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Today will pass
And so will the days that follow after.
It will not be the same,
But it will be okay.
The pain stings, numbs, and sometimes
Leaves a stain,
But you have to make sure
None of this is in vain.
Don’t meet it with eyes that analyze
And try to quantify the pain,
There’s only so much you will discover
All to your disdain.
Sometimes it feels as though you’re not worthy
Of making good things last,
But that’s why the present is the present,
And the past, is the past.
Oh come to me my beloved
how long shall you stray from me
perfect love drives out fear
and I long for your heart to be opened to me
Let me fill you with all my love
to be your fortress and strength
let me nourish you from the depths of my being
that you may prospoer and be king,
for what is a woman without her man
how is she to be his helper
when he is afraid to seek her help.
You deserve a slow and peaceful life
You deserve to breathe and live calmly
To live in such safety and security that
You can stop to listen to the leaves rustling in the breeze
And stand basking in the sun
Without the thought of someone disrupting your order
Even crossing your mind.
You deserve to sleep in still and quiet
Not worrying about the chaos one would strike
Just as you gently wake up.
You deserve to move in joy
To know you return home to love and more joy.
To have people that genuinely care
And will give you the truest peace.
I see it in his eyes,
I recognize it too,
The love is back
And it's oh so true.
How I missed his loving gaze
And the softness in his eyes
A gentle smile of warmth
Of laughter and fun too.
There’s wonder and joy and magic
Something I thought we outgrew
All it took was patience
And we’d see the rain through.
Be there for your loved ones in tough times, storms don't last forever.
I sway my legs
at the table he built
the wood smells fresh
and it's about to rain.
I've waited for this
and now it's true,
just hold on to love
and see it through.
I love him because he is the best part of me. For once I have attracted someone so perfect and put together, who knows not just what they’re doing but also succeeding at. I love him because he’s smart and capable, and one of those rare gems. I love him because the chase is neverending and his taste is royal, so if he chooses me, I’m no less than royalty. I love him because I want to be the perfect love and lover and I don’t find anyone else worthy. I love him because I want to have the privilege of being loved by him and I know I can love and serve him in ways no other woman could ever do. I love him because I want to continue holding his heart in my hands and as promised will never let go. I love him because I know all that he needs is time, and if his isn’t enough, I’ll give him mine.
I want to hold your heart in my hands
I want to cherish you for the rest of your life
I want to build and stand by you
In the darkest night and brightest day
You will always be my muse
For never again will I see another pair of eyes
That has shown me who I am
Never before have I known a pair of arms
That has held me safely within
Never before have I seen such strength
That’s perfected in love and joy
And to this, I shall confess
I want to love you as dearly
As eternal life itself.
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