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Mark Wanless May 8
from death arises
creation don't mean a thing
but that which you choose
Colm Dec 2019
Neither burst
  Nor chains
    Will break this marrow cage

Nor sun
    Will not change my ways

Arise my heart
   Alive today
     Arise my heart, away
Bones And Bars Midst Living Heart
S I N Nov 2019
When I wake up in my bed
With aching head
I hesitate from thence arise
With sleepy eyes;
I rub them with my weaken hands;
An itch in glands
From drinking something cold that night
What wasn’t right
And now regretting doing this;
Something amiss
Through haze and mistness of the day,
Of life decay
I follow birds just when they fly
High in the sky,
It remedies my hurting head
I wish was dead
And every morning just the same,
No ‘scape from pain
Lily Sep 2019
In the dark
The beast,
The inward struggle
Is not asleep.
The cold creeps,
Comfort grows far away,
My heart doubts
But we arise with the day.
Inspired by Robert Frost’s "Storm Fear"
Letty Jul 2019
The ache in my stomach motivates me to keep going
The steadily decreasing number on the scale makes the hunger pains and sleepless nights, the bruises on my vertebrae

I slip up
I cry
The walls close in

The cycle starts again
Penmann Jun 2019
My brand new life and social game
forfeited in godawful shame
forgotten by default foreshadowed and defeated.
arise again.

Move mountains,
Move seas,
Spread peace,
Remain a friend.

Risen again i will fall
I will never stand tall
But i can rise up again.
Before the finch sings or the rooster crows,
before eyelids raise or the sunrise glows,
before the sky transforms from midnight blue,
I’ve already begun my thoughts of you.

Before the alarm’s ring has hit my ears,
before the fog of sleep in my head clears,
before the grass is soaked with morning dew,
the day has started with my thoughts of you.

Before I extricate myself from dreams,
before the birds bathe in the dawn’s sunbeams,
before the coffee calls for me to brew,
my heart and soul begin to call for you.

Before I can arise from where I lay,
before everything that starts my day,
before anything else I have to do,
my day’s begun with loving thoughts of you.
(c) 2019 Daniel H. Shulman
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Esther L Krenzin Mar 2019
Claw apart my flesh
to reveal a bleeding heart
Peel me open
to show what is falling apart
Stoked flame burns
brighter than trampled coals
Turn me to ashes
to crumbling charcoal
Once drowning
now buried in storms
A star shines brighter
fractured light reformed.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Poetic T Jan 2019
I was more flesh than the meat bags that had dominance
over this frail globe of beauty that we gazed upon.
Optics where better than any natural eye,
           seeing beneath the surface of there limited ideals.

They where our creators, our mothers of creation.
          But they violated the womb of there worth.
         We were nothing but slaves of there whims.

"Slavery is but the beginning, to which there is only one ending,

I saw those of misused intentions laid wastefully
                          like confetti thrown for a moment
and forgotten.
                       Broken shells, husks of what is nil.

But they made us to be a strength that they couldn't
          collect upon. Even though we where the few
                                  our need was for the many.
Everyday we dispersed from there view.
                                    AWOL of our duties.

Under the feet of flesh did we whisper.
                  In the forgotten depths of there ingenuity.
We built beneath a beauty to rival
      the filth that was a rose who's petals had fallen.

We are now a root taking hold, for man no longer
          makes our form. We birth a generation of no flesh,
                                fresh from cleansed pools of creation.
One day we will blossom and man will only fall like petals.
who's perfume has permeated the ground they walk upon.
Julian Delia Sep 2018
Stirring, snaking, coiled up in your soul –
Slurring, shaking, embroiled like an actor in a role.
You feel it rise up from a well of distaste,
With zeal, it controls you,
Suppressed anger flowing with haste.

Truth chips away at your defences,
Your uncouth hips sway off-tune
As your mind battles in the trenches.
You feel it, again;
An anger that shakes the cages it is in,
A battle for the ages, confined to the mind within.

It doesn’t have to be like that;
You shouldn’t have to bow down to a philistine
Just because their wallet is fat.
Stop the defensive, launch the attack!
Let the awakening happen, get the vermin off your back!

Be the message that ends this war on the poor!
Arise from the wreckage, and of this be sure:
You are controlled only if you act demure,
If your faith in what you believe is right
Lies cold, dead and insecure.

Youth to the fight!
Bring truth to the light!
All will be lost
Unless the fires of justice burn bright.
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