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Nobody Nov 2023
They see what they’re supposed to see
now don’t notice the storm on the sea
just laugh at all the false hope.
He yearns for the end of it all
But how could they have possibly known.  

His despair doesn’t care about the signs
or mind the decline
but they believe the lines every time,
and remember all the words.
So he’ll just suffer in silence
and be thankful it could always be worse.
Nobody Nov 2023
The whole worlds a stage
the whole world as your prey
and there you’ll watch
and there you sit and wait.

Go back to the hell where you came
you’ll never take it
you can’t have this flame.

But you can try
you can try
and blind their eyes
and watch their back
and rip em apart
and make yourself laugh.

Set em on fire
force the air so cold
smile while they burn
smile while they freeze
wanna watch em fold
wanna watch em bleed
wanna hear em cry
wanna see their spirit die.

But you won't
you won't have it.
Go back to the hell where you came
you’ll never take it
you'll never take this flame.
This is written as a song probably.
Nobody Aug 2023
Do we really want to touch it
can we even stand in this light?
Oh we’ll still watch the fuse get lit
even if we get burned tonight.

Don’t ever say you need some shade,
I know you want to feel the burn too.
There's plenty of reasons to be afraid
but let's just try and enjoy the view.

We’re the only two people free
all the whispers are nothing new.
Your peace is somewhere near me
My relief comes when I'm next to you.
Nobody Sep 2021
I stared at him naked,  
after he let me read every page.
He was exposed, I was elated;
the beast was finally let out of its cage.
I learned a disturbing fact that day,
his dresser was where he kept his soul.
I saw him open a drawer and put it away
and I saw his eyes go cold.
Then he laughed at me and winked,
and claimed he had everything under control.
Nobody Sep 2021
My breath goes off like an alarm
from the sight of his flesh.
How to be calm?
How to suppress the urge to confess?
When I touch his naked soul
all my fears disappear
and my mind finally
gets a moments rest.
Nobody Aug 2021
I welcome the silence
from the middle of the night.  
I was counting on the cover
of darkness,
so there'd be no one to see me
end your life.
I step as slowly as I can
trying not to be loud,
carefully slipping into your room
without making a sound.
I smile as I see you lying
helpless in a dream.
I move closer so I'm right beside you
kneeling on the ground as
I slide my blade out.
I’m inches from your face,
close enough to smell your breath.
I place the cold metal to your neck,
then swing my arm once to the side.
Your blood is black in the moonlight,
gushing all over your clothes.
You wake up and grab your throat,
swallowing blood
you start to choke.
I watch you try and put up a fight.
You squirm, and stare, with dying eyes.
You look me right in the face
as I stick you another time,
in the side right through your heart.
Too bad it took more than one cut
for your body to go limp.
Finally your death has come,
I’m free from the burden of your grip.
Nobody May 2021
You suffer in silence here,
it’s so rare to feel fulfilled.
You were given too much sense
and way too much time to ****.
You can't help but stare, until they
shudder when you get too close.
It hurts them when you speak your mind,
and you only have this urge to go.
This is your worst nightmare,
all you wish to do is escape.
You thought of jumping off that cliff,
only to wake back in the same place.
They said there’s always hope,
but you don’t feel any of their joy.
Some light might help you get around,
but you accidentally blew all their candles out.
So now you're slipping off their edge,
they don’t understand your ache.
You must hang a little longer
but of course their rickety rope breaks.
Oh this place isn't what it seems,
but you’ll soon learn the deal.
You’ll never wake up from the nightmare,
and it’s always been real.
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