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I think you're the smartest man ever,
With wisdom that knows no end.
You bring forth victories of life,
And to your guidance, I  gladly bend.

To you, no challenge is too daunting,
No obstacle too hard -
With your intellect and will,
You make the impossible come undone.

You bring light to the darkness,
And healing to the pain.
Joy to the misery,
And rainbows in the rain.

With your brilliance, you inspire,
Leading us to a brighter tomorrow.
You're the beacon of hope and knowledge,
A guiding star amidst pain and sorrow.
true love is mighty yet delicate. it effaces doubt yet stirs up great throes. it is gentle but moving, always diffusing, filling, and staining. love leaves a mark, yet is as soft as a whisper. it is truly the most magical paradox to exist.
Heavy is the heart
That only knows how to love
Heavy is the heart
That gives without end
Heavy is the heart
That weeps in silence
Heavy is the heart
That bleeds for peace
Heavy is the heart
Separated from its other half
Yes, heavy is the heart
That through this, still manages to laugh.
There's nothing more beautiful than a big, strong man, sleeping all soft and cute next to you.

This is the paradox of women.
Women want,
a strong and soft man,
a wise and goofy man,
a harsh and gentle man,
a wise and humorous man,
a passionate and composed man,
a quiet and chatty man,
a fierce and patient man.

But if you give a woman, all the qualities on the left, she will be uncomfortable with the man.

And if you give her all the qualities on the right, she will want another man.

So you see, you can't be one way or the other with a woman, the way they tell you. Neither does a woman expect a man to be everything at once.

But when a man really loves his woman, who he is becomes everything she needs.
Shevaun Stonem Sep 2022
I whisper to the sunset with a smirk,
"He is prettier than you."
Shevaun Stonem Sep 2022
It took strength to come out
Of death’s cold grip.
Not the death of the body
But of a lethal trip.
The fading of your soul,
All the essence that you own-
The death of your love,
Life and you mourn.
It took strength to transition
Back into momentum,
The eerieness and sadness
That makes your body go numb.
But there was strength in
Believing that sunshine doesn’t burn.
There was joy in knowing
My spirit could return.
There was strength in believing
Words that were left unsaid.
There was strength in the words
Yet to be said.
Through all the brokenness,
I learnt something new,
It was always and only
Strength that flowed through.
Shevaun Stonem Sep 2022
For many, August slips away
in a moment of time, weary and heavy,
A dull December. Not everyone
sees Tishrei is next on the calendar.
Let September be September, a new beginning,
turn the narrative that every start is also an end,
And this doesn’t always have to be burdening.
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