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Jolan Lade May 2018
She arrived like rain on fire
She possessed my every desire
She poured fuel into my cup
Inserted a sparkplug and started me up
Rocket engine fired up, boost activated and racing towards the top
Exiting the atmosphere
Never has my vision been so clear
Stars and planets cheering in excitement
Her voice is my drive in a space so silent
Thundering past gas giants and supernova’s
Competing against science in alliance with the gods, odds in our Favour
Hearts greater than nature
My saviour
Far off star struck
sankavi Apr 2018
and everything else started fading
when i lost trust
Abigail Ann Jul 2017
I still remember that night when we first met
You were celebrating your friend's birthday
and within a blink of an eye, our group clicked right away
That night, that moment, feels just like yesterday

I still remember that night when we first kissed
That night which I truly miss
You even asked for one more kiss
then your hands perfectly traced my cheeks

The best things in life really do happen unexpectedly,
Our story may not began beautifully
but everything happened so smoothly
A story in a short period of time, made both of us happy

I will never forget every single night that we're together,
That night where it all started,
that night where you confessed,
and lastly, the night where our story ended.
Janae Jul 2017
I will not fade away
I'm going to make it worthwhile
I'll live so long I might even meet
your great great great grandchild

If you want to destroy me
so be it
If you want to hurt me
this negative energy bounces off
of me to you so fast you
won't believe it

Since you want to be tough
come on
let's get it over with
a battle I know I'll win

I'm going to put up a fight
that you'd wish you never started
this isn't for the fainthearted
aniket nikhade Mar 2016
In search of search is a search, which once when started was with regards to what else is still there in an uncertain future.

A lot of things changed since then, many new things happened along the way.
The past is left far behind, as of now it’s the present moment in time.

In the present the same search,
if it reaches to a desired conclusion,
then it will enhance the scope of future.

There are moments in life when it’s easy to start with something,
care must be taken that you end up with the same thing, which you had initially started.

There are moments in life when it’s easy to give up,
but then the same thing,
if continued further would have definitely fetched good results is realized and learnt later.

Life is strange
Strange are the ways of life
Life is uncertain
Uncertainties and worries continue to remain as an essential and integral part of life and still it's life.
Life continues with all the complexities involved and included in it.

Make the most of the present moment in time,
opportunities and possibilities are different from each other,
both have the ability to find, define and enhance the scope of future with regards to the present moment in time.

Intentions play a major role in deciding the right line of action,
clean, clear and good intentions yield the desired results rather than having something going on at the back of mind.

Definitely the right thing when it's done at the right point in time gives the desired results.
We Were Over When we Started

©21 June 2015 Roger Turner & whitney Rix Victory II

You know, I should have seen it from the start,

Because we were over when we started,

Oh baby, That was plain for all to see,

And the only one who didn't see it,

From what I now know, was the lovestruck me.

I don't know why I could never see it.

Guess it was the fear of my breaking heart.

You know we were over when we started.

And baby, the signs were there to show me,

To say that we would never ever last.

Oh baby, why was I too blind to see,

While, you only talked about your past,

I always talked about our future,

Joke's on me, we'll never have that future.

You know we were over when we started,

And now I am more than broken hearted.

Oh baby, that forest I couldn't see.

The trees were just too thick I couldn't see.

Hidden in the woods, thorns my heart to *****,

What I'd one day find would make me sick,

The breakup I was never ready for,

I wasn't ready to fall anymore.

You know we were over when we started,

And now I am more than broken hearted.

Everyone around me told me to leave,

I should be aware for I would soon grieve,

The love that I held locked in my heart,

In yours, it just wasn't there from the start.

Any compromise was missing you see,

There was no chance love was our destiny.

You know we were over when we started,

And now I am more than broken hearted.

It was always your way or not at all,

As your harsh, heated words I now recall,

So now, I've learned to look around me,

And learned not to fall so hard and fast

I've learned to take my time and maybe,

The next time I'll find something that will last.

You know we were over when we started,

And now I am more than broken hearted.

I guess that we were no good together,

And through my tears, I seem to know that now,

You taught me what to look for I gather,

So, you could stand up, take a final bow.

And nevermind I'm drowning in my tears,

Only memories remain from our years.

You know we were over when we started,

And now I am more than broken hearted.

You know we were over when we started,

And now I am more than broken hearted.

I'm a better person now forever,

Even though you broke, tore apart my heart,

I'll admit we were no good together

Blind me, I should have seen it from the start.

You know we were over when we started,

And now I am more than broken hearted.
Zach Hanlon Mar 2015
I started with a mirror,                                      
with questions of who and why.
But he just stared back at me,
reflecting what I already knew.

I met with a prophet,                                
who gave me a what:
The illusion of God,
and He was the only way.

I searched for a philosopher,
but was met with several.
Each had conflicting whys,
but none a who.

I moved on to science,
and it gave me a how:
It told of creation,
but never the why.

I read some books;
each had their own why,
And each character their own who,
but it was just fiction.

I looked at old photos,
and found an old me.
But I could not see who it was,
or what it all meant.

I turned to self help,
which told how to find who;
But this notion was sold to me,
and I lost more than I gained.

So I went back to my mirror,
and I broke it.
A poem I had to write for my Humanities class, relating to Existentialism.
Jonny Peterson Dec 2014
It started with opening my eyes and looking straight ahead.
eventually I turned said head to the left.
(this happens to be the direction my ***** know lives)
then I look to the right and my sense of direction begins.

I learn about forward and backward and the perception of depth.
I percieve things far away that i long for, gain understanding of inevitable death
With both eyes now open my world starts to scale out of hand,
I learn the earth is round.
I am not the only man roaming these lands there are many others like me
treading slowly, roaming with half eaten buffalo screaming "A gods utter profound."

i see the sun rise in the east.
I see the sun dive daily to its death in the west.
I hear the wind coming from the south and take a deap breath.
I scream, "bring it on *******!" head north and rest.

With one eye open I flick my finger to the death of perception.
goodbye and goodnight my dear sense of direction.
Jeremy Bean Aug 2014
Silly poets. .  
do you really think the ™ and ® symbol will save you?
the true artist
who wrote the great plays and poems
painted and played the immortal masterpieces
profited the second
it was available for all to . .


Protecting your work
for financial gain
with silly symbolism
of the status quo
only hinders the true wealth
it can present.
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