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When the life
treading a tumultuous trek
in a
colours the canvas
highlights the shadows
enlightens the path
re-kindles the flame
wraps with the warmth
contents the life...
Those three words,
That you were so desperate to hear
And I was too afraid to speak,
Are now the difference
Between pleasure and pain
Between lightning and rain
Between effortless and strain
Between pride and shame.
The value of those three words is hard to comprehend unless you are very sure but, once you are there, it is very pure.

Have you ever spoken a lot of words but don't know if it is true?

Sentiment always triumphs the number of words spoken, unless those words are 'I love you'.

Neither I justify,
nor glorify their wrongdoings,
Judge me not
when I accept people
the way they are....

My heart
Neither sad
nor mad about anyone...

Yes! It's changed
No one matters
not interested in others' matters

I don't claim
It's under control
But, it doesn't trust them anymore

Not exactly
It's shrunk to few people
But not ready for new hassle

When they meet
I greet with a smile
But "no strings attached" is new style

The status is available
But steered clear
from those who aren't available

Have hopes and
Do have desires
But now I do not aspire

Only when it rains
The old wounds pain
But the life is peaceful again

The food
Sometimes greed
Coping mechanism indeed
The books
The quest
When you rest
Social media
To interact
People connect
Gratification mechanism...In fact
Few words of comfort
Few words of validation
Few words of acceptance
Few words of humor
A nonjudgmental listener
An unconditional love
An all weather friend for all the above
What one needs to avert the suicidal thoughts.....
Shaken by suicide of a celebrity..
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