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My eyes are drawn to the road to my door
The path long, snow filled,
I keep looking for you,
Walking down the road coming home to me
Yet you do not even know where I live now
Yet I expect you non the less, come find me
I await you, you and nothing else
I have never known anyone like you
The regret I feel for us ending is real
That is just the beginning of how I feel
I miss our creations, our union
The sounds you made in bed, almost not human
That makes me smile like your butterfly
And you know why
I am thinking I might not be done with you
The dizziness still hits me when
I remember our times together- and not just us two
You were one of US, our family- it included you
We all miss you, we often speak of you
And now you re appear and our happy times are again within view
I sigh, I wonder could we make it together- try again
I miss you~
for my cow
I am
                             A dancer
                             A writer
                             An artist
                             A musician
A creator
                             But if you
                             To see
What I create
                             A dance
                             A story
                             A painting
                             A song
I would
                             Turn Red
                             and Deflect
Your attention
                             I am
                            My creations
Will let you
                            Judge me
                            Criticize me
                            Hate me
                            Mock me
They are
                            A piece of me
                            A thought
                            An emotion
                            A fleeting moment
And they are
So if I show you
                            I trust you
Please don’t betray my trust
Repost if this is you.
That heavy yet relieving sigh
Where did that come from?
I sit and I wonder why!!!
I was talking to a nice guy..
Was that it? Was that a guy sigh??
Oh My!
The ONE worth my words, emotions and soul
Where is the one for me to behold?
Someone for me to be bold with
To share my true self with?
Where is HE?
The man with fresh conversations, new daily plans
The man who likes to make things with his hands
A man who likes to hear my poetry, feels my words
maybe even bring him to his knees
Where is THIS man for me?
Waves ran wild across vibrations of metal
Like a guitar playing under an ocean wave
Carrying the purpose and dream of one man
A piece of metal of a surgery gone wrong
Saved, an outer symbol, the only one
I dreamed about it last night
This man, his piece of metal
As I am a water creature, a fish very true
I picked up the symbol and attached it to a compass
This compass does not move, mixed in place forever
A symbol of his attitude
His direction will not waiver, this is his truth
I handed it back to him as a gift of gratitude
An example he is of strength and determination
And for that I have admiration~
when I broke my ribs I could no longer
chop my wood, shoot my gun or beat my drum
  Healing takes time and I need a way to thump
    I need twang, thumps and ca-chings
I thought how can I be musical and do my thing
  I can't beat on much of anything!
     Movement makes my ribs scream!
Enter my new friend TAMBOURINE!
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