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Heidi Franke Jan 6
How to leave out hate
Say less and stand out far more
Carve your words with love
Less is more in many instances. Watch your thoughts. Who commands your thoughts? The media, the church, the neighbors, the parents, the past, or is it possible just you.
Heidi Franke Dec 2019
Please me here
Take from her there
Give to him always
Without a dare

I am sinking.
A terrible Christmas day
Heidi Franke Sep 2019
Dead Enders

Places we have been to
Places we compare to
Travel light years
In circles around us
Over time
Around and around we go
Spiraling through the self-disparaging
Thoughts we hack ourselves into
Until,  Sense-less
Dead enders.

So, unthread,

Before your prospects
Leave this space.
Around and around we go.
Dead end unwind transcend travel self
  Aug 2019 Heidi Franke
Mark Wanless
knowledge is pain
sharp and definite
i sleep sometimes
  Aug 2019 Heidi Franke
Mark Wanless
the stone rock statue
is larger than me
but not all

i admire the tall and big
a power of flesh
they will save our lives

i eat their food
warmed by the fire
i slowly think

weak and small no woman
wants to be my mate
and i do not care

we are here, i think, somewhere
and i speak carefully
their anger forms if i speak to much

i am warm and thinking
thanks to big and tall
i try to help us all
Heidi Franke Aug 2019
The human appetite
To **** the pain
to not experience any

The human appetite
to run a-way
far,                      away
seeds planted from our

The more we run
the bigger the
plant,     thump!  says despair
the hungrier
we get
the greater the ruin
in our run

Don't avoid
the burdens of
engaging lost plans, find again
your A,B,C's, a friendly classmate, your sister
or others.
Other Wise,
the human
starves its self
in a marathon
by sealing off mouths.

Leaving one, you, her, they,
in the
hunger cycle
to feed
then.  crushed
left over a lean-to void,
And endless hunger

Elementary words
     Don't avoid
          I L.o.v.e and Y.o.u
It requires a handshake
a' la carte,
Indulge in
nutrient rich
The elementary
   remedy is not in
the crash diet.
Come home now.
Ring a bell
Your table is set
I am here
It's time for dinner.
I lost my brother to suicide. Our thoughts control our actions. Contain, refresh, reset your thoughts to avoid getting hungry to end your pain. Pain can lead to dessert if you stay the course and call out for help. Please never give up.
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