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It  seems  crazy  sometimes,
just  trying  to  stay  positive
or ­ maybe  I  have  reached  my
limit of pretending to be normal.

Eating cereal with a fork since
the late 70's, a ragged collection
of wild ghosts that offend Heaven
with wanton paganism.

Looking for a peaceful place to
scream in terror at the realization
so many years are gone, going so
fast and I can't get them back.

I am old and gray and bald, and
walk with a cane. blinking my eyes
again and I am a great grandfather.

And I recall so many loves that
didn't last, that came and went
like a hummingbird feeding and
gone, some of them with insatiable
depths  that  needed  to  be  fed.

Some with hungers for the wailing
of tortured flesh,roaring whispers of
the men they'd swallowed.

But I know she is still out there
waiting for me to appear.                                         Jon York    2021
Jon York Jun 8
Making a big life change is pretty scary. . .
But you know what is even scarier?  regret.
In the end, we only regret the chances we
didn't take, relationships we were afraid to
have, and the decisions we waited too long
to make.

Everything in your life is a reflection of a
choice you have made. If you want a different
result, make a different choice.

Growth is painful, change is painful. But nothing
is  as  painful as  staying stuck  somewhere  
you don't belong.

Getting  your  ****  together requires  a  level  of
honesty you can't even imagine.

There is  nothing  easy about  realizing  you're
the one that's been holding you back the
whole time.

The fact that you aren't where you want to be
should be enough motivation,                                        Jon York   2021
Jon York Jun 3
             are our two souls
     found between light and dark,
          so tender is this certainty
                      of fate.

        When the Sun finally rose,
           delicate hearts didn't
                   burn to ash.

         Sharing deep confessions
             that grow these hearts
                         to one.

          May loving be our reason
                        for living.

        I ask that you warm my heart,
            soften my rigid walls and
                    bend my pride.

            From a blight of nothing
                    is everything
              to morph otherworldly
                            in all
                      that is desire.                                        Jon York   2021
Jon York May 24
You are                                                   We loved
delicious                                                 with a love that
and I am                                                  was more than love.

You are                                                    And you were
generous                                                 a risk
and I am                                                  a mystery and
needy.                                                      t­he most certain
                                                         ­         thing I'd
You are                                                     ever known.
and I am
learning.                                                   Because
                                                         ­          I could watch you
You are flammable                                  for a single
and I am                                                    minute and find
burning.                                                    ­a thousand things
                                                          ­         I love about you.
                                                                ­                          Jon York   2021
I put half of poem on HP in 2019 and it was well received but for some reason I removed it. I added some to it and put back on,
Jon York May 11
we'll meet again,

in another lifetime
of course

for in this lifetime
you couldn't be mine.

I'll follow your trails
life after life  

for my soul is bound to yours...

It isn't just love ( for love is
just an illusion in this
illusionary world ).

It is a connection that goes beyond
space and time...
a connection

We will meet again...yes my love                               Jon York   2021
again and again
we become one
because I'm your home,
your beginning and end.
Jon York May 11
A warm embrace,
a long wet kiss.

A warm moment
you didn't realize
how much you miss.

But its been so long
all you can do is reminisce.

The memory
a source of bliss.

But there is
also a feeling of abyss.

Why in the moment
did you dismiss?

Looking in you I find myself
and a realization of truth;
the truth - you are me and I am you,
an atom split into two.                                                  Jon York   2921
Jon York Apr 27
How awkward
the situation
in retrospect,
how imperfect
the setting.

An act,
an intimate
cut off.

refused to fade.

so many years
why does this
thing still
the choicest
of place of
my thoughts?                                                                   Jon York   2021
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