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"You are late"
Said the so full of fact
Business Studies Teacher
Nicked, "Mrs Fatso".

It's like
    her account's green
    turns red
On the account of
    Leke's grin

I'm terrified
At why Leke is never

Cos as soon as
   that was said about
   Grand Pa
We saw him
    no more

And from what I saw
   in the poster
He changed his first name
   to the same

Why Joy in lateness?
     can be later

Can just be too late
Stop saying

No one knows
the last tomorrow,

Just do it!

What is procrastinated is never done until procrastination  is overcome.
The real battle, actually has no views
Everyone startle; battlegrounds are no revues
It's hard to separate, when unseen or hidden
Battle of my thoughts, a fight within

I built a mansion, but I'm yet to move in
I built a jet for auction, but it's yet to move me
I'm a volcano, with no eruption
All end in the war within; ending in an option

To do it now, or some other time
Verb is no noun, i never made my action prime
The Battle is disastrous, it leaves my goals in shipwreck
Strolling now or later, I lose the ambitions in a cheap trek

Later is always the war victor, but it's grave
Never again will I take the tour; just doing it - is save
Tomorrow is another day, but it's a bait that annihilate
I will do it later; But I'm late now or I'm now late

- Pastorlee
What is procrastinated is never done until PROCRASTINATION is overcome.

Stop saying Tomorrow, No one knows the last tomorrow, Just do it.

— The End —