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  Sep 26 Jon York
distance means so little when someone means so much.
  Sep 26 Jon York
i've been through so much pain. please, be my peace.
  Sep 26 Jon York
Anna Patricia
There are pauses in between musical notes and stops between an artist's strokes and periods in between a writer's sentences. We have come to an end. We have come to a stop. But sometimes the only way to continue is to halt. The only way to begin is to end.

- apbq, pauses and stops
Jon York Sep 25
Some people
         aren't  loyal  to  you...
                  They are
          loyal  to  their  need
               of you... once
         their  needs  change,
                   so does
               their  loyalty.

                  A dream
       doesn't become reality
             through magic,
                   it takes
                hard work.

                   You can't
            change  a  person
               who doesn't
                    see an
             issue  in  their

                  Be loyal
           to  your  future,
               your past.

            It's  time  to  be
             happy again.  
                                                                                      Jon York   2019
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