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Red Brush Jun 2018
Mourners of truth, now hashtag your pain.
Retweet and like, righteous fury appease.
Protests are trending, do not apathy feign.
Fight and resist, till the next Marvel release.
lara May 2018
it all feels like disease and i want to strip my bones raw; manic
(sugar rush deity)

what am i to you… what are you to me, aside from endearing silhouettes; pixie
(mumbling shy songs)

in an ocean of violents in bloom we speak artificial prayer; dream
(cloaked in starry-eyed acapella—thats what they think, no?)

i surrender to your clarity and intensity and charm and beauty that my hands are too numb and dull to touch; girl

and then comes wrath: a dewy vileness teetering on the brink of your 9th life
now hell has harnessed my chest, for it is with deep regret and shaky sobs that every opening and crack in my body emits rotten remains of our silent war…

but there are still heartfelts i never mustered up the courage to let go of:

thank you for tip-toeing around broken strings to reach out once more, twice more
thank you for enduring my futile voyages through resentment
thank you for soaking all my insanity in like sunlight and excreting back out a gentle rainfall
Inqhawq May 2018
There's whole clouds of it, it rains in trickles and monsoons. Rivulets of potential across a hand on VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, streaming now! Roiling in your drying eyes, pouring through the dragnet. The whispering stacks bathe in the flood; their subjects' tributaries building an ever deeper ocean.
Keith W Fletcher Apr 2018
When I first met you
it was
through an.... open door
But I'm not so sure
that I'm
welcome here more
So i ....
Im gonna say goodbye

Don't get me wrong
Its not to say
We didn't  have some fun
It just seems to be
that those ....days... are done

And so ... can not  say
That  we  both ...
....didn't know
Once  the minutes ....
....and the days
had began to move slow
And i could tell too
Knew....That it wasnt how
It    was    before

So for all the lonely time
I will now have
I can  say without regret
That I've been paid in full
As i hope you can say
That you
As well ...have good memories
You can retain
When its all  over and done
memories will echo
Those sad refrains as silence reigns
Because I've been there
I know just how it feels
I know .....just how bad it feels

And its never easy ...never
Never ever easy

When i first met you
it was .. like
stepping through
an open door
So now ..I'm leaving
but by a different way
So not to spoil
The way it began
back then .....when
You first let me in

But i cannot or will not pretend
That I don't know
It never ever really ends

So even though
We both know
That of late it has all ..
mostly been just for show
Just for show

I leave out by the back door now
So gently do I pull it closed behind me
Dont want a scene or any slamming doors
It had its time and had run its course
There's no denying that as  i depart
I carry pain in my heart
and heavy weight of remorse
Upon my back

I know someday it will ease
into a back corner of my mind
But i also know that days will
Will not be coming soon when ill find
It weighs less and less each passing day
But i will also be aware that while
I will have begun to seek a happier tune
For my empty core after i find my  smile

Now that I've walked a thousand yards
I turn back to wave goodbye to what once was
The shades are drawn and its all dark inside
So though i am not sneaking away and we
In silent conversation we said all we needed to say
Yesterday we agreed but today i realize my leaving
Has hurt your pride  ... has really hurt your pride
I know I know i know I know I know we both drowned
Through the night and all the tears we each cried
So i do i do know just how it feels as i have been  here
Been here so many times before and its never ever been easy
And it never will ..never will ...i know from so many times before

But when we first met was like i was...
....walking through an open door .
.a door like no other ...i had ever
walked through before and thats why i left my keys
on the kitchen table
Along with my last smile least........
My last one ..... for a long..... long while !
Oh my, your eyes are so tantalizing. "Nice to meet you. You're so breathtaking. I mean, I'm Steph"

One secret at a time. One insecurity at a time. One dark thought at a time. Can you read my mind???

I mean, it's all good. I'm so happy for you! She seems lovely.

Just us okay? What your girlfriend will meet us there? Alright, I cant wait...

How about lunch? You're free? Great, I cant wait! I mean to eat...
Oh this is wonderful. Gosh, I want to kiss you. I really really want to.

I cant wait to see you again and see that smile spread across your handsome face.

Friends, it isn't enough for me. I've fallen for you and there is no denying it.

Whispering softly every time we cross paths. Do i dare admit this to you?

"Hey, nice to chat with you after so long, how are you? Oh btw I love you".

I'll be your good morning and your good night. Let's plan out our lives together.
Our story in hastags
Jasmine Aug 2017
I am the shadow of trayvon martin
Lying on the ground just as he did
I'm black just as he was
I wasn't planning to die that day either
I wasn't threatning nobody either
that day
The gunshots echoed
just as loud
when I was shot down as Mike Brown
yet his name echoes through the streets years later still
mine followed me to the grave
They don't care about me it seems
If I cried "what about me"
Who would ever see?
because my hashtag has even been drowned so deep in the depths of R.I.P's that I can't barely breathe anymore
When we think black brutality
Why do the names of trayvon
Rush to our heads just as fast as blood once rushed to theirs?
Does my black life, too, matter?
I can't blame you
That there have been so many deaths due to oppression and police brutality that they all seem to sound the same
No matter how loud we scream Black lives matter
We will never be seen as the living
But the potentially dead
We cry for justice to a system that's no longer built to accept us
A president that tries to forget us
A black voice will always be too loud to a world who never intended on listening
Who am I?
Besides a hashtag and a t-shirt with my face on it?
A black lives matter sign and a melanin fist?
A statistic?
I am black excellence
Regardless of how much sin you may see in my kin
A piece from the perspective of Black oppression victims unheard
Chelsea Primera May 2017
I now tell you a #storyofmylife,

Starting in the autumn of #2007 with quite a strife,

To be precise say #barcamp for my very first one,

since then people have used #hashtag for

#fahsion, #selfie, #art and #fun.

Anyhow I am nothing like a number sign,

Nor do I stand alone like a straight #line.

You may dislike the way people #followme,

Or you might to #follow along with a sense of #glee.

But don't I just #love #my #friends,

You let me know the #world, #news, and a sense of #motivation.

With you I have lived through many a

#bestoftheday, #night and #cool #lifestyle passion.

Since my #birthday you hand me many #powerofdreams,

#IceBucketChallenge,#BlackLivesMatter, #BringBackOurGirls, #LoveWins,

As I live on in the #songs and #voices of vibrant #life hour,

In this point we emerge into a stream of #peoplepower.

Along the #tenyears lifespan #we continue to see,

Singing along with #music, #beauty and #life of diversity,

#myself #work #happily #4youreyesonly

#smile #peace #love #withme
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
I stood cautiously upon the "great" hill,
The breeze, calming and 'o so very still;
And the sweet new blooms were proud.
Languid pull, curved, beneath a shroud,
Their sweet leaves of a sweetness stems,
Crowns which keep the droplet diadems
Caught from the budding tears o "Morn";
And clouds were fair, so wispy, so borne;
Fresh from the clear beck which so slept
Upon Azure plains of sky, and then crept
A faint buzzing among the green'r leaves;
Born of th' sigh that this quietude heaves.
For not the dimmest stirring in this  scene
Of all the umbrage that lie over the green
Was seen -such Joy such solace did bring.
Ara Dec 2016
A Way with words
A Way with wonder
A Way with thoughts
A Way with ponder

A Way with daydreams
and lucid reminiscence
A Way with bursting at the seams
with thought's threaded essence

A Way: The wrong way it is
for seriousness to attend
A Way: The wrongness from righteousness
of so many acceptences to bend
Who cares?
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