5d Nobody
Em or Finn
I'm trapped in a corner
Confronted on all sides
I don't even try to leave
I just let them eat me alive

My demons
Too many for this small mind
Making my brain black
And leaving myself behind

I've been squashed
I've been killed
I've been left by all my loved ones
But still

Living is more painful than dying
Yet I want to live
Where I've been lately ...
  5d Nobody
Jon York
Every girl wants a bad boy
that will be good just for her
and every boy wants a good
girl that will be bad just for

Morning    whispers,    legs
entwined, the tickle of your
skin in  the  soft  light  that
traces  softly through these
sheets  as  I  touch   you  in
places   you   never   knew
existed, and I've never been
in this place,
      with you,
      with me,
       with us.

I want  to  be  the  only  hand
you ever need to hold and I'm
ready  to  do  anything  to  be
                      your  everything.
                                                                                 Jon York   2018
  6d Nobody
Like a leaf in the wind, I whirl around and fly
If I move my wings I might meet you in the skies
Right across the street, drowning in your eyes
Following your dreams or whatever might apply

Close my moonlit eyes, follow into space
Love is a disguise, and you cannot know my name
I live in the stars, right behind the frame
Look into my heart, my dreams wrapped in cellophane
Uncouth gait, do you believe in fate?
Silence in the air as the flower petals fade
Almost like the days, well I don’t follow the dates
And I’m, on the same page, till it becomes my main
Reading broken lines, looping all the words
And I’m breaking time, reversing the clocks
I don’t require a fire if I never had a spark
But, I could use your lighter if I go into the dark
An unkindness of ravens may pester your soul
And challenge your heart till your patience is full
Embrace them with grace
Put yourself in their place
Not until then will your spirit be whole
Nobody Dec 2018
Branded as the weaker *** ever since birth.
Your voice long lost wandering around this earth.
Told you shouldn’t throw a ball, and “boys will be boys”;
stand still and look pretty, try not to make too much noise.

You’re much too fragile to let off our leash.
And so dramatic too, for a piece of meat.
That’s why we’ll never listen, or let you try and explain.
We only know how to minimize your ‘so called’ pain.

We’ll just one up you, and try to laugh it all away,
hold your head down forcing you back in your lane.
We’re used to being on top, you’re not changing the rules;
now keep the crying to yourself, you naive little fool.
Nobody Dec 2018
Someone declares they’re in love with you,
now their words always linger in the air.
Words you wished were never said to you,
their ‘sorrys’ only make it all unfair.

It’s not their fault you don’t feel the same.
They cry, but it doesn’t make you wrong.
You never meant to cause them pain.
You didn't think they’d stick around this long.

That’s not the end of the story yet,
Because I’m in love with someone too.
Except they’re in love with someone else,
just like the person in love with you.

But the ‘heart wants what it wants’,
and now we know how much that’s true.
We’ll never forget how deep it hurts,
there’s no comfort in knowing this truth.
  Dec 2018 Nobody
The Philosopher
I don’t mean to be quiet
But I cannot find the words
To tell you what I am thinking
And how much it really hurts

I’m lacking self-expression
But I wish to be more loud
Whenever voicing my opinion
I’m just scared I’m not allowed

I hate that I’m not happy
I’m not cheerful in the least
People want to see me smile
But I simply can’t be pleased

I’m not that shy a person
But in crowds I get so stressed
I become so tense and sweaty
And feel like a total mess

I have too many issues
I’ve been hurt much in the past
This is why I am so troubled
And those around me just walk passed

I’m not a total *******
I just **** at making friends
I can’t strike up conversation
Despite the message that it sends

So if I seem to be off-putting
Please don’t take it the wrong way
I just cannot find the words
To express what I'd like to say
From the Old Stock. Improved upon.
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