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A therapy in lows
A canopy when sun glows

A resonant vibe
The perfect tribe

The cream to the cake
A dream to keep one awake

A cage locked from inside
The best page to scribe

Too dreamy to realise
Too flowy to crystalize

Some people are treasure
A measure of pleasure

The assurance of reassurance
Life long insurance...
Sometimes good sometimes bad
Often make one sad

Sometimes fresh sometimes faint
A picture they paint

We hide or flaunt
But the past is bound to haunt

Make new or retake few
But the mood goes blue

We quit but revisit
Somewhere in heart they sit

All memories
are ongoing stories
Lay in silence
Rebuked and renounced

Feeble its voice
But fair

Its hands, paints
Patterns of life

Silence and hope
Have a pattern
They paint

Colour on the walls
Drew grace

Hope resurfaced
Jayantee Khare Oct 2023
Somewhere between
Tears and smiles
Simplicity and styles

Somewhere between
Earth and sky
Bold and shy

Somewhere between
Vogue and ethnicity
Chaos and tranquility

Somehow we are
Little weak but strong
We get along
Jayantee Khare Oct 2023
The mathematics of life is strange
Constantly calculations change

Variables are constant
Constraints are non-zero

The karmas are integrated
The life is limited from zero to zero

Nothing is constant
Yet we derive zero

Jayantee Khare Oct 2023
Worn out and broken
Used and beaten
Reasonable old
Couple of times sold
Polished to shine
Cracks intermine
No fear of imperfection
Seen rejection
Place, things and person
Loving them is a perfection
Jayantee Khare Sep 2023
A trip down the memory lane
Some fond memories and some pain

Hidden under the layers of time
Got scratched and come up again

Some regrets are involved
Some issues remain unresolved

Some incidents change the life forever
Some mistakes write the wrong future

A tearing tale not to be told
Sometimes tears are difficult to hold

A sleepless night
An internal fight

The acceptance comes late
To leave things to the fate

May be past karmic balance
To payback we get chance

People we come across are mediums
To let us pay the debt in premiums
#karma #regret #hurt #damage
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