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Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2021
The soul will wake you

the mind implore you,

the heart will guide you,

as Sunset reminds you

that the road will take you

but only home will embrace you...


Essence will stir you

thoughts will dare you

nature will prompt you

to the journey that inspires you

but only love will ****** you...


 Birth will awaken you

Family will shelter you

as friends motivate you

growth will tempt you

to ventures that will have you

yet ultimately death will take you...
My codes transcripted possession;
Thirsting for the smell of gold,
Craving the touch of marbles.
I watched time fading like a cloud,
Together with my chance to smile,
My chance to spread a thanksgiving.
A grateful heart, richer than the mud.
A pure wisdom, in having multi-loves.
A glory in my belly, a peaceful shade.
Then I loved myself more than ever.
Contentment, prolific complacency.
Joyful streams which broke through,
And a soothing piece of love to share.
silvervi Jul 2020
I don't have to be sorry
Not at all
My conscience will fall
And let me alone
I will not regret
Not one thing
Not one
I will feel
Instead of fearing
I will see
Instead of hiding
I will go there
Meet it
Face to face
I will not let myself die in disgrace
I will fight for what I want
I will go there, fall, get up again.
I'll be strong
And stronger
Than I have ever been
I will be golden
Rock solid,
Deep with every emotion within.
I will fight, I will fall, and get up.
I will know how to call myself up.
To be able to look it in the eye
No matter how scary,
No matter how much I denied everything before.
Now and forever more
I will be who I truly really am
I will be myself, honestly
I will be and be and be and I will BE
Fierce and fiery and unapologetically ME.
Thank you, this time I really know who I am
Ignatius Hosiana May 2020
It was the sticks of hope that healed a broken heart
faith blessed the man who lost the race with a fresh start
the little bird hopped until she healed her broken wings
despair pushed caterpillars into cocoons and turned them into beautiful things
the tunnel was long and dark, but there was no light so it wasn't the end
for the lemon of reality was lemonade waiting to blend...
there was an incomparable calm after, all that ached was waiting out the storm
it was an enchanting smile at the end of the grotesque melancholic cry
an inspirational story on the next page, a hello in the heart of goodbye...
for the ceaseless wander found the nomad a home...
Sania Sep 2019
She wanted to be herself, but she failed
She wanted to live up to other's expectations, but she failed
She wanted to break the chains, but she failed.
Failures, repeated failures made her cold.
She lost her courage, her character, her self respect, and her self-confidence.
Suffering, failure, loneliness, sorrow, discouragement were parts of her journey.
  So she decided!
Far better is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure.
A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to golorious success.
Everything is running fast
you cannot match the speed

you think you have lost
circumstances make u believe

you are losing hope at last
cannot take a proper breath

your curiosity become last
negativity pull you behind

life is at the endpoint
no new hope has seen

Someone comes as a light
glow up your thought

pull you from the night
show you the new roads

lead you to the bright
you find yourself then

meet with your object
everything is cheerful

someone saw your pavement
put you on that path

someone is no one but thou
which enlighten after dark

Darkness always ends in light.
as it is temporary, not permanent.
How one get out of darkness, but his inner power only.
SingingTree Jan 2019
You can't do this.
You shouldn't do that.
I am weak.
I don't deserve this.
I am good for nothing.

Everyone of us have gone through the phase of self-doubt and self-loathing once in a life.

Don't listen to these useless voices in your head, instead focus on that small voice coming from deep within your heart, and let it overshadow the other voices.
I can do it.
I can do it.
I can do it.
Carl Webb II Jan 2019
Do I even want to participate in life anymore? I contemplate, not killing myself, but disappearing. I swear I could summon something to come into my life and just take over my soul. Ok, not really. . .I just have no clue what to write about anymore. And, man, I gotta tell ya, as a writer (and I know that’s a lot of commas), this is like the lowest of low. To write is my only job. It’s supposed to be my passion. And, to see that I’m too drugged out and not educated enough to have a steady flow of intelligent ideas to share with the world to make it better for the next generations, it just hurts my soul. But not really, cause I’m high. I can’t really tell or feel that I’m in pain until I’m off the drugs and out of money. My two highs. Drugs and money. What happened to the guy who wanted to achieve a happy and content life without those things as a necessity. . .? Where’d he go? The real Hippie Steve. You wanna claim to be this peaceful and cool guy who thinks logically and morally yet intelligently. Yet, you still fall into the same habits as those around you that you complain about on a daily basis. You are no better than the next guy. And, though you already know this, you do not act like it. It’s ridiculous just how neglectful you’ve been to your own health. Mental and physical. For what? For the high to keep going? What kind of a high is it? Tell yourself, tell me, what is it that you are working towards? What is it that you’re close to achieving? What is it that you are on track to finish? Besides a slow and ingratiating death, what else have you promised for yourself in this life? NOT A **** THING! And that needs to change! Stop talking about it. Take some writing courses online and do some writing exercises. Think outside the box. Create the app. Create a portfolio for freelance writing. Create your own ****!!! So you can work on your own and hire people and invest and all that fancy ****. Just go do it.
seeking comfort in depressed times;
yes, this is how I speak to myself, on occasion.
felt necessary.
feels like it helped.
Dream Aug 2018
















Shukorina Sep 2017
The word potential is one of self sabotage.
It is dedicated to those unable to put their dreams to work.
Potential is a word given to the indicated who are poised to have talent but no drive, ambition but no discipline.
Potential is given to the abundant group of people who are able to breathe but never live life.
A word made to create your grave before you've died.
I haven't figured out how to stay away from the trap.
However, a promise to myself is that I will do more then breathe.
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