Of ways
For laughter to overturn
The frown
For respect to take the cake!
For oneness to accept
Forgive & forget...
Conquers and saves
Renae Aug 4
All I know is
everybody wants to feel special
Everyone believes they are
And who am I to disagree?
I think maybe once or twice
I almost accepted
what I was feeling as divine
Only to open my eyes
To the trickery that kept
Steering me blind
One day I decided not to play
I ended the game
Now I stay lost in moments
Focused on little things
Trying to remember
Trying to forget
Renae Jul 9
I'm not in my feelings
I'm not crying anymore
I shut that door
For the last time.

Healing is upon me
Today all I see
Is victory

Conscious imagery
Has never been my thing
I spill out

The way flour spills
It's so hard to

The mess is me
I am best
Caught up in it

In my messy moments
Doing everything I can
to feel alive
important and free

To believe in me
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