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Jeremy Bean Feb 2023
I thought I could erase you
a point of no return
yet every time I've chased you
in my heart and mind it burns.

I wasn't what you wanted
confused to want was I
once the truth was confronted
I knew the end was nigh

I want to forget you
I do not want you back
but yet I don't regret you
you were always what I lacked
Jeremy Bean Dec 2022
I thought that it would hurt more
but all I feel is numb
Like an old returning pain
too many times succumbed
A heart already broken
A mind already lost
words that cant go unspoken
a line already crossed.
Jeremy Bean Jun 2022
This notion seems unclear
and I really here?
I can't abide
decline divide
Outsider to the fear
divine denied
voided inside
step aside for what grows near.
Jeremy Bean Sep 2021
Love is not enough
Love, is, not, enough
this is not a bluff
this flame in which you snuffed

Love is not enough
Love, is, not, enough
just too much to rough
I have broken its cuffs

Love is not enough
Love, is, not, enough
this final rebuff
cuts at every tuft
Jeremy Bean Sep 2021
My energy is now free
Yet my heart remains broken
Jeremy Bean Aug 2021
Or so I am told
Trapped inside the sociopathic fold.
Jeremy Bean Aug 2021
I no longer have a lick of trust
That could fix this disgust
I no longer have a dream to clutch
I just don't sleep enough
Saturated in the darkness
What was my light lost in the midst
Disconnect myself from everything
What I once felt not returning
Was it me who ruined myself,
Or was it someone else?
Staring at the walls inside of my bed
Calling for answers in my head
Loving the loveless
Pits my stomach again
Carelessly searching an end
These feelings
have been beaten from me
And there's no escape I see.
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