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Flame of the forest
Burns bright, envies not the green
Vibrant crimson blooms
In the times of mess
Time for a inward journey of quiet and mental rest
Clear the cache and cookies
Power recycle, that’s the best
Please see, all good, just writing away :))
Possibly more to come, please skip, if bored :))
Today it’s been three years, since I first penned my thoughts
To this day, it remains special
Thoughts and words
Happy and sad
Reasons and none
Expressing them all
Happy to have found a place to share them too
Thank you all!!
Joined HP in Dec’ 16
Brightest flowers of early spring
The scent of a daffodil
Smell pure and sweet
These lovely flowers always bring
Sunshine that never will
Earthy, moist, steamy, and rare,
like tropical flowers perfuming the air.
I can smell across the street,
That delicate scent carried on the breeze,
Coming from a daffodil, seeking release.

Be dimmed by veil of cloud
Pop out of the ground in spring
Primroses so sweet and colorful
is a flower warm weather brings

Green stems that stab with loveliness,
Rich petal-cups to hold
the wine of spring to lips
Those cling like bees about their gold!

Each leaf, each bloom, each blade of grass
fill our world with color
but the Daffodils with their yellow coats
bring us springtime like no other
Oh let them live as nature meant,
I smell that scent so sublime.
The smell of a daffodil all over my face,
The sweet scent of a daffodil, will have me crazed.
There is nothing better than the scent of daffodil
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