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  Oct 7 Nobody
Rhys Hebbs
The neon lights have burned too bright, my wings have been singed black
I flew too high to try to find all the feelings my heart lacks.
Fleeing from my darkest demons in the deepest depth of night
I found faith in the harshest days during my futile fall from flight
Nobody Oct 4
I said goodbye to speaking bluntly
I can finally breathe now,
speeding through rural country
you’re the wind blowing my hair around.

My sight has changed somehow,
taking in the night with new eyes.
I soak up the space now,
you’re the north star in the sky.

You showed me when to go out,
sailing blue lakes around noon.
I feel free and calm now,
you’re the whole warm month of June.

I look up to see you in the clouds,
while picking wildflowers by the road.
I’m not scared of anything now,
you’re with me wherever I go.
Nobody Sep 24
Our two twisted hearts can’t stay apart,
we’re not like anyone we’ve ever known.
You called me your lantern in the dark,
my light made you feel less alone.

I love the rainy days you need warmth
you come closer so I can hold you.
My little defeated bird,
I swoop in to take care of you.

Those times remain special in my mind,
gentle words between me and you.
I keep you there in those places sometimes,
It’s where I've seen all of you.

You still made a friend for life my love
don’t be scared I will ever leave.
I’ll always make sure you’re okay,
and wear my heart on my sleeve.

Some bonds aren’t meant to be explained,
that’s why we can’t stay away.
Our souls must reach out to meet,
but we’re free to come and go as we please.
  Sep 24 Nobody
Rosmary Penn
laying Paralyzed
fear takes my breath
Reality disguised
by a mask of blood and death

then screams pour
in the room as I lie in bed,
not from the door
but from inside my Head

image's flash
and my body shakes
Mentally thrashed
my brain aches

Visions of my body
crouching in the street
the Night: rainy, foggy;
blood on the concrete

I was holding a Knife,
reflecting the moon,
already used to take a life
and another one soon

I asked why I was Screaming
she stopped and stared
I closed my eyes, hoping I was dreaming
but in my mind, she was still there

She said I should run
before I Loose Control
I could have good fun
that in this freedom, I would be whole

tears fell down my face
this was my greatest fear
that I would join in the chase
Killing those who are most near

she Took lives to save her own;
should I do the same?
feel uneasiness in my Bones
but felt no shame

this version of myself Laughed;
it rang in my ears
then she vanished at last
and I bathed in tears

I am Slave to an illness
that torments me day and night
so I grimace
and try to forget these Eerie sights
This was at the end of an episode. My greatest fears are of my mind and of loosing control.  It is a fight between myself and my illness.  Desires of evil can overtake me, but I  will commit before I hurt someone else.
  Sep 24 Nobody
Rosmary Penn
Steady, I sailed
My ship through this storm.
But to Heaven, for it entails
A light; peace; warmth

I stand in this fire,
Consumed by the flames;
Relief: my only desire.
For that, should I feel shame?

In life, I lay dead,
Freedom serving as chains.
Chaos in my head
Blood like knives in my veins.

I seek the door,
The entrance to life.
To enter the store
Of souls made new! Alive!

I seek out this passageway,
Yet I lie here in bed.
And here forever I will stay
For to be free is to be dead
Freedom in Death. Freedom is never free. Those who love us must pay that unbearable price. So we lay in the chains of life and the pain it entails, to save others from feeling as we do.
Nobody Sep 8
You love how he shreds every inch of you,
piercing hard through your flesh.
You want him to spoil every hole,
and make you so sloppy wet.
You beg him to rob you every night,
letting him take you and have his way.
You need him to fill you up tight
and defile you hard everyday.
He knows how to violate you right,
you’re tied to his bed now
ready for the abuse.
You can’t wait to be ripped apart
and pounded deep until you can’t move.
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