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Betty Apr 16
If the sky should fall

And leave the brittle bones of our living


Like teeth in the blackened angry mouth

Of a hag

What then?

Do we weep salt tears

For that which is lost and cannot be found

Raise a fist in anger to a savage God

Who will not hear our cries

As we wander through our ruined lives

Looking for salvation.

Do we bend our backs?

Put stone on stone on stone and build a wall

Make it strong

To foil the ravening wolves

Of fear and cruel self doubt

A solid moat to keep them out

And us within

While we begin

alexandra Mar 26
the music is starting
they said

the music is starting!
they said

and start it did.

the sound cascading like rivers
funny how it feels like it's surrounding me
when the speaker is very clearly to the left

when the song ends
the room is in an abrupt silence
and the walls are farther
and farther away
the walls
they grow taller
and the ceiling rises into the sky
for a minute i close my eyes
and feel an overwhelming empty

but here it is again

the music is starting
they said

the music is starting!
they said

and start it did.
Starting poetry again,
Was once a comfort and friend,
Now flames burn from ashes.
Paper transforms into an electric pulse,
From a hand extended outright and grasping for connection.

Together once more,
Was a friendship, loving, a journey through all that was life,
Not making narrative sense.
Now we rise as equal companions ready to slice letters with our thumbprints,
And tear at the nature of paper.
psyche Jan 7
45 minutes before my real
new decade starts,
45 minutes before
I turn the music off.

45 minutes before another
dried leaf falls
45 minutes before a new
one sprouts...

there from a branch
of a tree
where all mem'ries engraved
with listed names
of those who come and go
while time passes and flies.

45 minutes...
last 45 minutes of holding on.

45 minutes...

then I'll let go.
Turning the page to a new one.
Jack Radbourne Dec 2019
Distantly it laughs with iron wheels
That train Your train That train Your train
Tells me of your progress in sound
Echoing from our past and gone
Rattling beyond horizons
And how it laughs with iron wheels
That train Your train That train Your train
Is done with me, is laughing still
In other’s lives, in other’s years.
Grey Dec 2019
I wait for the inspiration to strike.
For the lightning bolt to hit me,
for that satisfying boom of thunder
to be the music in my enlightened mind.
But it doesn't come.

Day after day, I sit idly
and wait.
As other crackling lights fill the streets,
I am stationary as ever.
"It will arrive," I say, "When the time is right."
But it doesn't come.

Dawn turns to day, day turns to dusk.
Twilight seeps into the once bright sky
And I know
My time is coming to an end.

But still, inspiration evades my waiting mind.

And then, as the soft light of the stars flicker into view,
Something finally comes.
I stand up and look around, the profound realization lighting my fading sun.
There never was and will never be
a thunder god out there to help me.

Because I am Thor.
The inspirer,
the creator
of my own lightning strikes.

I smile, contented,
but still, I know
I will never create that shock of energy,
that blinding light
or world-changing view

For now,
it is too late.
EmVidar Sep 2019
I'm learning
I didn't deserve
your type
of love

-em vidar
Carrie Partain Aug 2019
Pursuing ardent fervor
Lured toward peaceful obscurity
Freedom's abandon
Enticingly treacherous
Elusive assurance
Toni Jun 2019
I know I should be sad at the thought of what we had being washed away,
But a clean slate doesn’t sound too bad
And I brought my umbrella anyway.

What do you say?
This year has been very transitional, and mindfulness has been a constant theme.
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