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Jon York Jun 30
I want my eyes to
              set the fire to your soul.

                  I want my hands to
                 set  fire  to  your  skin.

                  I want my words to
              set fire to your mind and

                  I want those words to
               free your soul, to release
               your dreams and un cage
                    your imagination.

                   I want to see every
                part of you blushing and
                       burning for me.
                                                                                               Jon York  2020
Jon York Jun 13
The Sun and the Moon
are loves who rarely meet, always chase,
     and almost always miss one another,
                    but once in awhile,
        they do catch up  and  they  kiss  
               the world stares in awe
                      of their eclipse.

                      He was the day,
          she  was  the  night.  He  lived
    for misty mornings, she lived for crazy
        midnight's. He was the Sun, she
  was the Moon, yet both waited impatiently
        for  those  rare  days  they  might
                       exist peacefully.

                    She wants a man who
       understands her eyes. If she gets sad,
            she  points  to  her  chest  and
               says, "here is your home."
                        He understands.

                    But perhaps the very
          fact the Moon could never have
               the Sun was the reason
                      that  she  loved
                               him  so.                          
                                                                                  Jon York   2020
Jon York Apr 28
    our love existed
           "what if?"
            "if only"
"I'm afraid we'll be one
          of the ones
           who miss
            each other
        their entire life."
   sometimes you have
               to die
       a little bit inside
              you truly
        understand how
               to live.
      I  can  and  I  will
          find someone
            better who
        loves me  as much
           as I deserve
      treats me the way
           I deserve
        to  be  treated.
If it hurts too much to hold on, then it's time to let go. You may have hurt me but you didn't break me. You don't have that much
power over me.
                                                             ­                            Jon York   2020
Jon York Apr 1
I am your poet,
          you are my poetry.

         You  are   my
         daydream, I am
         your reason to dream.  

          I am your escape,
         you are my wings.

           I am your refuge,
          you are my storm.

          We are the remedy
           for each  other's
           brokenness, and
          we heal each others's

           Our   togetherness  
           sings  a   beautiful
           melody only known  
           to  us   as   we  bring
           happiness  to each
           other and a promise  
            of a new beginning.

           At our age, we  only
           need to be interested
           in consistency, stability,
           respect and loyalty
           and touching each
           other, holding on to
           each other until it's over.
                                                           ­                                Jon York   2020
Jon York Mar 27
She  could fool  everyone.
                           But not her own heart.

                     She lay back in the warm safety
                 of my arms while my hand between
               her  legs helped  her forget  the  world.  

                          Neck  *******,  ­lip  biting,
                   hands  running,  heavy  breathing,
                              ­      lap grinding.  

                    Couldn't even find my own breath.  

                           I  like  my  lovers  selfish -
                   do  you  know how **** it  is  when
                          someone  only  wants   you?  

                      Kissing  and  cuddling  make  her
               feel loved.  Intense,  naughty and rough ***
                                make her feel wanted.  

                   Her hips moved like waves on the ocean
        undulating wildly as I plunged deep into her waters.
                    She  was  sweet,  wet, and  refreshing.

               I gasped for air as I drowned on her high seas.

                   When two souls fall in love they make
            each other feel like home. Together, they become
                 the remedy for each other's brokenness
                    and heal each other's worlds.

                                                       ­                                      Jon York   2020
Jon York Mar 4
You are my  Sun,  my  Moon, and
all of my Stars.  You are my heart,
my life, my one and only thought.
Some  people search  their whole
life  to find  what  I found in  you.

I  am  not  perfect,  but  I love you. . .
I really do.

And I promise to be your best friend,
your partner in crime and your lover.

My memory runs over and over and over
our  yesterday together  knowing the only
way I can ever go back is the way I did,...

into the fading thoughts of  an  old mind.  
Sad to me are those thoughts, thoughts of leaving
not knowing if I will ever return alive,
leaving the  faces of love,  the  places  and  friends,
the traces of sadness in their eyes, wondering if
they will ever see me alive again,

leaving for a war children were fighting to win
and leaving a thousand uncorrected wrongs and
a thousand sunsets.
                                                        ­                              Jon York   2020
Jon York Feb 27
You thought I would never
      understand. But I think you are
   the  one  that  doesn't  understand.
          My hunger for you is far
       greater  than  you  ever  knew.

            And there was  back  when
      we  both  ached  for  each  other,
          craving each other's hands.
       lips, and a simple touch touch in
                         any form.

            You just wanted to feel me
      feeling you. You are the end of
  my road after a lifetime of missed exits
    and wrong turns,  you are my home
              and one journey ends and
        another finally begins after so many

            I wanted to tell you all my
      secrets. But you became one of them.
   It's  hard  to  pretend  to  be  friends with
        someone special. When every time
you look at that person all you see is everything
                       you want to have.
                                                           ­                           Jon York   2020
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