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CautiousRain Aug 2021
Ask me to fall in love?
Love is a sickness,
and should it leave such scars
as it had the last time I was afflicted,
I might shrivel up and die.

Dare it to leave wounds without sutures?
Skin without scratches?
Bodies without bruises?

Two afflictions of the mind are unbearable:
Both of two in love
And the sadness that sullies it.

Distance has become my new lover,
and I cower behind her,
I beg her not to let me get hurt like before,
Lest I fall sick again.

The thought of being in love with anything else feels
Like fingers digging much too far
Into my skin,
Drawing the deep oxygenated blood to the surface.
This was sitting in my drafts from Jun of 2020... I am just going to bite the bullet and post it.
hazem al jaber Mar 2021
I 'm starting now ...

new day ...
with a beautiful morning ...
to start ...
my lines ...
with love ...
only ...
with you ...
with my words ...
that you used ...
to get always ...
from me ...

as a candles ...
your eyes are ...
sends ...
a brightness lights ...
to this morning ...
to start with ...
a beautiful birds ...
with it's sweet songs ...

as a beautiful oasis ...
those eyes ...
got me drunk ...
there i dived ...
to the depth ...
to stay ..
forever ...
with no back ...

good morning ...

hazem al ...
stuck in an abyss,
staring down into nothingness
as if it will shine a light,
when you least expect it
lost myself in a manner
it was hard to recover,
with the missing pieces
still at large
but can't give it up,
not yet
I have a long way to go
before I eventually blow
looking for some sunshine
after this punishing snow,
clear as a crystal
while my husky's fur bristle
getting a cup of coffee to go,
its high time for me to grow
more than I ever know,
I feel it is harder
to pull yourself
out of the funk
when you have been down and out,
there is that element of doubt
hindering your next move,
to get out of the abyss
and find yourself in a place
surrounded by love and hope
sometimes even your heart can't cope
simply because it ain't used to it,
but this time I shall submit
to a higher belief
that everything is gonna be alright
give my future self a chance,
a chance at redemption
to take responsibility
for myself
and those around me,
a chance to start over
and rise again.
One from the archives.
The sound of starting over is all that I can hear

I needed to lose you in order to see clear

I know I was the one to leave and now I want to come back

Sometimes you need to lose it all to value what you have

The sound of starting over is like a brand new song

We wrote the lyrics perfectly but got the chords all wrong

The sound of starting over is the soundtrack of our love

I needed to lose you to know that you're my better half
starting over with you
hazem al jaber Nov 2020
Starting ...

so early ...
waking up now ...
waking just ...
because of you ...
to start my morning ...
with you ..
while my coffee ready ...
to muse my thoughts ...
about you ...
as the dream ...
that i got with you ...
before i woke up ...
and now again ...
i'm starting my day with you ...
starting with a flying ideas ...
that carrying me to you ...
to start writing ...
with ever sip ...
a sweet words ...
words not as any words ...
it's a words wrote ...
within heart's beats ...
which it because of you ...

it's not just a words ...
it's a drown words ...
from the long ...
which it always ...
into my chest ...
In the boxes ...
of my passion ...
i hid it for you ..
wets with my love's dew ...
like this dewy morning ...
with my crazy madly feelings ...
for you ...

yes sweetheart ...
i'm starting now ...
my morning with you ...
to give you ...
love more ...

hazem al ..
Somedays, I’ll be dancing in my living room to The Cure,
and suddenly, my chest will collapse in on itself, a demolition of all the memories of  the year I shared with you.  I was the city putting out the notice, this old building with a weak foundation needed to come down.
And I cry.
And suddenly , I fee stupid, I’m crying alone with a glass of wine while Just Like Heaven is playing. It wasn’t even our song.
It’s time to rebuild.
The city is under development,
Alexa, replay Just Like Heaven by The Cure.
writteninribon Jun 2020
I lost my hope in finding true love,
Till you came just like a miracle from above.
You’ve got everything I’ve been praying for,
I hope when I fall I won’t end up on the floor.

You’ve been hurt and abandoned,
But trying to take care of you better than enchanted.
I’ll keep you away from this cruel world,
Safe and warm at my arms you’ll be curled.

I know I'm not that good looking,
And you have a face that makes their heads turning.
But I can always make you happy,
We’ll forget every problem that’s just so ******.

I get so lost by looking at your eyes,
Kiss my lips and you’ll hear no lies.
I want to spend my future with you,
Wake up every morning with a coffee that’s freshly brew.

I’ll stay with you until the very end,
Because baby with you I’m more than contented.
Let’s catch the last train at night,
Run away with me at every green light.
this is for someone who came in my life when i was supposed to give up on love
Unpolished Ink Apr 2020
If the sky should fall

And leave the brittle bones of our living


Like teeth in the blackened angry mouth

Of a hag

What then?

Do we weep salt tears

For that which is lost and cannot be found

Raise a fist in anger to a savage God

Who will not hear our cries

As we wander through our ruined lives

Looking for salvation.

Do we bend our backs?

Put stone on stone on stone and build a wall

Make it strong

To foil the ravening wolves

Of fear and cruel self doubt

A solid moat to keep them out

And us within

While we begin

alexandra Mar 2020
the music is starting
they said

the music is starting!
they said

and start it did.

the sound cascading like rivers
funny how it feels like it's surrounding me
when the speaker is very clearly to the left

when the song ends
the room is in an abrupt silence
and the walls are farther
and farther away
the walls
they grow taller
and the ceiling rises into the sky
for a minute i close my eyes
and feel an overwhelming empty

but here it is again

the music is starting
they said

the music is starting!
they said

and start it did.
Shaylie Pryer Jan 2020
Starting poetry again,
Was once a comfort and friend,
Now flames burn from ashes.
Paper transforms into an electric pulse,
From a hand extended outright and grasping for connection.

Together once more,
Was a friendship, loving, a journey through all that was life,
Not making narrative sense.
Now we rise as equal companions ready to slice letters with our thumbprints,
And tear at the nature of paper.
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