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Nobody May 22
You must suffer in silence here
you don’t have the power of will,
only a shaky voice with tears
and way too much time to ****.

You feel incapacitated,
so you must be in a deep sleep.
Now the usual strange burden
is the only thing you’ll reap.

You try not to look down
you need to back up real slow,
it hurts to breath up here
but there’s nowhere else to go.

This is your worst nightmare now,
all you wish to do is escape.
You want to jump off the cliff,
but something forces you to stay.

You feel so hopeless
like you’ll never feel joy again.
Some light might help you get out,
but there aren’t any lamps around.

You almost slip off the edge,
you know you really have to wake.
You think if you try a little harder
maybe the dreamy lie would break.

But some things aren’t what they seem,
you’ll soon learn the deal.
The dreamy lie is your life,
and it's always been real.
Nobody Apr 13
I love the times when he’s playful,
and I find he stimulates my mind.
He sang a pretty song just to me,
and I tried my hardest not to cry.
I dreamt of holding him close last night,
I was craving the warmth of his skin.
In the dream I tasted every inch,
and nothing mattered but his touch.
I woke up and thought that I knew bliss,
but at the same time it wasn’t enough.
I always need him close by for one more kiss,
so I think I'll stay in my daydream with him.
Nobody Mar 15
Thank you for singing me a heartache song,
it sent warm shivers down my spine.
Music makes me feel less alone in the dark,
the passion in your voice made me cry.
All the pretty sounds traveled through my every bone,
the dead fire in my soul came back to life.
So it’s always a sad day when the music dies,
I never cared for silent nights.
Nobody Feb 24
I said goodbye to the city life ma,

and I actually feel like myself again now.

I love speeding through rural country

with the wind blowing my hair around.

My sight has changed somehow,

I take in the night with new eyes.

I miss you when I look up into space now

but at least here the stars are clear in the sky.

You once told me you dreamed to go out,

sailing on Tahoe around noon.

So I went to the lake for you,

even though it rained that day in June.

And you said always smell the roses,

so I stop to pick wildflowers by the road.

I see you in myself even more now,

you’ll always be with me wherever I go.
Nobody Feb 21
Welcome to the sunny little room
in my dreams,
where I get to see an angel face
smiling back at me.
When he reaches his hand out
for mine,
I touch him and feel peace.
His warm sea green eyes
pierce deep into mine,
and I would rather die
than ever leave his side.
But I know once I wake up
he'll be long gone.
So I try to enjoy this place
where he makes me feel like I belong.
Nobody Feb 21
I’m never ready to see those strange eyes
staring blankly at me in the mirror.
She says she wants to cut my sickness out,
so she reaches for the blade lying next to her.

I feel the sting from her cut again
then I hear someone in the distance cry.
She won't stop carving at her skin
and keeps me from putting up a fight.

Her tired eyes look deep into mine
as she screams for me to go away.
She desperately wants me to give in,
while all I want is to win back my brain.
Nobody Feb 21
There's a hole inside of him that can't be filled,
no matter how many hearts he breaks
or spirits he kills.
This is his retribution for being born.
It took a while to notice how
he smiles at the darkness and prefers
being the object of their scorn.
No cure exists for him,
even though some innocents still try.
Until they saw him laugh at their broken hearts
just so he could see the pain in their eyes.
They learned the sad truth the hard way
after letting him **** them dry.
Some people can never be saved,
and that's just a fact of life.
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